Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY - I need to make some shirts

Hello Loves! Happy Happy Friday and also happy day I get to go see my DA in just a few short hours! How amazing is that! Today makes Day 5 of the Mini Blog Challegne by Joi. I missed the first day but you can see Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. I been having fun doing this.  Lots of fun people to find and more stuff to learn about. Today is suppose to be a DIY project.  Is it bad that I say I've never really done a major one.  I have a TON that I WANT to do...but haven't been able to. 
diy workout tank top 1 DIY Workout Tank Top
So instead - I'm redirecting you to Lindsay, my bloggy friend's blog and her instructions for making an old shirt into a workout tank! I have a bunch of old shirts I need to get to work on. PS for a bonus - if you want to try something fun this week -- check out her Foodie Penpals - I'm going to do it.  Maybe you can even be my partner!

As I am sitting here with my heat on my ankle - yay physical therapy.  My doctor said NOTHING but school for a week so we are just doing heat, stretching stuff and then he's going to work on it some. I just want to be back to 100%.  I'm not even sure where I am right now -- 80% maybe?!? In the past few days, my ankle has ached more then it has pretty much ever.  I think it's because of the rain.  You know people who say they can tell it's going to rain because of an old injury/break.  I'm scared I'm going to be that person.

Since I couldn't WOD yesterday or Wednesday, I made some good dinners.  Chicken with Italian seasoning, green beans and half a cup of brown rice. YUM. I love eating cleaning. Always makes me feel better; however, I am SO nervous for tonight that I really wanted ice cream/froyo/anything sweet yesterday. I can't believe the day is here. I'll fill you in 100% on the whole DA thing after the weekend.  First, I need to see him and figure us out.
Ok so now for some major bad news.  I have lost my position for next year.  My district is going through some major stuff so about 300 teachers got a RIF notice, me being one.  I've not said much on here yet, because I'm trying to figure it out.  My principal says he thinks he can get me back come August, but I don't know.  Right now I'm covering my bases and looking at jobs back home in Tennessee, Ohio and California.  All I ask if prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts.  It will all work out right :)
Final thought - like yesterday, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!! Always love having new people to share things with! Tweet me and let me know. I love finding new people to interact with.  Also, I'm still trying to revamp my Blog -- Jilly suggested Lifting Love for my title...I like it...a lot...still seeing if anyone else has anything so let me know!
Have you done a DIY project?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ankle Update

Hello Loves! Do you know what today is? THURSDAY! Do you know what this means? I get to go to California and see my babe DA TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! Holy smokes! One more day of school to get through and I'll be on my way! I can't WAIT to see his person! Been a LONG time coming! (Ignore all the caps...I am WAY to excited for this weekend haha) Just one more sleep and a day of school!!

So - as you all know, I am doing a Mini Blog Challenge from Joi! I missed Day 1, but you can see Day 2 or Day 3. Day 4 - aka today - is a vlog, video or podcast. Well I love vlogs so that is what you'll get :)

First though - a couple of things -- make sure you're following me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!! Always love having new people to share things with! Also, I'm still trying to revamp my Blog -- Jilly suggested Lifting Love for my title...I like it...a lot...still seeing if anyone else has anything!

Here is my vlog -- ignore the randomness...that's really just me haha :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Passion is....

Hello Loves! Happy Hump Day! Only two more days till I'm in CALI to see my DA! I can't wait!! Today marks Day 3 for Joi's Mini Blog Challenge. I missed Day 1, but you can see Day 2 here.  Today we are to write about our passion....I have a bunch of them but I feel as though a lot of folks want more information on CrossFit -- and I clearly have a passion for that :)

I'll discuss terms, why I started, why I think you should try it and what's next for my CrossFit life :)

First, lets cover some basics -- we have certain terms (I'll only cover the three main ones):
  • Box - this is our "gym"'s where we train. Most boxes were started in old garages or warehouses so you can get the term quickly from that

  • WOD - Workout of the Day -- these can be set up a little different depending on the box - we do skill work, OLY work, Strength then our metcon and some times an after party of extra skill
  • AMRAP -- As Many Rounds As Possible -- basically get as much work done as you can in a certain amount of time
Those are the three main ones you should know about. Our WODs are typically for time or AMRAPs. It is fabulous! Now - why did I start CrossFitting?!? Hmmmm good question. I honestly don't remember what started it for me.  I remember google'ing boxes in my area and found CrossFit Aspire.  I contacted Alycia for my first free class. I went and died....Justin came over, eating something out of a bowl and as I laid dying on the ground said "This is what we do everyday - welcome to CrossFit". I went home and was HOOKED! This week marks my One Year CrossFit Anniversary!
There are 9 Foundational Movements --> (back squat was 8 weeks ago due to broken ankle so will be lower now)
Clean - 6/22/12 1x2 @85 -- 12/18/12 1x3 @115
Back Squat - 5/29/12 1x5 @115 -- 3/11/13 3x6 @150
Front Squat - 9/10/12 1x3 @105 -- 3/13/13 1x3 @135
OHS -- this we don't really just do - it's typically with something - I got 80 two weeks before break
Push Press - 7/18/12 1x3 @80 -- 3/2/13 1x3 @115
Press (aka should press or strict press) - 6/19/12 1x3 @70 -- 5/1/13 3x6 @ 70
Jerk - 10/25/12 1x3 @ 95 -- 5/13/13 8x3 @ 95
Deadlift - 5/19/12 1x5 @ 115 -- with broken ankle fresh out of boot 4/25/13 (my bday) 3x3 @155
Sumo Deadlift High Pull - I've only done this with KB - I know I've gone up haha
I've done well.  I have a LONG way to go, but it's all about the progress.  In my opinion that is the beauty of CrossFit. There really isn't an end's all about making forward progress and always chasing something new. You won't PR every time, and some days you won't be able to hit your last PR that day.  You will go on, and you will be better.  If we PR'ed EVERY time, would it still be challenging? Even over the last 9 weeks (yes, 9 weeks ago today I broke my ankle coming down off the rope/box combo I was working with) I have PR'ed and improved. Even the 5 weeks of unweighted annoyance, I made progress.  If you want it, it is there for you to take!
Now why should you do it? That's easy.  The barbell will change your life.  The community will become like a second family to you. The life will take you over.  You'll want to do more, not just at the box, but in your life. I promise you, it is worth it.  No, it's not for everyone and I get that.  But I bet 95% of y'all would be changed by it.  Expensive...yes. A BIG commitment...yes. But most importantly....LIFE CHANGING....HELL YES!
Now fun news and a BIG announcement.  I have decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 certification.  I will be doing it either in June or July. DO I have a lot of room to improve, yes.  Can I do all the movements yet, NO. I can't do a pull up without assistance, I can't do toes-to-bar or muscle ups (I could go on with other stuff to but you get it). But I can explain the movements and break things down.  I love coaching. I love working with people. Most importantly, I LOVE CrossFit.  I want to share my PASSION with others :)
What's your passion? Have your tried CrossFit?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Fun Stuff + A Note To My Readers

Hello Loves! Happy Tuesday to y'all! It was hard getting back on track this week...who wants to do that after being at Regionals all weekend?!? I forgot to share this awesome stuff -- Reebok gave all the North East Regional volunteers.  A drawstring bag and a bobble bottle.  I am really stoked for the bobble bottle as I've always wanted to try one!

I also came home to a pretty sweet birthday basket (which I actually did not see till Monday morning because I was so exhausted when I got home haha) from my Jilly -- she got me a lot of paleo goodies and a super sweet handblender! I was excited! The pickles are AMAZING! SO good.  I love pickles haha!
I also got some sweet new gear from Team Racing 4 Veterans! If you don't know about them, check it out.  It's an awesome group to be a part of! You raise money to go back to support our wounded heroes! They also have a CrossFit aspect too -- Burpees for Badasses! I'm going to try and hold one this year and raise some money for the team! If you do CrossFit, maybe you can have one at your box too! Contact Megs or me for more information!
 I am a military brat - my father is retired Navy. I think it is an honor to give back to those men and women who so selflessly give their everything for us.
So, I'm already a day behind on Joi's Blog Challenge -- today's post is suppose to be a letter to our readers explaining how to use our blog -- here's Joi's. So here we go --
I'm not 100% sure. haha That is probably not what Joi wanted, but I'm not. I honestly started this blog to help keep friends and mostly my family in the know on my life and what is going on. The more into blogging I get the more I hope I am able to help others see that anything is possible.  I have lost 53 lbs. I'm changing my life. Not for anybody other then myself.  Some people tell me that I am inspirational -- and for that I am forever grateful! I'm trying to turn into a place to help people learn about CrossFit, running, cycling, triathlons and products I find helpful in my journey.  Plus, educate people to the best of my ability on the paleo world and why I eat mostly, but not 100% paleo (I can't give up ice cream, froyo or greek yogurt haha). I also try and help other people meet people who may help them more!
In addition to that, I also blog about my family (especially my super cute Tank and Princess), my amazing guy DA, my fabulous job, my awesome girls (aka my dogs Scarlet & LD) and my dreams to do more. I guess the more I get into blogging, the more I try and connect to others through common interest.
I'm currently trying to revamp my blog -- I really want to give it a name (not Lift. Teach. Love. Run), but I am SO not creative.  PS if you are -- think CrossFit, Running and the word love (since it is my name haha) and let me know what you come up with :)
If you could ask me anything to blog about, what would it be?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 3 - CrossFit Games North East Regionals

Hello loves! Happy Sunday Funday to y'all! Today was the last day of the CrossFit Games North East Regionals. What. A. Day!! Lots of World Records broken - lots of amazing jobs and people just doing what they love to do...CrossFit!

Thankfully I got to sleep in a little bit this morning; however, I did sleep a little later then I wanted/should have. I got there just as our meeting was ending. The Reebok tent was hooking up the volunteers with a discount which was nice, but I didn't get time to go shop...whomp whomp.
I got a picture with my awesome Volunteer directors....
...Kayla is on the left and Laura is on the right. They were fabulous and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future :) I also got a picture with my new buddy Nicole...
...looking forward to keeping up with her :)

Event 6 -- Teams had one guy + one girl -- 100 double unders (50 each), 50 handstand push-ups, 50 toes-to-bar while the other had to dead hang, 50 shoulder to overhead while one worked the other had to hold weight, then 90 ft. walking lunges. CrossFit 1 Force (my old gymnastics coach Jordanna's new box) were going.
Individuals did the following...
It was a good WOD to watch. I'm anxious for the day I can do all those movements. We had a little power issue, but it was solved quickly thankfully. Also, it's really cool to watch someone struggle on one piece and fly though the next. We all have movements that are easier for us. Next up was the final event. Event 7 was for teams -- all 6 people - rotate guy then girl -- 2 rope climb, 2 squat clean, 2 rope climb, 3 squat clean, 2 rope climb and finally 4 squat clean. Sorry no team photos. Individuals did...
I got a one haha...
...I got the awesome head Judge Todd looking all focused...
I also did ask Jennifer Hunter-Marshall for a pic -- we took this...
Then she wanted one with her flower out :)

She's amazing. A - she's been to regionals the last 5 years. How cool is that?!? B - I told her how I love how she is always smiling and looking like she loves it and she said "it's CrossFit..don't we all love it? It's just exercise" -- how true is that! We do all love it. And we love getting to be better then we were yesterday!

Overall it was an amazing weekend and I wish it wasn't over. I had such a good time and meet some super cool people and for a few hours a day hung with my box crew that was there.

HUGE thanks to CrossFit and Reebok for the opportunity to do this! cant wait till next time :) Congrats to all those athletes who competed and those who've made it to the next level - the games. You can find all results online here.

Now Rachel and I are on our way home -- next up California to see DA in 5 days! Even if its only for like 2.5 days....I can't WAIT to see him :)

How was your weekend?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 2 - CrossFit Games North East Regionals

Hello Loves :) Day 2 of the CrossFit Games North East Regionals is in the books. Today started with a bang. Was asked to help run the main clock again by the social media team. Honestly, I am LOVING this experience. I am meeting some kick ass people and really getting the bug in my head that maybe one day I can do PR/marketing/social media.

First thing I got to do today though - meet Dave Castro. How freaking cool is that?!? He was way interesting to chat with and listen to today. His love for CrossFit is unlike any other. He really does love this sport. That was like the icing on the cake of an already awesome experience.

Seriously though - awesome day of events - Event 4 for teams was each member has to complete 30 wall balls, 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 30 pistols (alternating) and finally dumbbell snatches. Event 4 for individuals was to complete 100 of each -- wall balls, chest-to-bar pull-ups, pistols (alternating) and finally dumbbell snatches.

CrossFit 1 Force Walking Out

I got a lot of pictures during event 4 because there was a 25 minute cap. Event 5 was 21-15-9 deadlifts and box jumps -- team only 2 of the members did it. It was interesting to watch. I'm so impressed how fast people can fly through deadlifts. I struggled with them for almost my whole CrossFit experience until about 3 months ago. Finally got it.
This girl = my FAVORITE -- Jennifer Hunter-Marshall
I have really taken a liking to some of the athletes. Really fun to watch and follow them this weekend. My favorite part of the weekend...
This is what I LOVE about this sport. Everyone cheers on everybody else. Even though they were all done, they ALL went to the last guy and stood cheering him on. The community is what makes CrossFit.

I also meet this girl....

...Katelyn -- seriously, I already loved her but definitely a million times more now!

Also made a new friend - Lindsay -- can't wait to get to north Jersey and visit/WOD with her :)

The day ended with...

Stolen from CrossFit Games North East Regionals Facebook.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!