Thursday, May 19, 2011

...It's a birthday gift...

Wow - again - sorry on the slack - had someone mention to me that my blog sucks since I never update it! My bad :)

Philly is good! Still loving my job but unfortunatly stuck between a rock and a hard place. They money is bad...and with my masters degree I should be making a ton more so I am looking for other options, but working in Jersey/Philly is like trying to win the lottery. OMS/SI has offered my position back to me next year, but as of right now I am just playing it by ear.

Students Run Philly Style (SRPS) is going great! Made cuts last week so now its down to the kids that really want to be there and can somewhat push themselves. As for my running, I've been doing great! Back up to 6 miles and having no achilles issues. We did this hop things at practice on Tuesday with the kids - flamingo hops - totally killed my achilles. It has honestly not hurt this bad since last May/June =(

Birthday this year was good - very weird to not have my normal crew that gets together, but 12.5 hours is hard, and I totally understand. Lauren from undergrad lives in Philly so she came out and that was great!! The girl I met on the MS ride last year came - her name is Ro and I LOVE her!! Her and I have become pretty close and it's so nice to have someone who is in to the training and crazy triathlon/marathon lifestyle with me! Another new face in the pic is Ms. Fanning. She teaches 8th grade at OMS/SI and is quickly becoming a long time friend!! Also has some of my Jersey loves - Ash & Kyle of course, Butrica, Alicia, Bobby and Danielle - here are some pics --

Was a good birthday!! Little bit of drama - caused some major issues for Butrica & I, but it is what it is! At this point in my life, I can't do it anymore. I won't fight for people and I won't be shitted on. We all know if I wanted to be shitted on I would just call a certain person ;)

Let's see - Mom & Dad are both doing great! I think it is good for them this whole divorce thing. I feel like it is still not real to me, but I haven't seen any of them since March. That visit was hard - going to Mom's apt and then the house. And stuff at the house was just not the same. I cried. A lot. Dad and I went to lunch and I cried a lot more. But I know it is for the best, but still hard. And as much as I hate being alone, it pains me to think my parents are alone, even though neither one of them mind.

I miss my FFKnoxville family - I miss having people to run/bike/swim with any time. I miss the family of FFK group! Jersey is great - I do love it, and I know it will get better. I think it can be a little hard when you go from having such a HUGE and AMAZING support system around you. But my Jersey loves know - I'd be lost without them - drama and all haha <3