Monday, August 31, 2009

Slow it down

I always say I am going to get better...I always say that I will start to post on here about my life to keep friends and family updated, but then I blink and another month or two has gone by. I have started my student teaching. I am in a title 1 school in north knoxville. Anyone from here thinks it is the "bad" part of town, and its not the best, but I LOVE it!! I LOVE Christenberry! I have a wonderful mentor teacher who is already showing me so much about what I do and don't want to be. I have 14 students who challenge, push, love, piss off and change me every day!! It has been an adventure so far. Last week I started teaching math, and this week I am adding on reading. I do not feel at all prepared for this week and at this moment in time, I am not sure how I could prepare anymore for math. Reading is ready for the week, if I can just stay on course.

Come Dec I will hold a TN elementary teaching license, and teh question then I want to look in TN for a job or try and FINALLY get out of town again...and again I am stuck. There is so much in Knoxville that I love - Fleet feet and my fleet feet family, training, Audrey & P, my AMAZING and BEST crew - my Minx ladies!!, my parents and some good aquantinces. Sometimes I just feel that my next step is waiting somewhere else.

So on August 8th, I did Springbrook Sprint Triathlon. 200m swim, 9 mile bike & 3 mile run. I wanted to go under 1:15 and I did - I went 1:13 and some change! I was SOOO proud. The following weekend, August 16th (Tank's 5th birthday) I had my FIRST Olympic Distance Triathlon - 1500m swim, 25 mile bike & 6.2 mile run. I went under 4 hours and almost hit my goal of 3:45 ...ended at 3:49 and some change. Was very proud of myself for that.

Now that my big races are done for a while - it comes time to get ready for Disney and my FIRST half marathon.

Also it is time for weight loss, so as of two weeks I have started weight watchers and I am down 5 pounds so far!! VERY exciting and I hope to keep you posted on that.

For now, I am off to shower - 5am comes FAR to early and I need to start at least getting a mile in before school.