Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brown Bag :)

So last full day off before starting for Camden City!! Again - insert me STILL freaking out here!! So thankful for this opportunity and to move into the next chapter of my life.  Went to the doctor this morning for just a standard physical for Camden - took them an hour and half before then even saw me -- I was starting to get frustrated but then I remembered I should be thankful they got me in! Have to go back Friday to get my TB test read.

After the doctor - just kind of have been trying to get things done while enjoying my day! Went to Panera for lunch - haven't been there since Tennessee, and it was SOOO good.  Didn't log my point till just now when I got home - and note to self - the Sierra Turkey is like 24 points - uh thanks! Glad I only had half!! I am hoping between watching my calories in general with "MyFitnessPal" app on the iPhone and online PLUS the ever amazing Weight Watchers, that I am making a move in the right direction!! Plus, I've got back into my gym routine so that's ALWAYS a plus!!

Also, tomorrow starts my Brown-Bag Challenge! This is through the Food Network - Healthy Eats' -- Brown-bag-challenge --> check it out!!!

Achilles update - finally went to the ortho yesterday - he was MISERABLE and basically told me to suck it up.  Wanted to give me a cortisone shot -- and got frustrated with me when I said no. Yea - once the PT is over, I am def going to a new doctor! But he didn't tell me to stop running or biking - so back we go! I guess I am just going to have to push through the pain for now!

Ok - well fingers crossed for tomorrow! Nervous is an understatement!! That is all for today -- off to pack and work on getting ready to get out of the Apt and into the new one!!!



Monday, August 29, 2011


So here we are...Last week was officially my first year in Jersey!! First but def not last!! I am getting more and more adjusted to Jersey as it goes.  Very different from Tennessee, but nowhere will every top Knoxville. In two weeks I will be moving into my NEW apartment - SOLO! I am VERY excited to be back living on my own.  Mom and I were concerned with how I (more we actually since there was noway I was going to pay for it) was going to be able to afford an apartment solo.  However as of Friday, I accepted a position with Camden (insert me FREAKING out here)!! I am SOOO excited to be taking on a position in my dream district!

Getting back into my gym and WW routine!! I have 25 pounds go! I am joining the Brown-Bag Challenge from Food Network's Healthy Eats blog! SO excited!

Also, Ashley has turned me onto an AMAZING blog -! Check it out!! It is one of my FAVORITE blogs!

All for today! Toodles <3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next up is....

Yes, I'm still slacking but I am trying. Sitting at my new Fleet Feet rightnow and it's nasty out so we are slow. It is one of those gray rainy days when you should be snuggled up with your favorite person and just enjoying the time and presences of the other. One of those days just lay and listen to the rain. Since I don't have a favorite person (and had to work ha) I am sitting here waiting to serve someone with my amazing show fitting skills :)

Life is good. Stressful but good. Looking like I will be at OMS again next year which is fine except the financial part. But I love what I do an know that there must be a reason HE is keeping me where I am. I just hope one day I figure it out. Been a trying summer between all the applying and interviews. If you know me you know how hard it is for me to do something with out major plans. I am a planner and like schedules and lists. Haha yes maybe it makes me a slight control freak, but I'm ok with that.

Moving is happening - and even though I have moved a TON in my life - I still suck at packing and HATE moving lol. Think I finally found a place and am hoping to go put my money down tomorrow. Looking forward to living by myself again. And the kitchen on this place ROCKS and I am hoping to have lots of dinner parties again like we use to do in the TN place :) That is all for today and I will update you this week on the new place. Snuggle up to the ones you love! Till next time - peace, love and hugs