Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What IF?

So - on Saturday I turned 25. Isn't that crazy? Was a great weekend - minus the MAJOR hangover Sunday and deciding that even thought I don't really drink much anymore, I'll try and drink about 10 shots of vodka and who knows how many beers. Smart for sure. And to top it off - that was at the wedding - Jon & Lisa's wedding. So I hear the bride was on the ground with me feeding her drunk friend aka ME - bread. Sorry Lisa. thankfully John Holt came and picked me up and took me to my folks - where my dad put me to bed with a bucket! Happy Birthday to me! =p

ha ha Sunday was a BBQ by my folks for me - would have been a lot better not so hungover, but you can only do what you can do. School is out - well kind of. I have one more class, but not for 2 more weeks. Very stupid in my opinion to wait for 3 weeks to have the final class when all we will be doing is taking out notebooks in, but that is what it is. I could be in Vegas with Pop & Mom for Mom's bday, but instead I'll be in class - I know you're jealous.

First triathlon of the season - Trideltathon - was on the 19th. Did really well. Finished in 1hr 21mins 23 secs. A lot better then I thought I'd do and I made it up the hill. Invested in a road bike, but haven't had the chance to ride it much yet. Got really sick - bronchitis - the Monday after the tri, then the birthday and no just trying to get caught up on life.

Went to lunch with Eric yesterday - always interesting. We got to talking about how I just really am not where I want to be at this point in my life. Kinda funny to think that at 18 - I thought I knew everything, I was going to marry Eric after college and we were going to be happy forever. HA then life became reality and I realized that at 18 I was completely clueless and had no idea what life had in store. People are always amazed when they learn everything I have been blessed with having the opportunity to do, but there is SO much more I want. I still want to get to Africa, Australia, South America. I want to speak fluent Spanish and German or Italian. I want to move to the west coast for a couple years. I want to bike from the west coast to the east coast. And that is just the tip - there is so much more I want to do, yet here I am just turned 25 and the scariest thing to me is that I am single.

I know being single isn't bad. And I get it that I am young, but that doesn't take away from the part that I want someone to share everything with. And I want someone to go on those adventures I have left with. I want to meet someone who has the same drive, focus and adventure that I do. I don't want to be tied down by a job or by making money. Life is far to short. I want to spread my wings and make a difference. I want to know that I have done everything God wanted me to do. I never want to look back and wonder.....WHAT IF??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini homework break :)

So - there has been loads going on. I am trying to find the motivation to do some homework, however it has not happened yet. I am really struggling right now with my fitness and am trying to figure out a plan to step it up. BIG time step up too!! I need to get more consistent in my running, lifting, swimming, biking, etc. I wonder why I don't see results and I think it is because I am not consistent enough.

BESIDES that :) Went to the shooting range with Eric today and had a BLAST. It was kinda scary hearing all those pops and stuff, but I had a great time and can't wait until we can go again.

Filed my taxes today. Need to get my FASFA done as well as like 10 school projects haha. So I don't have much for today but just needed a mini break!

Hope its been a good day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fresh Eyes

So as much as I look up to Sam - I'm gonna try her approach. My life has been a crazy ride and I have been lacking on my blogging, but I'm gonna use this to keep you updated on where I am and where I am going.

Its almost TRI season :) I am very excited about that!! The first tri of the season is the 19th!! Kinda nervous since I have been having shin splint issues!!

Doing the DisneyWorld Half Marathon next January - very excited b/c I got Ali to sign up too!!! And thinking about doing the half in Virginia Beach in september too, but we will see over the next month or so if I can get my training up!

Other then that, pushing school back to finish up next May that way I don't have to stress through the summer and fall. And most schools are on hiring freezes anyways, plus that gives me lots of time to interview and figure out if I want to head west or north.

Still at Fleet Feet and LOVING it!! Working at Tennessee School for the Deaf at least twice a week depending on work. My kids are amazing and I am so blessed!