Thursday, January 31, 2013

Playlist Thursday - Hip Hop Flow


Hip Hop was the theme for this weeks Playlist Thursday, and if you know me -- this was HARD haha :)

The "Rules" of Playlist Thursday:

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old.
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever floats yer boat.

And whatever you do, don't forget to head over to Pavement Runner's blog to check out the other participants posts!

Something Old
Artist: Missy Elliott 
Title:  Work It
NotableI use to be obsessed with her! She's fabulous!
Quotable: "As the drummer boy go ba-rom-pop-pom-pom, Give you some-some-some of this Cinnabun"

Something New
Artist: Macklemore
Title:  Thrift Shop
NotableOBSESSED! Seriously - could listen to it like a million times over!
Quotable: "I'ma take your grandpa's style, I'ma take your grandpa's style, No for real - ask your grandpa - can I have his hand-me-downs? (Thank you)

Something to Consider #1 (language warning)
Artist: Tyga feat. Nicki Minaj
Title:  Muthaf**ka UP
Notable: I flipping love this song. I blast it on my iPod when I'm rowing or pushing out something hard at the box and have my music in!
Quotable: "Why you acting tough, heard you worked at Build-A-Bear"

Something to Consider #2
Artist: Jay Z vs. The Beatles (Danger Mouse mash up)
Title: Encore
Notable:  I was reminded of my love for this today from Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toe Nails 
Quotable: "So for one last time I need y'all to roar, now what the hell are you waiting for, after me there shall be no more".

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to WOD'ing & Splits 59 Capris

Hello loves! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far!! Happy Hump Day =p  BIG news!! I've WOD'ed this week.  Like almost back to normal, stayed the whole class and even did gymnastics WOD'ed. My hip is feeling lots better -- still not 100%, but better.  And I'll take that! My knee is AMAZING since Dr. Jarvis adjusted it.  I took Sunday off since the competition was Saturday and my arms/shoulders/upper back were DEAD haha. 

Monday we did deadlift (which I HATE!!!).  We were working on 3x3 -- I have a HUGE mental block against this lift for some reason.  I got 175 1x3.  Came back for round 2 and could only get 2.  It's heavy, but not impossible, yet somehow I get STUCK.  BLAH! Anyways -- We then did 21-15-9 deadlifts/box jumps. I did 85# for the deadlifts.  Felt good.  My lower back on Tuesday wasn't even that sore, so I know I'm getting stronger. Working on not getting so frustrated with it too! haha I decided to give gymnastics a shot since I was feeling so good and Jordanna is pretty much my favorite and she told me we were working on HANDSTANDS *my favorite*! We started with work on bridge holds/walks, wall walks, handstand/headstand tabatas and toes-to-bar (T2B) work.  My wall walks are getting lots better -- adding it to my list to work on.  I need to make a rotating calendar of weakness to work on haha! Liz also worked on my T2B and at least kicking out since I can't get all the way up.

My dream body -- anyone know who this is?
Found this on Pinterest and am SO motivated!
Tuesday we did back squat.  Jill and I texted so that we could meet at the same time.  I expressed my worry to her, because it was back squat (yes, four days after my marathon was stupid but still) that killed my hip and knee last and made me take those 2 weeks off. Before we squated, we worked on snatch -- my snatch is really getting better!! 4x3 hang snatch, 4x2 from knees & 4x1 from ground.  I didn't focus on the weight as much as the movement.  When I got to my singles I got up to 75# and failed...3x I failed haha.  I have to work on getting down lower.  Next, we did 3x6 on back squat -- I got 135.  and it was HEAVY.  Weird to me since a month ago I was at 150, but I know the marathon + two weeks off WIPED my legs out so I'm trying to take that and go. I tried to go 145, but failed on the fourth - went to low. The metcon was suppose to be front squats + T2B, but that was a LOT of work for my hip already so I got Justin's advice and did KB swings instead of the squats. Felt good!

So, a while back the awesome crew at Fit Approach had a twitter party with Splits 59.  I grab a pair of these awesome Bailey Seamless Capri Tights - origanlly wanted pink, but settled for the blue at the advice of one of the girls.  Go them! They were FABULOUS! My biggest fear was that they were one size fits all, but look -- my thick 'ol legs FIT! haha It's the little things.  They are super soft and comfy.  Don't show your skin through them. Wash up fabulous (I've WOD'ed only once, but have been wearing them around the apartment and to do some yoga). I honestly am super in love with these tights, and can't wait to get more.  FABULOUS cusotmer service, great products in awesome colors -- what more could a girl want :)

Duane is getting my ticket for Spring Break this week -- I am SO stoked to go see him. It has been a LONG time, and I don't think I could be more excited! I've been keeping up with my Plank-A-Day & #AbsbyApril challenge.  Last night I could only do a miniute.  I have NO core what so ever, but I am working on it. Just keep swimming, right ;)

What's your favorite WOD or workout gear? I need new stuff :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Main Street Pride - First Solo Comp DONE :)

Hello loves!! Hope ya'll have had a fabulous weekend! Mine was great!! Will get into it more. This past week I put this picture up on my instagram.  When Andrew was here, he made me these sweet potato circles which I know call Andrew Circles :) -- anyways -- lots of people wanted to know how I made them...super easy --
Sweet potato is washed - skin left on and cut into circles.
Melt some coconut oil on medium heat.
Add the circles to the pan.
Cook till slightly brown. (About 3-5 mins depending on stove. Maybe longer).
Sprinkle TJ 21 season, garlic powder and salt on cooked side as other side cooks.
Flip and season second side when brown.
Remove from pan.
Cool and Destroy :)

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. No basketball practice so I got to leave school on normal time.  I headed straight to see Dr. Jarvis at Health Goals.  She knew I had my CrossFit competition Saturday so we worked on my hip.  I also told her about how my knee has been really acting up.  She adjusted my knee too.  I left feeling awesome, but within about two hours my hip and knee were really sore.  Now, my hip is always sore after an hour or two so I didn't think much about that; however, I was REALLY concerned with my knee hurting more. Lots of icing, some biofreeze and ibuprofen.

Anyways, after my appointment, I picked up the girls and we ran some errands. I just love those two! We ran to Aspire so I could get my jump rope for Saturday and LD went in with me.  Alycia got to meet her :) We ran to the market to make sure I had everything I needed for Saturday. Went home and iced up then went to bed early.

Saturday came quick.  I could have slept in more, but I didn't. I felt super nervous and couldn't believe it was here.  7 months into this deal and here was my first competition with no team to lean on -- SOLO! I got myself ready, made sure I had everything I might need and headed over to Jill's house to meet the girls. We had a fun little care ride up -- I really am thankful for Jill & Rachel - they are awesome friends that I have gained through CrossFit Aspire.
Karli & me!
Anyways, we got up to Freehold, NJ, and parked.  Eventually, after a LONG and unnecessary walk around a block (which we later found a short cut) we found the box - CrossFit Freehold. I forget who we saw when we first walked in, but they told us where the group was.  We made it through a VERY packed tent to the back to find our crew - CrossFit Aspire. As we are putting our stuff down and getting things situated -- who trips and balances herself on me?!? KARLI!! My bloggy/twitter friend! I was SUPER stoked to meet her!! Her Main Street Pride recap is here.  It was her first Rx competition and I think she rocked it considering the circumstances. I also got to meet her Beau which was nice since I learn about him on her blog haha :)
Back to the event -- it was cold.  Port-O-Johns SUCK.  There was no warm-up area like at the team event I did this summer. Alycia rocked these sweet tights during the comp -- yes, I love her 1000x more for that! They are fabulous!  We had to wait around a while (3+ hours) before the scaled women started. So, we sat around -- talked to the BIG kids (Rx crew) about how their WODs were going -- they had two done before we had started, but then had to wait 3+ hours before their third and then more before their fourth. It was nice to talk to everyone -- I really do love my box!
Jill & I decided to look around and see what all was going on.  It was SO packed it was really hard to watch much of the Rx crew go -- plus I'm short so seeing over people isn't my strong point. There was a group called Jump'N'Rope there.  I got to talking to them and ended up buying a toy to help work with my jumping & double unders.  Fingers crossed it helps!

First WOD for us scaled kiddos was PVC Mania -- 12 minute cap -- 5 rounds -- 5 PVC Shoot Throughs, 10 lateral burpees and 20 dips.  I finished in 9:52.  I didn't think I could do 5 rounds in 12 minutes so I was stoked that I got it done! It was hard.

Jill Pressin
Second WOD was Stone Face -- originally suppose to be a 55# push press but it got dropped to 45# and then a 35# KB swing.  You had 5 minutes -- 1 PP/ 1KBS, 2PP/2KBS, etc.  I got 9 full rounds and 6 into the 10th.  My shoulders were on FIRE!! Then we had about two hours before our next we all just hung out.

Last WOD was Doubles to Heaven...originally a 12 minute cap that was changed to 8 minutes -- it was a lot -- it was also the one I was worried about the most because of my hip.  Singles (since I can't do doubles yet), push ups and front squat. 200 singles, 63 push ups and 36 front squats --then half the amount and go through it, then half again and finish out the time with front squats.  A - I HATE push ups. B I can't squat well right now with my hip.  I didn't think I'd get through my 63 push ups, but I did. I actually got into the second set of singles.  I got a no-rep on my push ups 8x for not lifting my hands and on one squat.  I had to say something after the squat though because Justin always gets on my for going TO low...not for not going low enough.  Whatever. Over it haha :) 
When all is said and done, I had a blast.  I really enjoyed the day.  For not being able to WOD for the last two weeks due to recovering from my marathon and my hip & knee stuff, I'm glad to have it under my belt.  I LOVED getting to do the WODs and cheer for my box friends. I had a lot of weaknesses made more known - push ups, singles, doubles, KB swings haha.  I am walking away ready to beast out more and move to the next level.

We headed home and went to Jill's house to eat pizza and have some drinks.  It was a much needed end to the night!! Lots of laughs, stories and getting to know each other more! LD & Scarlet came too -- LD loved Jill's fireplace - isn't she cute? I have no pics of myself, but I'll share some once Jill gets them to me :) 

Sunday started with bacon & eggs -- no better start.  Took the girls out to play for a bit then went bowling with my Buckeye group! Day ended with Brian coming over to watch the Flyers play (and teach me about hockey), a skype date with the family and a LONG conversation with Duane :) Perfect end to a FABULOUS weekend. And bonus - my leg (knee and hip) feel good so looking forward to hopefully WOD'ing & running all this week and getting back to it!!

What did you do this weekend?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No WODs & DumboDoubleDare :)

Hello loves! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far! I've had a better week then this before. I'm having a hard time with this whole "recovery" concept.  I understand I ran a marathon and my body, especially my legs, are worn out. I get they need time to recover, especially since I really didn't train.  But all I want to do is WOD!!!! haha Being forced to take some time off is hard, but I know that it will be worth it in the end. Between this awesome hip thing - which I must say is getting a TON better - and my now my left knee.  Why is it always my left leg?!? Anyways - I have a nice little swollen knee, its beautiful!

On Monday I went and had my hip worked on...HOLY SMOKES! I had a 30 minute massage - sounds relaxing right?!? NOT! She worked mostly on this left side - hip, hamstring, IT band and quad. She told me I was super messed up on the left side and would be sore the next day -- that was an understatement. I had tears in my eyes as she worked but if it means healing faster, I am with it!! I just want to be better -- hip is on the to get the knee back :)

No WODs this week or runs.  Take the week off to baby the knee. Got told to go home from the WOD tonight -- my knee was swollen and sore. It's been swollen since trying to run Saturday with Jill.  We only did 2 and I think it's just still tweaked from the marathon. So, just going to play it safe since the Garage Games are on Saturday!!! I'm really freaking out about them too! I'm worried about my body, but hoping that a few days off are just what I need.  I found this awesome plan -- Megan from Run Like A Grl Abs By April -- join here. We all know I need help on my core, so what better way then this!! Join me!

What else...I've been drinking more of these awesome smoothies->

They are super yummy and a good way for me to get more of my vegetables in.  Spinach and Kale aren't super strong in flavor so I can add them and not get overwhelmed.

This one has:

I don't measure (I don't think Jill really does either) or do set amounts. I just add stuff and drink.  I'd like to add some protein to it too, but I only have chocolate and not sure that would mix.

Now for my last bit of AWESOME news...I got in to DUMBO DOUBLE DARE!!!!! It sold out in under two hours, so I was STOKED to get in.  It's my new RunDisney race.  It will be at Disneyland over Labor Day weekend.  10K on Saturday and the Half on Sunday...kind of funny I'm thinking about this as I'm being forced to recover and not WOD or run, but I can't WAIT!!!  I love the Disney races! And hopefully Mama Dukes will be able to join me!

Running my marathon under trained did a couple things for me --
A: showed me what I already is KEY!
B: showed me how much I really do miss running!
C: Helped me find my love again, and I really can't wait to start training more!!

Did you get in to the DumboDoubleDare?
What's your favorite Green Smoothie recipe?


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Hero Party!

Ali is focused!
Hello my loves!!! How is every one's weekend been? Mine has been fabulous!! So I still have not WOD'ed since Thursday when I attempted to squat and could not squat and my hip felt like it was dying. So, per Beth & Jill, I took the whole weekend off.  Friday my CrossFit Aspire girls and I had a painting party at Canvas Mixers in Collingswood. Holy awesome time!! We did a Super Hero theme (in correlation with our box obviously.  I love my box girls and I had an awesome night! I needed that!
Jill & me!
We really had an amazing night! Good food, good drinks and awesome company. We all did an amazing job - I'm SUPER impressed that I was able to do it. It was a really good time!
Ali & me!
Me & Cait!

Me, Jen, Steph & Ali

Me & Jen

Finished Project

Me, Kate & Julie

Jill & me again - my bff :)


Everyone & their painting :)
Last night some of my family & I hit up AC.  We had a fabulous dinner -- 10oz fillet w/crab meat, Gorgonzola and blue cheese, veggies & garlic potatoes.  Paleo? No, but it was amazing! Then we hit up the casinos -- was a good night!


This morning started with a beautiful two mile run with Jill. My hips and left knee are still not 100%, but it felt good to get moving.  We are food prepping together again this week - really she just tells me she's making me food and I get to eat it! haha It works out pretty perfect - we either trade meat from my cow share piece or money -- probably money this week as Andrew ate a lot of my cow meat when he was here! :)

This week is a BIG week!! The Garage Games are this weekend -- I would like my body to be ready and 100% by then, so I am listening to my body this week and not pushing it -- but really...

I can't wait to be back to my normal training schedule of CrossFit & running! Also, this week starts my training for the DC Nike Women's Half....hopefully haha! We shall see how my body feels!

How was your weekend?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Vlog - Good times!

So that sucked...awesome day at school and basketball practice but bum WOD and no OLY class! Side note, I really do love getting to coach with Waheed - she's awesome! 

Anyways, someone told me I should Vlog, so here ya go. My update from tonight's WOD, or lack of WOD.  I really need to remember what my body did on Sunday and not plan for any PRs or major jumps.  Beth said I should really shoot for 80% right now - between recovering from the run and while I nurse this hip.

That's it...just wanted to share my frustration.  Hard to be told to sit back sometimes...but like I was told, I need to remember the BIG picture...more CrossFit competitions, a 2:30 half and lots more running and TRI fun this year!

What's your recovery tips?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And It Is Back To WOD Time

Hello loves :)  How's your week going?  Guess what today was?!? My first WOD since the race...yes, 2 days after my marathon...with no training...I hit up Aspire.  Recovery is going great - and clearly, ice bath was a smart move :) Anyways, it's amazing how much a good WOD and good people just make everything better.  So, my hip is doing good and if you didn't know I had just run a marathon you wouldn't be able to tell anymore.  I got held at school in a meeting after the after school program - PS I did it, I got into the program! YAY!! - so I did not get to the box in time for the Rx class. 

Ali was going strong when I got there -- and BIG news, we are SHOE twins now! I love already having someone with fun shoes as bright as mine. However, she is fabulous and one of my favorites at the box! Hers has the blue and yellow - I LOVE the blue! Seeing her new ones all pretty and new really makes me want a new pair. haha I really need some OLY day! Money seems to be the issue - teacher problems haha :)
Ok, back to the WOD. Strength we did push press - sets of 3 - I got 110!! I am super stoked!That is the most I've ever gotten - 15# PR baby!! Our metcon was "Stone Face" from our Garage Games - it was brutal - 55# push press & 35 KB swings. I got 8 + 6. I'll take it - I have to get use to the 35 KB as it was crazy flying. I can't wait to WOD tomorrow with Jill - I've missed her! And ladies night on Friday with the CrossFit crew!

Now, I am changing my plans - I'm going to stick to WOD'ing 5-6 days a week and adding 3-4 days of running.  I will be taking time off some weeks depending on how my body feels, lots of rest and listening to my body.  Running wise - I am going to be doing one speed day, a long run, and at least one normal run, but would love to get two.  I want to get faster, and would LOVE to get my 2:30 half in the books. Plus, training for Nike Women's Half starts NOW this weekend! Time to step it up and hit the next level! Any thoughts on that?!? Can you help me stay on track?!?

So, this also happened tonight - I forgot I was out of dog food so I had to run to the market after the WOD. Rain boots, shorts (with my awesome tan from Disney) and my OSU riding coat! haha Sexy if I do say so myself :)

Oh and this also happened today - have you had one yet? Chocolate Mint...have you tried it?!?

How'd you Sweat Pink and get Sporty today?
Do you ever step out in awesome outfits too?

PS Pretty Muddy is offering a ONE TIME $20 discount to past participants ONLY…the code is GIRLTIME…there will NOT be any daily deal (groupon, living social, etc) offers this year…that was a one time inaugural season opportunity. This special expires at the end of January…after that the price will never be this low again! If you did it last year -- grab your girls and join Pretty Muddy again in 2013 :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marathon Recap - #2 in the Books!

Shahin & me Pre-Race
Wouldn't be a runner without him!
 This past weekend was a weekend I have been waiting for a while to come up. This past weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. And so with that, marathon #2 is in the books! Now, comes the fun part - race recap and what I learned! The biggest thing I learned - CrossFit is definitely an amazing way to cross train and get your body in shape! On top of that - the second biggest thing I learned...I will NEVER race without training properly again.  I did not train.  At ALL! I am very lucky and blessed to be sitting here and typing this. My legs actually feel pretty good - they are sore, but hello 26.2 miles will make anyone's legs sore. My achilles feels good.  The trips to the see Dr. Jarvis (and Dr. B who did see me the Thursday before I left) at Healthy Goals are fabulous and helped my hip get through it.  I can only imagine how I would have felt had I actually trained.

The Castle <3>
Training was almost obsolete minus CrossFit and the occasional 5K.  I did good all summer getting ready for Rock'N'Roll Philly and helping train that group. It was building a great base for this weekend. I was still going strong until the awesome hospital week...and a forced week off of everything and then a "don't run more then 6" rest of the month.  Well that just shut all my running down. I ran the Hot To Trot in Knoxville over Thanksgiving, but ask if I have run since then?!? NOPE - not except for my 5K for #5bythe5th. And yes ya'll, I know how stupid it was of me to still run...but it was DISNEY!! And really I think the face it was Disney totally helped! I mean look at the castle - I want to get married there :)
Me, Lilo & Melissa right after mile 7!
So let's talk race -- Obviously - it's an early start! Sarah stayed the night with me which was nice because I had someone to get ready with.  We headed to the bus with the crew from FFK. We got to the start and settled in to wait! Miles 1-10 were fabulous! I ran with Melissa from my old training group at Fleet Feet Knoxville. Now, we all know about my hip and issues I've been having and she has been having some issues with her knee so we just did 3:1s the first 10 miles.  We stopped to take pictures with characters (as soon as she gets home and post them I will share), totally took our time and really just enjoyed ourselves. Rilo meet us right outside of the Magic Kingdom. It was really nice to seem him! Magic Kingdom is awesome! You get to go down main street and around the park.  You get to go through the castle - I LOVE that place - I seriously want to get married at Disney or the beach haha! We also had Cheryl, Dana & Kylie right after mile 7.  That was a lifesaver - Cheryl gave me an clementine, and I totally needed that!!

When we hit 13, I made her keep saying "we are awesome...I'm feeling awesome" haha! It helped. At 13, we dropped to a 2:30:1:30 interval.  We were in the Animal Kingdom and it was really starting to heat up. Even with the heat, it was actually still decent on the first part.  There was a lot of shade still as the sun wasn't really up in full force yet.  The Animal Kingdom was fun to go through - right as we entered they had animals you could get your picture with - I passed, but Melissa got one with a snake. Miles 14-18 were hard. We came out of Animal Kingdom and headed into ESPN Wide World of Sports - lots of concrete and just open field.  We did get to run around the main field at the park - that was cool! Once we hit 17 we were in single digits and that helped me keep going. 18-20 I was hot - I stopped and sprayed more sun screen on (got to love my irish skin haha).

Ro & me at mile 26!
 Once we hit 20 - it was only a 10K left - I just kept telling myself, I do 10Ks all the time. Now this whole time - I was trying to find my friend Ro. She was suppose to run, but ended up having some foot issues and couldn't; however, she was going to meet me and run some with me.  Originally she was to meet us in the Animal Kingdom.  That didn't workout.  She made it to MGM studios and was going to meet me right after mile 23. Miles 20-23 were hard.  I was really hot, my legs were cramping some - they gave out bananas and I think that helped me not cramp as much - and my foot hurt. We fell into pace with the 7hour pacer.  We found him about mile 21 and I stayed with him till mile 24.  He was doing 20:40 and it was about as much as I could handle at that point.  Ro hopped in at mile 23.  She was kind of a breath of fresh air.  Melissa and I both needed her. At 24 I was done. There was nothing more in my body.  And I was ok with it.  I knew I was lucky to even make it to that point and I was VERY thankful to have made it to that point.

Me, Mickey & Ro before finish!
 Ro ran with Melissa for a bit and I found Ed & Kaye (pic with them to come) at mile 25 in Epcot. Ed & Kaye are fabulous and just came along when I needed help. Ed's knee was giving him a hard time and it was Kaye's first marathon.  We all agreed the heat wasn't helping either haha. Now Epcot is tricky see - it's the finish, but you have to go in and go ALL THE WAY AROUND and back to the parking lot to be done.

Proud moment!

Ro dropped back and told me her family was at the fountain and she was going to run ahead and meet me there.  I said perfect! When we got to them, it was SO good to see her and her family.  To think I meet her and her family on my 100 mile bike ride...crazy! And then we were done.  Before I crossed, I had my picture taken with Ro & Mickey.

Beautiful isn't it?!?

Yes, I've learned my lesson.  And I know that I am VERY lucky to be feeling as good as I am, and not have any injuries.  I am thankful, I am.  I am also a WAY bigger fan of CrossFit now then  ever before.  There is NO way I would have done this without having CrossFit in my life.  Justin & Alycia - and ALL my Aspire folks - thanks! Without ya'll kicking my butt 5-6x a week - I wouldn't have done this! Also, HUGE thanks to Andrew - he kept me feed super well last week and I also think that helped - I had a non-paleo breakfast morning of the race, but I am ok with that.  I need it on days like that!

Love him!

Ice bath & elevated legs :)

While we waited for our bus, Shahin had a beer and found himself a comfortable chair :) I got back to the room and did my least favorite part of this - an ice bath. I know my legs needed it. I then spent 20 minutes upside down letting my legs just drain and relax. I also happened to finish Sarah's bag of Flipz she left in the room - salty & sweet is also fabulous post race haha!

Me, Dana & Kylie
I spent the rest of the day/night with my Fleet Feet Knoxville group - I never forget, but I love being reminded how amazing they all are and how lucky I am to have them in my life!! I was also lucky enough to meet new FFK people and had a blast with them too!! Hot tub to relax our legs - have a beer then bed! Had to catch an early flight back to Jersey.

Now to TRAIN and get ready for the next race :)