Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Update

Hello Loves!! How ya'll doing? Things here are good.  Today I am enjoying my first day off since school ended.  Camp ended last Friday and I'm super excited. The last week of camp was awesome.
Pie eating contest, walk the plank, lots of fun snacks the kid make (rice crispie bars, ice cream sundae bar, peanut butter balls, etc.) and lots more.  It was great.  I'm going to miss my camp kiddos.  KW and I had a great summer. We had a great summer and we have been asked back for next summer already. KW and I are already thinking of what we want to do different next summer and crafts/games we want to do.  It was very different from my school like, so it was a nice change of pace.  I'm lucky to have two jobs that I really love. Check out working on my handstands with the kids...
Speaking of school - today is the first day of school back home in Tennessee.  My Tank started 4th grade today and he is SO handsome! So proud of this boy - he's amazing! So smart, kind and sweet! Love being his Aunt. I head down there this Wednesday and his BIRTHDAY is this Friday! I'm taking him to Splash Country this weekend to celebrate! Just a day for me, him and Broski! We don't ever get to hang out us three so I'm super stoked.  Wish my SIL didn't have to work so she could come too!! I can't wait to see them.  The spring/summer is the hardest time because I go so long without them.  I get spoiled in the fall/winter because I go home every month from now till January. Skype is a HUGE savor for me.
What new apartment is AMAZING! I am honestly SO thankful for my Mama who is helping me get things together. The type of people in my new complex are awesome! I love the pool and gym.  Peanut spent the night with me this past Friday.  I love that little girl! She is growing up SO fast, but we have so much fun.  I told my cousin Ashley, Peanut's mom, they should do date night once a month so I can keep her. haha Selfish I know!

Fun weekend of hanging out with friends.  Today is my work buddy, lunch date, other middle math brain Nicolella. It was a good night.  I stopped and saw some of the Jerz Originals and ended up taking Dan & Ush with me to Philly with me. It was a great night and much needed!

Lets talk Fitness Recap: no major PRs except my snatch

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: CrossFit - push press - was bugging my leg so only did strength.

Wednesday: CrossFit - we worked on my back squat position.  Keeping my knees back and out.  I go down to fast and kind of bounce at the bottom and rock forward.  Alycia lifted with me and I did 2x5 @145# slow and steady down.  I'm going to try and add that into my workouts weekly - heavy slow sets and just focus on form. We also did a complex Power Snatch+OHS+Snatch and I got 90#

Thursday: I went to visit Jordanna at CrossFit 1Force - that box is AMAZING! It was great to see her and get to workout with her.  She is my old CrossFit gymnastics coach.  I wish I could train with her once every week.  Lots of T2B work (and I got to show her in person I could do it) and Muscle Up progressions - even for me!

Friday: Rest day - last day of camp so took the day off

Saturday: Peanut was still knocked out so took another rest day!

Sunday: I went to Philly with my girl Jenn to her dude's box and WODed.  BRUTAL workout.  I'm really enjoying seeing other people's programming.  10 rounds: 10thrusters 65#/10 hand release pushups.  then 3x8 weighted good mornings/3x20 GHDs and last 3x500m row 1:1 rest. We are going to try and do that monthly or so - drop in on Sundays there.  We needed that.  Plus it was super cute to see her & Donnie together.  We stayed after and he worked with her on butterfly pullups.  I want that...I want someone I can WOD with.  Not so much have to WOD together, but gets it or can help me with stuff.  Super cute!

K - that's all for today! Fun annoucement tomorrow!

Off to WOD then work on the apartment some more!

Happy Monday loves!



  1. You've made some changes around here. Glad to see you lifting strong and continuing to enjoy the summer.

    1. Working on it! Trying to get fancy like you :)