Friday, March 29, 2013

Can I Tell You A Secret?

Hello loves! Happy Friday -- and it's Good Friday! It has been a good couple days! Lots of good workouts at the box & time with friends. So, Tuesday and Wednesday I did not eat much.  This is my blog so I want to be 100% honest.  I am very worried about gaining weight while I'm injured. Like freaking out worried.  Lets back up....I have a very unhealthy relationship with food.  If you don't know, I use to weigh over 200 pounds.  I went through a period of time where I ate, not necessarily a lot, but shit.  All shit.  Plus I drank a lot. I was injured and packed on weight.  A lot of weight.  Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a thicker girl.  Always have been and probably always will be. I'd love to weight 155-165 pounds. That is my goal range. I'm about 175 I think right now. I've lost over 50#s.  It's been a LONG road and I wouldn't change a thing, except for my ability to say NO to bad choices. Milkshakes and peanut butter by the spoonfuls and so on. I really need to force myself to be better.  I really would like to do a GOOD Whole30 again.  Kristen at Change of Pace is doing one starting April 1st.  I'm not sure I could since I'll be living at my brother and SIL's the next week. I'm thinking when I get back it's on. I have to see if Jilly, of Paleo Pantz, is game to help me though because she is my cook for the next couple weeks. I dunno.  I eat pretty good Paleo now, but not good enough.  I may try and start on Monday if my SIL will take me to the market :) Need to focus on the pyramid -- CLEAN EATING IS THE BIGGEST KEY!!!
 So - back to Tuesday and Wednesday - Tuesday all I had was two small pieces of chicken and half cup sweet potatoes and Wednesday I had a green apple and cheese.  Now this was NOT because of my issues - but more the lack of wanting to do anything. I was exhausted.  Jilly came over Wednesday night to check on me.  She cooked eggs and bacon for us to eat -- I ended up eating 6 eggs so I'm pretty sure I made up for not eating the other two days.  Yesterday was my last day of school before Spring Break.  We had a half day and Jilly took me to school, therefore I ate breakfast - eggs and bacon -- and then I went to AC's after school.  She dyed my hair (I'll get a pic up ASAP) - we are trying to get it lighter and back to my normal color. Then Tara from Fit Beginnings and Split Ends took me to the box. I worked on bench & thanks to her - she pushed me to a 95# PR for a set of 6! I think did some strict press at 75# for 3 sets of 5. Metcon of hammer curls/dips/triceps extensions (behind the head...can't think of real name). Plus came home and did some tabata sit-ups & knee push-ups. I love that there is still so much I can do, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I can WAIT to full on CrossFit, lift and run again!! haha I've had a lot of people tell me they can't believe I'm back to school and/or working out already and/or how positive I am -- here's my thing -- I only had 2.5 days to get through of school then 10days off because of Spring Break so IMO there was NO reason to miss. I love my job and my kiddos - I needed to be there. In regards to working out - yes, I went the day after I broke my ankle and I've been 5 times in the week since. No, I don't think that's dumb.  Working out makes me feel better and helps keep me in check.  If you don't want to do it, DON'T - or if you don't want to hear about me doing it, don't read/follow/etc. I LOVE my box, my coaches and my friends from there -- I don't plan on slowing down because I broke my ankle. And lastly - about being positive -- what am I going to do? Sulk/cry/be miserable.  Yes, I am beyond upset about having to drop out of the Nike Women's Half in DC, the Festivus CrossFit comp in Philly, Tough Mudder in June, and some local 5K/10Ks I've signed up for.  It sucks.  I cried - ask Alycia -- I balled at the hospital. I cried to DA this week - it sucks; however, I can choose to sulk and be upset or look at the things I can do and move on. It is what it is and I can't change it.  So, now we look forward -- change up my goals a little bit - and do what needs to be done to keep moving forward. Rachel told me today I'm like Jillian Michael -- do what you can and push as hard as you can -- that's what I do. When I judge my crew, coach others or push myself.  Do what you CAN DO and push hard.  I have to much going on to be stressed about a broken foot :)
So DA and I have been talking about our visit -- I am going to Cali for 2 days Memorial Weekend -- and I can not WAIT to see him.  It's been about a couple years and I can not WAIT to see him. We are really in different places now and I just want to be onto the next stage with him. One more year hopefully. The state has announced they are taking over our school -- hopefully, I have a job next year but if I don't I'm moving. It will all work out -- it always does! Plus I really really just love that man. He makes me happy :)
Anyways, today is FRIDAY -- 13.4 day - I don't get to go tonight to see most of my crew, but I got to go today to the noon class with Rachel.  I judged her and cheered her, AC, Nilda, Blair, Jenn, Steph and others on. Also, I got pull-ups today with my boot.  We took a Rouge Box and a band -- I needed a little more height so we added a 45 plate too -- and I could get my good foot into the band and and reach the bar. I honestly was SO stoked -- I only did 15 as my arms were killing me from yesterday and crutching all around. I am a happy happy girl though.
I'm heading down to Tennessee tomorrow - I can't wait to be with my family for a week and more importantly spend time with my Princess & Tank -- I love those two!

Hope ya'll had a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to School

Hello Loves! Hope ya'll are having a fabulous day!! Guess what I did yesterday? I got to go to school!!! It was an awesome day -- SUPER LONG -- but awesome.  I've missed my kiddos and teaching. I'm glad it is starting to warm up some too -- I can't wear pants yet, with the exception of sweats, because they don't fit over my boot.  So, I rocked a dress yesterday to school and today.  I am wearing spandex shorts under them just in case I fall and/or maybe because my crutches make my clothes ride up haha.  And with middle school boys, you can never be to careful. It was a LONG day of school and then after school program. After school Hoover dropped me at Ali C's house. I got to meet her & Ry's boys finally -- OMG total cuteness! LOVE them!
We went and grabbed a drink and then meet with Allie & Chris for sushi.  It was a LONG day, but a good one. When I got home I let the girls out myself - one by one from the door on the long leash.  Well Scarlet got out and went for a little run, but thankfully came back in one piece. Gave me a heart attack in the process -- makes me feel a lot better about sending them home to TN with Mama Dukes for a month. I slept decent -- I have the most pain at night.  Drives me nuts. And, I didn't get to really talk to DA last night :( He called, but I was already asleep and he was still at the gym so he just called to say good night and he loved me. He's cute like that :)
I got to go to the box Monday night.  Nilda picked me up and took me home.  The strength for the day was push press, but we just got me a bench and I did seated shoulder press.  I got 75# for 5. I was pretty stoked. That's my normal strict press weight so I was happy to do it with out legs. Obviously I couldn't do the normal metcon so I did 20-15-10-5 pistols on left/leg raises on right, russian twists and ring rows. It was hard, but I felt SO good after it! I needed that WOD. 
Which foot is hurt?

 I am hoping to get tonight after school & program.  We shall see -- the down side to long days is after everything yesterday - my foot was KILLING me and was super swollen.  I def crashed though and slept a little better then normal. Ok now it's time for munchkins and my day to get started! Have a great day loves! Remember -- BE BOLD :)


Monday, March 25, 2013

Becoming Independent Again :)

Hey loves! Hope everyone is having a good day! I am home from school again today, BUT I got a doctors note so I can go back to school TOMORROW!! YAY!! I miss my kiddos - and its the count down to spring break next week so I really want to be there this week! I forgot to tell ya'll, Friday I spent my evening at the box.  I did one wallball - so at least I have a score :) Allie got her muscle up.  Three of them! She's amazing like that! MAJOR kudos to her - I can't WAIT to be in the MU club.
This weekend Mama Dukes came up.  Cuzzo is graduation from the academy for Correction Officers so we had a family function Saturday night.  I was glad she was here.  Though I bet she probably would have came anyways. Basically our goal was to get my a little more independent around the apartment. Saturday morning when she came over I woke up right next to Scarlet - when I say right next - she was sharing my pillow. There is evidence. She is a mess. Since I hurt myself, she has been RIGHT by my side.  She was before, but more now then ever.
Back to Mama Dukes - the biggest thing I wanted to be able to do was shower. Kinda gross to admit but I hadn't showered since Wednesday night -- I couldn't get into/out of the shower. Well - we got me a chair. You know like the old people use.  It's awesome - you're jealous I know ;) Then we also got a handheld shower head.  I tell you what - that was the best shower EVER! I needed it! It was AWESOME!!!
Me & Peanut
Cooking :)
So, Saturday was spent getting me the shower chair, a stool for the kitchen so I could cook and such. It's nice to start to get some things back.  I know it sounds silly, but I've been independent since I was 18.  Hell I've been driving since I was 15, so to ask for help for EVERYTHING is a little annoying.  Thankfully I have such amazing people in my life - it's been easy.  My CrossFit Aspire crew have been lifesavers.  I'm not sure where I'd be without them. Sunday Mama Dukes and I went to breakfast with my cousin Ashley & Peanut. I LOVE my Peanut. 
After breakfast, I wanted to watch Ohio State play and mom needed to get something from storage for the Princess when we go home next week and cup holder for my crutch.  Peanut and I stayed at the house and played while Mama and Ashley ran about. I ended up falling asleep after they got back and was knocked out.  Mama Dukes and I ended up running to The Loft and grabbing some clothes (side note - I'm semi scared I'm going to gain weight back with my ankle being out...hope not). I came home and did some tabata sit ups -- have to keep myself as active as possible.
Afterwords, I took a shower -- look how bad my ankle looked -- SUPER swollen. Gross. Even my toes -- it's so weird.
Today is T's birthday -- I took her out to lunch -- she's been helping with the dogs at night and taking them out. She also took me to get my note for school today so that I can hopefully go to school tomorrow. *Fingers Crossed*
Now I am snuggling with the girls waiting on Nilda to come get me.  I'm going to go to the box and get some lifting on.  Writing a whole new plan -- need to get DA to approve it.  Speaking of DA -- I'm going to try and find a cheap flight for Memorial Day out to see him. I really need to get out there. Have a fabulous day loves!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

So...I Broke My Ankle

Hello Loves!! Hope you're having a great day!! Happy happy Saturday :) So, if you follow me on Twitter or IG you've already seen the BIG news...I broke my right ankle. Thankfully, according to the doctors it's a "good break" - if there is such a thing.  I'll get to the what/when/how in a minute.  Thankfully Tuesday night I stayed up late and made a lot of food. Now, the only reason I stayed up late is because I wanted to be prepared for the rest of the week. and we had Professional Development Wednesday so I knew everyone would want to go out and I wanted to have food. I posted it on FaceBook and my girl Tara (new blogger - check her out HERE) commented on it - she honestly made me feel awesome! So, Wednesday was PD all day.  Ate my awesome chicken and mashed cauliflower. YUMMMMM! After school I went to get a mani/pedi with Chels from school. Good thing too - I got home and headed straight to the box. We started with skill work - 10 minutes - rope climb and I don't honestly remember what else. So, what ya'll want to know - my lame foot haha
FAT ankle!
So, I can't climb a rope. Like at all.  I can't hold the rope.  So, I had a box next to the rope  - I was stepping up on the box and grabbing onto the rope to hang and work on my grip. I just hang and count to 30 (or as close to it as I can).  Now remember, it's warm up time and I was talking to Jamie and everyone and just enjoying it.  I stepped back on to the box with my left leg and headed down to the ground with my right.  WELL -- it looks like I stepped down onto the tail of the rope that was on the ground and did it with such force my foot just rolled right over and I heard a HUGE POP. I just laid on the ground and kept saying "I think something is wrong, I think I broke my ankle" - Alycia kinda giggled at first - I think she thought I was kidding.  Jamie got down off her rope and came and helped.  She got my shoe off - Alycia, Justin and Jamie got me to the car and we were off to the hospital.  My foot was KILLING me.  We got to the ER.

They put me on the fast track.  I had on my compression socks.  I knew that getting them off would be an adventure, the guy offered to cut them off, but that was not happening. Alycia helped pull them off and that fat ankle is what we saw.  I couldn't push on the doc's hands or pull my foot up....I could barley wiggle my toes. Mind was Wednesday so I was bummed I was making Alycia miss (as well as I was missing) the 13.3 announcement.
Thankfully I had my iPad and we could watch. That made me feel a little better -- right after the announcement (the docs let me watch) I went in for X-rays.  About 20-30 minutes later the news came...I had broken my ankle...according to the doc if he broke his, this is what he would want. Good clean break. My tendon snapped so hard it broke the bone. So - I cried and CRIED and CRIED some more. I can't run my Nike Women's Half Marathon. I can't do any races. I can't do any CrossFit events I have planned. I can't drive.  I can't walk. I can't do anything. I left in this bad boy -- yea, I know you're jealous.  I got my awesome crutches down pretty quick. After about 20 minutes of crying, Alycia was awesome and took me to CVS for my meds.  Then I went home and put my foot up. T came over and let the dogs out. Called DA and cried to him.  He get its it - I know I'll be ok.  Really, I do.  But, I have a crazy life and super busy schedule.  I am not going to able to do a lot anytime soon.  I am SUPER independent and HATE asking for help.  Well guess what? God said - hey, I'm going to break your ankle and make you slow down, enjoy life and get help from others. I tried to sleep -- it did not work so well. Obviously, I took off Thursday.  I had to go see an ortho.  Jilly sent her hubby over to take out the girls.  Now - let me tell you - Scarlet does NOT like this whole situation -- not one bit.  She has NOT left my side. haha She is cracking me up. She is sleeping RIGHT next to me, almost to the point she is on top of me.  So, Thursday Tara is off - THANK GOD!! She took me to see the Ortho.  At first they told me they couldn't get me in, but then I told them I was a teacher and really needed to get in so they got me into the Voorhee's office. She came and picked me up - the doctor was great.  Dr. Robinson told me she was going to put me in a boot - 4 weeks NO WEIGHT on my foot.  I was stoked.  A boot seemed a lot better then a cast.
Too Tight...that hurt haha
She showed me how to put it on and work it out.  The second strap she did KILLED my ankle. It was a learning curve.  Afterwords, I treated Tara to some Elevation Burger for taking such awesome care of me.  After lunch - I had her take me to the box - I meet up with Jilly and lifted.  I may be broke - but I can still do some workouts stuff. We benched, DB shoulder press, Tri extensions and hammer curls.  It's not "CrossFit" stuff, but at least I get to work out. For today - that's enough for you to do.  I'll update ya'll tomorrow or Monday on how things are going :)


Monday, March 18, 2013

LOVE My Job & DA ;)

Hello Loves! First things first - I have lots of AWESOME information sent to me today. I needed it. I know that sometimes people do thankless jobs, and I know that being a teacher is one of those jobs.  However, I have to say a couple things -- first, I LOVE my job, like majorly love my job. Second, I love my administration, they are great. Third, I have fabulous coworkers who support each other and the main goal of making our children smarter and better prepared for life. Even on the days I may complain about something with my job - remember that happens to everyone and I'm allowed those days. But never forget how much I really do love my job -- getting to teach is a blessing and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Now with all this awesome stuff going on in my professional life, you'd think that I'd have everything else together. But I don't. I'm semi-single.  My heart is attached to DA who is 3,000 miles away. I love him, and have for, geez, 7 years. We've been up and down and all around. He's my other half - he gets me. He may frustrate the absolutle hell out of me some days, but mostly he makes me smile and puts up with me. We are working to figure out if it is time to finally walk away or figure out what is next for us.
I'm not ready to move to LA and he is doing to well out there to move here.
I know some people don't lik"us", but until I can figure out what I want and he figures out what he wants, it will continue to be like this.  I have to figure it out for myself and I need him to figure out how to take treat me better, even while we are apart.  He's learning - we're learning together. We shall see what happens. But I just wanted it out there -- ya'll can make your own decision.  I'll keep you posted.
However -- if this man was only available ;) And yes, I stole this from his twitter :)

How was your Monday?
Did you get good news too?
Do you love The Rock as much as me? :)


PS did you see my awesome Sunday?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Relaxing Sunday + Fitness Recap

Hello Lovebugs!! How's your weekend been? Good I hope.  Saturday I updated ya'll on how the 13.2 workout went (check it out here). Saturday was filled with Saturday school at school -- I have to say, I am SO lucky to love my job and my coworkers.  I really don't mind coming in on Saturdays to work with the kids because they are really good and my coworkers are really fabulous.  We ended with a game of kickball.  I have a nice little bruise on my knee from catching a ball and falling all at the same time.  It was fun. After school I went and meet up with my girlfriend Ashley for lunch at Red Robin. I love that place.  Lettuce wrapped burgers are my thing!
Anyways - it was the first time I got to see her since her & TB got engaged.  It was great to catch up and talk.  I really love our time together. I came home from lunch and took a 2.5 hour nap.  It was glorious haha. Then I got some stuff done around the house and headed over to Ali's house to have a girls night with her, Rachel & my Jilly. It was great! These awesome "Dirty Green Smoothies" happened -- same as last time except instead of Loopy vodka, we used one that tasted like Swedish Fish.  They were good.  I also had a small glass of wine.  Plus lots of talking, giggles, stories, updates and love.  I seriously LOVE these girls and our nights!! We always go to Ali's because her hubs is typically working and the kids are down so it makes it easy for her.  I was there WAY later then I thought.  I think it was a little after 1:30 when I finally got home and into bed.
Today I slept in till 8:30.  It was fabulous! My body never lets me do that.  I laid around until the very last minute to get up and going for run club too.  It was fun today - we did some drills on the GHD sit ups/ball throws + grip/pull-up work, then some fun burpee relays and an army crawl relay.  After that we headed out for a 4.5 mile run.  I was the caboose. I'm always the caboose.  One day I'm going to figure out how to go faster.  People don't believe me because I run a lot of races and stuff that I am SLOW. I don't really mind it -- I mean don't get me wrong....I'd LOVE to go faster, but slow is better then stopped right?!? I'll get there. After run club I hit up Whole Foods with Jilly. I love Whole Foods. Not a lot to get this week (PS it's 9:30 and I still haven't started cooking -- going to be a late night haha).
I came home -- talked to DA (yes, we are talking day we will get it together and figure everything out...not much to update except we are talking and still figuring things out). I watched my BUCKEYES do work!! Can't wait for March Madness! I also took another nap -- 3 hours.  I was a napping machine this weekend - guess my body needed it!

This weeks Fitness

Monday: CrossFit - Back Squat PR
Tuesday: CrossFit
Wednesday: CrossFit + Run - 4x5min quick pace 2 min recover & 50 hollow rocks
Thursday: Rest
Friday: CrossFit 13.2
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run Club - 4.5 miles

Now I'm off wake up this big baby and to prep some grub for this week and finish my laundry! Hope you've had a fabulous weekend :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

13.2 Recap

Hello LOVES! How was your Friday night?!? Mine was FABULOUS.  As ya'll already know -- I have an obsession (I'd like to think a healthy obsession haha) with CrossFit.  We are in the fun season known as the Open.  Yesterday at my box it was 13.2 day aka the second workout of the 2013 Open :) The work out was received with mixed feelings in the CF community -- some where complaining about the box jumps for risks of injury, some people were complaining about the weight being to light, etc.  I think it's funny so many people complain and critique.  Just do the damn workout to the best of your ability! Now people alos were complaining after their attempts. Give your best and there is nothingnto complain about. Why can't you just be happy and positive about things?  Remember that sometimes saying "I suck because...." is hard because for someone else that may be the best they have EVER done up to this point.  Your best is all that counts, but make sure to remember that everyone starts at different points and progresses at different speeds :)
Ok - rant done ha Sorry -- This is Beth. She is 8 months preggo.  She is a coach at my box and she honestly is my major inspiration.  8 months preggo and ROCKING the 13.2 workout.  I just point this out because I think some people are scared to try CrossFit, but let me say this -- CrossFit is for EVERYONE! That is the beauty of CrossFit.  Everything is able to be scaled to wherever you are in your fitness journey.  You do not have to be in shape to join.  You don't have to be strong -- you can do ANYTHING at the box.  Even with existing injuries you can rock right along with us -- if you have a good coach (insert Justin & Alycia, Beth, Bonnie & Alex) you're good to go.  Now a days I really just have Justin & Alycia and they are super fabulous! They know about my past issues with my achilles and were helpful after my marathon dealing with my hip.

Now...let's chat 13.2 -- I wish we could have a set workout EVERY Friday of the year. Like a big fun competitive one.   I really enjoy spending my Friday evenings at the box.  I love getting to cheer everyone on and blast a really hard WOD.  I love getting to see the folks who train in the mornings and afternoons that I don't get to see at night when I go.  My box CRUSHED it.  Brooke got 2 rounds in the last 2:07 --- at the end after everything she did she got 2 rounds still....AMAZING! Her hubs got a super duper high amount too -- the highest in the box for the boys! Brooke was my judge -- and made sure the minute I got off the box, I was RIGHT BACK ON THE BAR!! It was hard.  My achilles has been rough the past couple days/weeks so I knew the box jumps would be hard.  Since I could still do step up/downs and count -- that is what I did. I hurt a lot. I cried when I was done.  My achilles hasn't hurt like that in a long time, but it is what it is. It was worth it to me. I did WAY better then I thought I would.  I really have a bad gauge at how I will do at WODs.  I underestimated myself on both WODs. I judge my girl Allie again - she did FABULOUS! I seriously LOVE getting to watch everyone go -- gives me SUCH motivation. My girls at my box -- I can't say it enough -- I don't know where I'd be without them.  Allie, Nilda, Jilly, Ali, Brooke, Jordanna, Tricia, Rachel, Tara, Alycia, etc.  Plus the boys, I love them and they are great but my girls are FABULOUS! AND Jilly came to cheer me on yesterday -- that made my day!  Boot and all she was there -- her and Sharon -- they were boot twins haha!

There's a mix of video from without the WOD.  ha I look so happy -- if you watch to the end you can see my curled up on the floor with tears starting.  I wanted my shoe off my achilles and it could come off. Jilly stopped recording to help me get it off. I'm glad it's done and over haha :)

How did you do with 13.2?!? Are you doing it again??


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Turn It Up Tuesday

Hello Loves! Hope ya'll are rocking today!! Yesterday was a MIX of feelings day.  School was fabulous! I really am so blessed to love my job and my kiddos! Also, DA and I talked/texted during the day -- we decided we needed to walk away and that right now we weren't ready to find our next step.  Crushed would probably sum it up. I cried...a lot.  I know a lot of people are not on team DA+me and are ok with this decision. I also know I deserve more then what he is giving/can give me. 'm not silly -- I get it.  Everyone wants the best for me...I get it.  I want what I deserve too. SO what did I go do to get my mind off it? I went and WOD'ed with the best box!! I got my first pistol - only on my right leg, but still I GOT A PISTOL haha! I think my left leg is going to take a lot of work to get one since that's the torn achilles side and that's a lot of flex and strength in one movement! For strength we did back squat -- 3x6 -- you shoot for the 6 if you get it, the next week you try and go up 5lbs.  Last week I got 145# so I wanted 150 -- BAD.  150 is right were I was before the marathon for my 1RM squat -

GOT IT!!! Super happy -- needed that. My achilles was killing me yesterday so it was HARD, but I am still happy. The metcon was 20, 15, 10, 5 -- Front Squats at 65# + Pull ups (Grey & red band).  I really need to work on my pull ups.  I haven't been doing it a lot lately, I've been slacking on skill work in general.  I need to make a schedule for all the extra work I want/need to do. I also stayed for gymnastics - headstand work, hollow rock holds, grip work and a obstacle course.  Had to be careful on the obstacle course because of my achillies.  Iced and some work when I got home.  Need to roll my legs and some achilles work this afternoon. This morning, my body HURTS haha.  

Erik (in the pic) is my favorite guy WOD buddy.  He's fabulous.  That pic is from Saturday night.  Love it! He missed out on yesterday -- he's been having some shoulder issues -- boo! 
Scarlet starts classes tonight -- I call it asshole school. haha sorry for the language.  I'm hoping to get her to walk on a leash right, and quit jumping and being crazy.  T and her dog Remi are coming with us.  It should be good! Remi & Scarlet need some social work -- Scarlet LOVES other dogs, but Remi not so much.  She use to love Scarlet and LD but lately she doesn't.

How was your Monday? Good start to your week? How'd you #SweatPink and get active? I missed my push ups for #NoGirlyPushUps -- have to get them in today! Here's my current obsession to end your read :)


Sunday, March 10, 2013

13.1 + Coach and Peanut's Birthday + Food Prep Sunday

Hello Loves! Hope ya'll had a FABULOUS weekend! So, we all know that last week was the first work out of the Open. 13.1 -- burpees and snatches -- I got 127 reps in the 17 minutes which is equal to 40 burpees, 30 snatches at 45#, 30 burpees and 27 snatches at 75#.  I am freaking stoked because I just wanted to get into the 75# snatches and to almost finish them is super cool.  I just got a 1RM at 80# last week. I had an awesome group cheering me on -- Allie, Erik, Alycia, Danielle, Chris, Marvin and some others from the box. After we finished - went for dinner.  There is a diner here in Cherry Hill -- and it's all local and farm fresh!
Saturday was the first day of Saturday school program.  Thankfully I really love my middle school crew.  By the time I got out of school, it was beautiful out so I took the Civic for a bath and they were running a special so I got a hand wax too! I LOVE warm weather and clean cars! By the time I got home, Mama Dukes was here. We headed out to get Peanut a birthday gift.  We went down to the Deptford Mall. I told her about how much I love the PJs she got me last time she was here, so she offered to get me another set.  I have BIG girl PJs now haha -- super nice and no snowflakes on them lol. Then I asked her if we could go to The Loft because I wanted to show her a cardigan. 
 I have really fallen in love with that store -- and clearly Mom did too because she had my try stuff on. Here is what I have noticed -- I now know why skinny girls have SO many clothes in their closets.  The smaller I get, there more fun I have shopping. I actually found shorts that fit me!! And then this happened -- I tried on this dress and I had to drop down to a 10! YES, you read that right -- a 10!!!! I cried. Literally.  I cried happy tears -- it's been a LONG road.  I started over 200 lbs and am down to 169lbs -- started at size 16 and this weekend marked the first size 10. Hopefully not that last :) Mom and I grabbed dinner at Red Robin -- lettuce wrapped burger was amazing!
After that I then headed off to celebrate my coach, Alycia's, birthday! It was really fun to hang out with all of the crew from my box outside of the box.  I've gotten to hang out with the girls at Ladies Night, but never the guys too!! I really am lucky to have found such an awesome box and such awesome people.  They help kick my ass during the week and support and cheer me on during life.  It's pretty fabulous.  I'm a lucky girl :)

Today, Sunday, was Peanut's birthday party.  I can't believe she is already 5.  She is not a little girl anymore.  It was so fun watching her with her friends and not really care about us.  I remember Austin's first birthday where it was more his friends then caring what Auntie M, Boomba or Mommy wanted haha. Oliveah won't be far behind.  Time seems to fly by, and they grow so fast.  Maybe one day I'll actually have one.  It's funny, Austin always thinks I need to get married -- if he could pick it would be John Cena or The Rock haha.  I mean heck if he could arrange that, I'm down ;)

I did my Food Prep today for the first couple of the days of the week. -- tuna fish with Paleo mayo, Brussels sprouts with garlic and onions, Southwest meatloaf from PaleOMG. I also have chicken that I'll cook up tomorrow to also have for the week.

Did you food prep this week?

Fitness Recap

Monday: CrossFit + core work with Allie + gymnastics
Tuesday: rest - babysat Peanut
Wednesday: CrossFit
Thursday: rest - judge Tricia's 13.1
Friday: CrossFit - 13.1
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

So the #NoGirlyPushUp challenge is going good -- I did 50 pushups yesterday before I got ready to go to the party.  I am loving this challenge.  Are you doing it too?? This week was SUPER busy so hoping to get back on a good schedule this week. Did you do 13.1? How'd you do? Did you Food Prep this week?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

CORE Foods

I am always on the GO. ALWAYS! Ya'll know my schedule and how much I have going on, so I don't have to repeat it. I very rarely find time to sit down for a full meal, but I am all about nutrition and fixing my diet for smart choices.  Paleo and clean eating :) So, enter CORE Foods - which I heard of through the FitApproach community. I was excited to have the opportunity to test them out. I was sent one of each flavor: Raw Walnut Banana, Raw Cashew Cacao, & Raw Almond Raisin. One of the coolest things about CORE foods Defender Meals are they are SUPER FRESH. They arrived with an ice pack (which I have used for my achilles and knees haha double bonus) and instructions to store in the freezer to preserve freshness. 
They are good frozen for 6 months, in the fridge for 1 month and on the go for a week.  The are totally fresh and raw with no preservatives so you can't leave them out.  I let mine sit out for about 10-15 minutes before I ate it.  As you can see in the pic - you eat it + drink a full glass = a full bowl of oatmeal. I was honestly impressed with how well it filled me up and held me over. I can eat....A LOT, so I was happy to see it kept me full. I was also impressed it was Vegan (not that I am a Vegan, but that everyone can eat it).  The taste was a little different, I won't lie.  Don't expect a sweet taste, but they are good. It's good, clean, healthy food.  There are also Warrior Meals, which have added Whey protein. They sell them in packs of 10 for $39.99 on their website – which averages to about $4 a meal.
Be sure to check out CORE Foods on their website, Facebook, and Twitter!
And if you “like” CORE Foods on Facebook you will be given a coupon code good for $5 off any online order AND you can enter to win a free case (worth $40).