Monday, October 21, 2013

Festivus Games at CrossFit Aspire

Hello Loves! How goes it y'all? Man I swear - I am loving life right now, but it sure feels like I am in warp speed some days haha! This weekend my box ( CrossFit Aspire) hosted the Festivus Games.  I aggravated my groin Thursday (thought it was a pull, but had a friend stretch it and seems a TON better) so was limping around Friday, but still made it to the gym to help get set up. I wasn't a ton of help - but I could do the math for the bars quickly and help get the weight on the bars.  Picking it up was out of the question though haha. After we got the box ready, I headed over to Sandy's with Holly and we helped make signs for Saturday's event.  By we - I really mean them haha. I just colored stuff in and traced letters :) I think they came out awesome! Everyone seemed to like them, and that's all that really matters. Plus I had a lot of fun with Sandy and Holly. 
Sandy made her sangria and let me eat her grub. I'm not even sure what I really ate...chicken lettuce wrap things.  They were really good.  She also sent me home with advil for my groin because at that point I couldn't get up and down haha. Her boys helped out on stuff too.

After we were done we found the littlest one passed out.  How cute is he?
Tara KILLING the thruster ladder!

Aspire Crew on the Thurster ladder!
Saturday was AMAZING.  Like seriously.  Justin and Alycia had that shit running like a well oiled machine.  It was AWESOME! Our box crew totally stepped up and were great judges and volunteers. I know I've said it before, but box is the BEST!

Nick making Thrusters look EASY!
me & Tricia
I am still amazed at how well it ran.  My girl Diva from Diva Richards Fitness was a fabulous MC.  She had everyone going and kept things running smoothly!
AC and me!
Jillian and me
Diva & me
It was cool to see how many people came out to compete.  Lots of local boxes were well represented! I got to meet one of my twitter buddies - Jillian. She is awesome. She works for HellaLife. 
Pat & me
Caitlin & me
After everything was cleaned up we all headed to PJs.  It was a great time - lots of fun as always with me crew! Some of the crew came over after PJs to watch some Orange is the New Black, play cards and eat cookies haha!
me & Marvin

Me & Tee Jone
me & my Allie
Seriously - it was a fabulous weekend.  I was suppose to go to Ohio for homecoming weekend, but all in all it worked out.  I am glad I got to stay and see my friends compete and help my box out.

Michelle and me
Nick and me
CrossFit Aspire has changed my life. I think it's funny that Alycia couldn't believe how many people would stay and offer to give up their Saturday to help.  Hello - I can only speak for me, but that place has changed my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their box. Yay CrossFit! I was talking to a random guy this weekend and he said - CrossFit is a FAMILY thing. I couldn't agree more!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Social Life Right Now

Hello Loves! How are y'all?!? Life is great right now. Busy and I know I've been MIA.  Let's catch you up on things! Socially - Two of my favorite ladies birthdays - AC and Rachel! We got together at PJs last week for the birthdays and Game of Thrones. We had an amazing time. Friday I went to happy hour with two of my girls from work at On The Border.  BEST happy hour deals - seriously, the best ever.
Last week was rough for me.  Not really sure why.  I'm stressed, overwhelemd, had a rough week at school and CrossFit. Saturday I went to the city with Nilda & Jenn.  We did yoga in the park then headed to Mercer Cafe. It was my FIRST time doing breakfast in Philly, and the food was AMAZING! I needed it.  Jenn also talked us into going to work out with Donnie (her fiance) at his place - 19125 Fitness! It was a BRUTAL workout - love getting my ass kicked!
After we died, I went home showered and let the girls out.  I headed back over and we headed to Three Monkeys Cafe.  First - they have a FABULOUS drink called "Grape Soda" and it was amazing!
It was a great end to a fabulous night with my girls! Lots of talking, laughs and spending time with my loves! Much needed time. Also got to hang out with my Rachel that night. I needed the day with just girl friends.  No major thinking. No stress.  Good friends.  Good time.  And a really good drink haha

Food wise - my staying on track is going great! I've been cooking up some mean dishes lately! I've been trying a lot of new things - like the top rack in the picture.  Breakfast sausage, onions, garlic, cauliflower rice and tomato sauce.  Holy came out awesome! I was kinda of stoked! And yes, the bottom of it is Paleo Chocolate Cookies -- I've like perfected my recipie finally.  I'm pumped! I need to share them with y'all one day.

How's things been? Y'all good?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hookgrip Classic

Walking Up
Going through my steps haha
Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! This fall is flying by.  I think between school, training and life - I am super busy! I'm loving it! This weekend I competed in my first Olympic Lifting Competition. Liberty Barbell Club (inside CrossFit Center City) held the Hookgrip Classic. It was an amazing experience.  I learned a ton - about how I lift, how to get better and build more speed, tips for wrapping my thumbs to help with my hook grip, etc. We started with snatch....

I opened with 39kg....Hit it no problem...
Second attempt was at 43 kg...I missed the first try so tried again...
No problem! I got really frustrated by this only because I should have locked out my shoulder on the second lift and had it.  I really wanted to get over 100 that day, but it wasn't in the books. Lots to learn from and move on.  The girls in my class were awesome - made my snatches look like nothing.  Def not quite as excited for my 100# snatch anymore haha.  Time to get bigger and stronger! Next up was the Clean and Jerk.  Seriously - I love these two movements so I was happy!

First attempt...I'm not really sure what weight I did haha.  Coach took care of that.  I think maybe 45kg? Not 100% positive on that one though. First one felt great.  No issues and looked decent.

Second attempt...first thing I said to Justin when I got back to the seat was "that felt fast" haha.  I thought I flew, but after looking at it - I really didn't haha. The last attempt...
61 kg.  Not a PR for me, but felt and looked good.  I had JUST PR'ed my C&J two days prior to this, so I am stoked I got this up!!

I've learned a lot from that experience.  I can't WAIT to do more OLY competitions - I loved it.  Major things I took from this: 1. I NEED OLY shoes. Like majorly need them.  They are on my Christmas list, but I may have to splurge and get some earlier if I can swing it.  2. I need to pick up my training.  I need to get more serious and step it up.  3. I HAVE to clean up my nutrition.  I think to myself, what could I really do if I just cleaned it up a little bit more.  I have been doing good - primal Sunday - Friday drinks during the week and so forth.  I did have two drinks this week on Wednesday. But it was birthdays of two of my closest so that was needed.

After the OLY comp, Caitlin got Nilda and I flowers! She's awesome.  She was my first CrossFit Aspire friend and is my main lifting partner outside of Nilda.  Without those two ladies, I'd be lost in the gym.  I also treated myself to a Philadelphia Cupcake after the comp...and I don't regret it.  It was AMAZING! I also had drinks with both my Coaches, Shamus and Nilda in the city...I loved it! I need to do that more!

That night - Teralyn (who is typically more proud of what I do then I am of myself haha) wanted to get drinks to celebrate. We headed out for some drinks and the Ohio State game! Rachel and Holly came up too! It was a great night and a perfect end to a fabulous day!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

MS City To Shore Bike Ride & Allie's Birthday

Hey Loves! Know what I just realized?!? I didn't fill you in about my awesome weekend.  Last weekend I participated in the MS City To Shore Bike Ride.  I rode my bike 80 miles (couldn't do the 100 this year).  The picture to the left is the main part of my team minus Paul and his daughter Emily.  I meet the guy on the far left - Mr. Sieber - on the first mile of the same ride four years ago.  The girl on the right of me (in the white jersey) is his daughter, Ro.  I ended up becoming great friends with her since then, and I've rode with them every year since.  The year I meet them, I was biking with a team from South Jersey, but I really didn't know anyone.  I have been living here about 2 months.  I was suppose to crash down the shore and stay with the team, but I ended up after the ride that year back at the Sieber's house.  They fed me and welcomed me like family.  They've been stuck with me ever since!
I honestly look forward to the ride and getting to see them.  Ro's schedule has finally changed and hopefully we are planning on doing monthly happy hours. Anyways, it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ride. 

The weather was perfect and I had a great ride. I've already signed up for next year and am looking forward to it.  Justin & Alycia said we can design some CrossFit Aspire jersey. I can't WAIT! I love my box, so rocking them while riding will be a great idea! Ro has MS so she gets a special jersey.
Me & AC

Me & Allie - Birthday Girl
Tricia and me
Sunday was spent with my CrossFit loves for my girl Allie's birthday.  They cooked out and we all brought some food/drinks/sweets. It was a fun afternoon with some of my favorites.  Much needed relaxing day after the bike ride Saturday!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October + Delta Labs Sample Giveaway :)

Hey y'all! Can you believe it's October already? I swear life seems to be FLYING by lately! Let's chat what's going on in life and some goals I need you to help hold me accountable for!

Life! Life is FABULOUS right now! Have I told you that lately? I am seriously the happiest I have been in a very LONG time.  I have made a lot of personal changes since end of May/early June and I am reminded more and more every day how I definitely took the right path for me. School is fabulous - even with all the changes.  It's more work and planning, but I am really loving it.  I have great munchkins, as I always do. I'm a little homesick right now.  It always comes and goes in phases.  This is the first September and October that I'm not making a trip home.  We are doing the Princess's birthday in November this year, so I will be home twice then!

CrossFit. Yo, CrossFit is kicking ass right now.  Pardon the language but seriously...if you don't follow me on twitter or instagram you may not know that I hit a HUGE personal PR...
100# Snatch...did it! Triple Digit baby!! I also hit a new OHS PR....95# for 3 reps.....
Then added 10# and hit 110# baby!!! I still can't believe it!
It's been awesome month of CrossFit stuff for me, but I want to do more and I need help. Here is what I know -- sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I don't know how to figure it all out.  I need mobility help and mobility WOD is one of my goal for October. I want to learn more about it and figure it out and how to better use it.  I also want to incorporate 2-3 Gymnasty WODs in a week. Plus I want to really clean up my nutrition - strict Paleo Sunday - Friday night.  Gives me Friday nights and Saturdays to relax some. So, there is the three main goals:

 1. Adding Mobility work into the week - 4-5xWeek for at least 45mins/1hour.
 2. Adding 2-3 Gymnasty WODs a week - Tuesday and Thursday nights with Nilda and maybe another day!
 3. Food - No going out or alcohol during the week --  strict Primal instead of Paleo as I want some cheese and greek yogurt sometimes.
Last but not least, I'm getting back to running!! I'm starting this week - a track night/speed session with my girl Kelly from the box, plus Aspire Run club on Sunday mornings and one decent run a week! What's your goals for October? I promised some people to talk more about my running/CrossFit's coming :)
Last - as you all know I am an ambassador for Delta Labs and I have 5 samples from Delta Labs - the Hair, Skin & Nails -- who wants to try it? I've been taking it for about two weeks and I love it! Leave me a comment below and tell me what are your goals for October! I'll pick 5 random winners :)
Also - Delta Labs is donating 10% of ALL proceeds this month to #BreastCancer -- check out the information in this video from Bex!