Wednesday, December 23, 2009

changes are coming :)

Where to start...biggest news of all...I finally kicked him to the curb. After 4 years of nothing good and loads of drama...I blocked DA's number and threw all his stuff away. It was quite possibly one of the best feelings in a LONG time!! I can't take it anymore, and for whatever reason, finally walked away.

Other than that, I am OFFICIALLY a teacher!! Now if I could just find a job. Ready for a city and some changes. Everyone here is starting to settle down, and I need out quick =p haha I have applied all over. Sad that LA was my dream for so long, and now I have no desire to go there.

Still running - and loving it!! LOVE the longer runs a lot more then the shorter runs. I lost my iPod and could kick myself. I'm sure that would make the long runs even better.

Took some fam pics when Jon, Michele & Austin were home...I have to charge my camera then I will load them :)

Ok - Christmas eve is tomorrow and right now I need to go run some errands. Will post a better update soon - so there T you got a little bit :) haha