Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over

It has been a crazy month! Last post was the 4th of July after Rocky Top and it is now almost the end of the month. I was in thesis hell at the begining of the month and then went to Cape May with the family for a beach vaca! It was def a need week, but after a straight week with my family, I need a break haha. I think sometimes Dad forgets that as much as I know he does for me, I have done a lot for myself and sometimes just need him to get that.
Anyways - above are some photos from Jers. Other then that, July was a good month. Finished my thesis, got an A - made for 2 A's and a B this semester. Been really getting into my bike - go figure. Looking forward to Fall Creek Falls. Really nervous about the run - how sad is that? The original thing that got me started and it's the thing I fear the most. Going to take the bike to the shop today for a clean & tune up :) VERY excited for that!
Duane will be here in Oct and I am SUPER pumped already!! Been so long since I've seen him, can't wait to just have someone just get me and understand everything. All my friends are worried that I still want to be with him, but its not like that. I am just over being single. After a year of this (well in 3 days it will be a year) I am not a fan...and I just havn't had anyone catch my eye that made sense. Grouch is beyond an annoyance to me. Love him to pieces as a friend and wish the situation never got to where it is, but it is here and I hate it. Maybe one day, we will be friends, but I don't see that happening.
Fleet Feet is GREAT! Still absolutly LOVE my job!! I can not believe I start student teaching in 13 days. Isn't that crazy?? This time next year I will have my MASTERS!!!!!
Today starts the food log day - BLAH. I hate trying to keep up with it, but got to figure out what this whole weight not moving issue is. Heart rate training & a food log - yea, my life is amazing:) haha Had dinner with Lisa last night, not sure why we don't do that more! I absolutly LOVE our dinner dates!! Hoping to start helping out at the barn some - could use some horse time!
Anyways - off to make JMumps cakes for tonight and get some stuff done!! Dark hair comes today - whoop whoop! Enjoy the day loves!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Longest Bike EVER - Rocky Top 100 07.04.09

On Saturday, Leah & her neighbor Christi (now my new biking friend) did the 32 miler for the Rocky Top 100. Had some MAJOR hills and steady climbs, but we all completed it and had some AMAZING beer after :)

ATL...80s style

So ATL was 2 weekends ago and it was a GREAT time!! Red Sox swept the series - but ATL played well. Ready for another weekend already...check out my shutterfly for more pics! These are just a few highlights, because as always, I am only on here today to try and avoid finishing my thesis.