Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Row Row Row Your Rower?

Helloooooo :) Happy Tuesday friends! I have to tell you -- I am trying not to stress my to-do list, but it is INSANE right now.  For some reason I just can't seem to get stuff done.  Anywho -- onto more important things like CrossFit, my Paleo Challenge, marathon training and 100K row challenge!
First up - CrossFit - ya'll have already seen my post from Sunday on our Showdown to Save the Shore! What a fun time - Monday I woke up a little sore but not to bad. I didn't get to CrossFit before school so I planned on going after.  We had a half day then parent-teacher conferences.  They went well - I am super thankful to love what I do so much!! After conferences I headed for CrossFit - thrusters for strength and then a metcon of 10-1 thrusters and burpees.  I went in thinking it wouldn't be that bad - built up to 100# for thrusters (sets of 3).  I tried for 105# but could only get 2 times (and did that twice damn third one). Rx for the metcon was 50% of your max or 65# -- well 50% would have been 50# but I went with 55.  HOLY SHOULDERS ON FIRE!!!! After 6, I was literally in tears my shoulders were so sore! I was getting nervous I wouldn't be able to finish the metcon, but thanks to my awesome crew and their encouragement, I did.  Then I sat on the floor then moved myself to a chair for a good 10-15 minutes haha. Just trying to raise my hands to wipe my face hurt. Right after class was the gymnastics class.  I LOVE gymnastics class, even though I can't do most of it yet, I have so much fun just trying things.  Jordana last night gave us a a core metcon so we all know that is what I need the most!
Paleo Challenge - well we are officially 30 days away from Christmas.  Some of the crew from CrossFit Aspire and I got to talking and we are embarking on a 30 day Paleo Challenge before the holiday. Gives us a little time to clean things up after Thanksgiving and just life in general. However, I think most of us are not going SUPER strict and giving up alcohol.  It is the holiday season with lots of Cider and holiday parties to be had :)
Update on my Marathon training -- it's not being going so well; however, I have decided that with 7 weeks out - I will run 12, 14, 16, 18. 20. 12. then RACE DAY :) So hopefully I should be good to go!! I'm thinking this may be my LAST marathon and I'll just stick to halfs after this!
Last - my friend  Karli -- who blogs here...shes awesome - check her out -- anyways she kept tweeting about this 100K holiday challenge.  So I asked her what it was all about -- here is her post about it -- the jist is I have till Christmas Eve to get 100K -- currently I am at 2,500 LONG ways to go :)
What are you holiday challenges?
Bonus -- I'm being an Elf for Health challenge through The Lean Green Been -- check it out and join me!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Showdown To Save The Shore

It's here!! Showdown to Save the Shore was today!! My box put on this event and I am SUPER stoked how much of a turn out they have. I had SUCH a good time with my Aspire friends! I really do love my box and all the people I have met from there. Above are some shots as people were getting there and getting signed in. Our WOD was 8 minutes -- 300m sprint row followed by AMRAP 5 pull-ups, 5 ring dips and 10 burpees.  I got to stay on my grey bands and a red band for the ring dips.

After we finished our WOD, we had skill stations to work -- clearly I still have a TON of skill stuff to work on -- 5 stations - as many wallballs in 3 minutes BUT they had to be unbroken and you had to hit the mark (we have stickers on our wall), L-sit on the rings, as many rope climbs in 3 minutes, as many unbroken muscle ups as possible and handstand holds! I got a minute on the handstand hold.  I could have held longer, but for every minute you did you have to do a handstand push-up and I don't have those yet. haha! Leah (in the black) got her first kick up handstand and held for 30 seconds. Jordana (who is also my gymnastics coach and the reason I could hold it for a minute) held it for I think somewhere around 5 minutes.  She's awesome!!

Also, Leah got her L-sit on the rings.  She kept saying that she couldn't do it.  But she totally did.  I have it on video too! Somehow I will figure how to get it up here!
In total, this event raised $2,000 for the Red Cross for Sandy Relief! AWESOME!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday with Vitacost - 15% off

Hey y'all!
Hope everyone is enjoy their morning! I wanted to pass along some awesome information from Vitacost. I was very lucky when a fellow Sweat Pink lady offered us an opportunity to work with Vitacost so I had to check it out.
Here is a little bit of information from them--
With Vitacost.com, you don't have to choose between stores that sell products you don't really want at super-low prices, and stores that sell the better health and wellness products you want at crazy-high prices. We offer over 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet foods and healthy living essentials-the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods and sports nutrition-at discount prices, up to 50% off. And we'll deliver them right to your door for FREE if your order totals $49 or more. Otherwise, shipping is just a small, flat-rate fee of $4.99, no matter how big the box.

Now they are having an awesome deal today through cyber Monday. You can get fabulous products at a great discount on already fantastic prices!! Coconut oils, supplements, vitamins just to name a few. They also have beauty products, pet goodies and more.  Go HERE to check them out!!

The sale starts Saturday morning and ends Monday night - 15% off everything 

Start Date: 11/24/2012 Time: 9:00AM EST

End Date: 11/26/2012 Time: 11:59 PM EST

Check them out :)



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hot To Trot :)

After years, I was finally able to run the Hot To Trot 5K/10K in Knoxville put on by my old store - Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville. I talked SIL into running it with me. Mind you she really hasn't been running since Princess was born, but I told her she could do it even if we walked. Well, she ran pretty much the whole thing. She walked the water stop and one other time!! I'm super proud of her. She also said she try the 10K next year and that it was a great way to start the holiday. Nice to have another family member run with me!! I rocked my awesome super bright ViZiPRO pink Saucony long sleeved top. It is one of my favorite tops for this time of year!! The picture on the left are our awesome shirts! Long sleeved New Balance technical shirts. I love the color (obviously) and the design this year. 

It was also amazing to see so many of my old FFK crew. One side it's hard because I'm not a part of but awesome to see them all doing so well. BFFAW & Leah are thinking of doing a half ironman next fall.....Augusta.  That's on my bucket list, but two things come to mind - could I move back to Knoxville for the summer to train and can I afford it?!? If I could swing coming home that way I could train with Shahin and of course BFFAW & Leah if they'd have me.  Lots to think about....still working on my race schedule for next year - I wish I was super amazing and had sponsors to help pay for them all haha :)

I will leave you with this - Wednesday when we got in I meet Carlos (old FFK training buddy) at the local box here - built up to a new one rep max PR -- 110#!!!! And pretty sure I ran some of my fastest 200m sprints during the partner portion haha. And lastly - doesn't Princess make the cutest baby elephant :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Thoughts and Obsession of CEP Compression

Just to get this out of the way - these thoughts are my own. This is NOT a sponsored post...this is me sharing with you my obsession and love of CEP Compression products.
So...let's start with the fact that most of you know that I partially tore my achilles about 2 years ago.  It's not a full tear and doctors really can't do anything for it.  Now mind you, I have had some doctors tell me to just give up running...YEA, like that would EVER happen.  My achilles is hit or miss -- here lately it's been mostly hit.  No pain, tweaks, ability not to walk, etc.  The last BIG flare up was back in August the week before Austin's birthday.  I contribute a lot of the lack of misses to my amazing running compression socks and the fabulous RxOrtho Achilles Brace
A little from their website -- WHY COMPRESSION? Every muscle cell needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the arteries, the better the muscles are supplied – and precisely this supply can be positively influenced by compression.  But, not all types of compression are the same.Working at Fleet Feet Sports helps me to hear about products before a lot of people do.  I am blessed to get to work with (and have worked with) some of the best sales and tech reps across the nation.  My CEP rep is no different.  After doing a presentation for some of our newer employees and introducing the new achilles brace, I asked her if I could just try it on.  I wanted to see how it felt and I was just coming off a long run and it was acting up a little bit (unfortunately my new normal).  Right away I could feel the support.  There is a bubble like piece that wraps on the achilles and puts a slight pressure on.  It immediately helped relieve the pressure.  The first couple days I lived in it.  Now, I more use it on the days my achilles is sore and acting up to give it a little more circulation and support. If you have any type of achilles issue, I would highly recommend you check out this product.

Some information from their site -- FEATURES






 Now my SOCKS :)The last thing I want to share is about CEP Compression running socks.  I currently own 3 pairs and want to order a couple more.  I use them for running and CrossFit. My legs always feel more fresh.  I feel as though the improved circulation really help my performance. I currently have the pink, green and black progressive one.  I really want the red and white progressive!  

That's all -- some people have been asking my opinion on them so here you go :)

Have a good day!!

This blog is based on my personal thoughts, I received no sponsorship or compensation for blog post:)



Monday, November 19, 2012

Plans for First Solo Comp

So today I made a big decision - at least a BIG decision in my world. I'm going with CrossFit Aspire to the Garage Games - Main Street Pride competition at CrossFit ASC in Freehold, NJ. It will be my first solo competition and obviously I can't do it Rx yet (key word is yet...but lack of a core just to start why not yet haha). Here's what we are looking at....

Yes, I need to work on push-ups, DU & damn shoot thrus. But still, weight wise - I feel good. The last month, I've gone to unlimited at the box and added gymnastics. Starting in Dec. I am hoping to add Olympic lifting on Thursdays. I have 10 weeks till this (8 till my marathon...update on that tomorrow) , I've got this!! Lots of skill and strength to work on -- pistols, core, push-ups, handstands, etc. If you have any recommendations or what you do -- feel free to share :)

That's all for now!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rest Day...What's that?!?

This quote seems to fit my life right now - with all the challenges in my job, sometimes I just have to remember that there is always tomorrow! I've been going pretty hard lately at the box and between that and just general life, I've been WIPED out!!  The other day, I sat down and looked at my training schedule (CrossFit & running) for the past few weeks....I had only taken one rest day out of 21 days and it was my NYC day! The lightbulb went off! So this is why I've been feeling a little crummy and run-down!

This past Sunday, after NYC I still went to the box. Monday - I literally could NOT get up that morning to meet Jill. My body was struggling so I made the note and put myself back in bed for an hour before I had to get up for school. Is it sad that the whole day I was bummed that I missed CF that morning. I felt like I skipped for no reason. With my schedule that day I couldn't get there in the evening for a normal class, but I got to catch the gymnastics class (which is really becoming one of my fav nights of the week)! Tuesday I meet Jill for our am class before heading to work, then off for speed work with Jen. (Total side note : Jen and I help a 9:30 pace for 3 quarters! With a little over a mile on either side of it!! AWESOME! We are getting faster!!!!) My leg was bugging me that morning - not my achilles (THANK GOODNESS) but my shin on the right leg.  By Tuesday am, I was really sore on my shin.  I decided that on Wednesday I was not going to do ANYTHING. A completely day off from CF & running. I rolled out my legs and lived in my amazing CEP compression socks (review coming soon). The concept of a full rest day was amazing! I have to let go of the thought that I am a bum if I take a day off! I'm pretty good at listening to my body, but maybe I need to force my body to just relax one day a week (can't promise this will happen, but I'll do my best!). I need a yoga studio to help with this! :)

Now, Thursday morning for CrossFit followed by my 3 miles in the evening felt SO much better!! I really noticed a difference.  My shin is bugging me again today, but I think with some more compression, ice & rolling therapy that it will be fine! I have a busy next two months with the Disney World Marathon on the end of those weeks!! Now is the time to really pick-up my training but also keep myself injury free and burnt-out free :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wicked New York City

This weekend was busy busy - I had Chels' wedding Friday with Tapp - it was a good time. She looked AMAZING!! I was told I cleaned up well :)  They were running out of time so she didn't toss her bouquet but gave it to me! It's beautiful and I LOVE having flowers in the apt so its a bonus!

Saturday was the day for NYC!! SIL couldn't make it do to her new job, so Dollface came along! We had an amazing time!! We drove right into the city - I thought it was going to be bad, but it was SUPER easy!! We had lunch right away at Ellen's Stardust diner.  It was a interesting place - the servers are all aspiring actors and sing and dance while you eat! After lunch we walked to Top of the Rock - it was expensive, but the views were amazing! We lucked out - the weather wasn't too cold, cloudy, but not cold. It amazes me that people use to hang out up there on the beams.  SCARY.

After that we headed over to the theater to see WICKED!! HOLY SMOKES -- it was FANTASTIC!!!! I really didn't know what to expect, but I instantly LOVED it! After the show - we walked to Times Square just to see it, then went to Rosie O'Grady's for dinner. We started with margaritas while we waited on our reservations.  They were the best margarita I've had in a LONG time!! We started with shrimp cocktail - absolutely fabulous! Then I had a mouth watering 8oz. fillet - holy cow - it melted in my mouth. I had a non-paleo full loaded baked potato. Ended this fabulous meal with New York cheesecake.  I was full to the point I hurt, but it was SO worth it!!

All in all it was a great time.  HUGE THANKS to my mother for allowing me this trip as it was all thanks to her!!

Next NYC trip I want to workout at the Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave - who wants to go?!? :)



Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was Hungry for 29 Years - Another Friend's Paleo View

Ok - this post comes from my CrossFit BFF Jilly! I love her and am beyond thankful for having her in my life! We work really well together and are great at pushing each other...funny how people think we are sisters or have known each other for ever. That's pretty fantastic - I asked her to write about her view on Paleo...so here you go :)

First off, Melissa is a total badass. She makes me do pull-ups AFTER CrossFit workouts and is the most positive person I’ve met in a long time. She asked me to write a “guest post” about my Paleo experience. Please don’t stop reading her blog if I use too many dirty words.

Special K, fat free yogurt, skim milk, brown rice. Until late last year, my pantry was a landmine of insulin-spiking foods. Today my fridge is brimming with spaghetti squash, egg foo young, Kerry Gold butter, breakfast casserole, roasted beets, and 43 35 pounds grassfed beef. Moo y’all.
So how’d that happen? While visiting friends I heard about this really cool gym that offered lung-busting workouts in a fun atmosphere. Enter CrossFit Aspire. I snapped up a Living Social deal for a few workouts and was hooked. One day I accidentally showed up for a nutrition seminar and learned Paleo 101.

But wait, I’m supposed to eat steak? And butter? I thought, “What the hell, I’ve tried all sorts of wacky things. At least I can eat bacon.” After a week, I wondered aloud if eating Paleo raises your body temperature because while I used to be constantly freezing cold – with my fingernails turning blue – I was now comfortable. Apparently that means my blood sugar had leveled off to a normal amount. Who knew?

Beyond not being cold (which is so amazing I could talk about it for hours), Paleo means I’m not hungry all the time. I’m eating foods that fill me up and are good for me. Before Paleo I posted a status on Facebook that said, “I am hungry every moment of everyday ever.” I remember it because I had about 50 likes and comments in 10 minutes. I was not alone. Now I want to find all those people and feed them shredded pork carnitas and avocado slaw.

My energy level, gut and strength has never been better. I can do things – like back squat 165 3x5, boo ya – that I never dreamed about before. And my stomach doesn’t rumble with hunger or distress.

I should also mention Paleo + CrossFit has helped me lose a decent amount of body fat and drop a couple clothing sizes. If I were braver I’d show you the photos – don’t try to convince me, it’s not happening. Haven’t lost any weight though (sorry people). In fact, I think I’ve gained 10 pounds over the last year. But I honestly don’t care. I’m focused on getting an unassisted pull-ups. And I’m going to do a wicked stupid happy dance when I do.
(FYI - She got that unassisted pull-up this past Saturday - insert her stupid happy dance - and my extreme happiness for her - hard work totally pays off!! KUDOS to my Jilly!! )

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hanging with the BIG Kids - Thankful for CrossFit Aspire

Ok...so I have not been nervous about going to CrossFit since my first week.  The first week I was super nervous - I didn't know if I could do it, if I'd embaress myself, etc. Obviously as we all know by now - CrossFit is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!! Not just physcially, but emotionally and socially.  And my whole outlook on life & diet has changed! I am SOOOOOO beyond THANKFUL for Aspire, Justin & Alycia, Jill, Francine, Nilda, Sharon, Ali, and everyone else I've become friends with. I honestly can't imagine my life without Aspire & CrossFit.

Alycia gave me permission to try a Olympic Lifting Class - now I was suppose to try it the week of the awesome hospital trip which couldn't happen, then I was on bed rest the next two weeks. Which now brings us to last night.  I went to have sushi with Dollface first.  On my way to the box - my stomach was doing flips.  I honestly haven't been that nervous in a very long time. When I got there, Alycia was the by the door talking to the new coach - blanking on his name right now - sorry.  I explained to her how nervous I was and she said I'd be fine.  The class was awesome.  It was nice to really work on the form - not really the strength.  We worked on jerks, cleans then clean & jerks. haha! I got up to 85# so I was happy with that.  It wasn't super heavy, but heavy enough to push myself. I caught myself in the chin at 65# so I added some weight so it didn't fly up so quick.

So for my Month of Thanks - I've missed the 7, 8 & today - so for these last three days - I am thankful for CrossFit Aspire.  All three days! Because my life has changed for the better and I honestly can't thank them enough for believing in me.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6 - Community Love

Today has shown me how much I love my running and CrossFit communities. As we all know now - Hurricane Sandy has slammed the coast of New Jersey and New York.  There are a lot of ways for both the running and CrossFit community to help -- here are two I am doing...

First --> One of my favorite bloggers over at www.justkeepsweating.com is putting together a virtual race.  Her name is Carlyn and she is one of those who Sandy rocked her normal world.  Here is the information -- if you live by me, I am putting together a night for all of us to do the run together - next Thursday, Novemeber 15th - a 5K run or 1 mile walk from my Fleet Feet here in NJ.  You can get more information here but here is the main part --

1 .SIGN UP: Racing for Relief
2. Donate (Please note there is a $10 minimum) this counts as your entry fee
3. Download and print your Racing for Relief bib to wear while you run - if you come next Thursday the 15th I'll have one for you!
4. Spread the word and get everyone you know involved.The more runners we have, the more money we raise.
Anytime before December 1st.
6. Post your times here
[Please do this before December 1st]
You can run on a treadmill or outside.
With a group or by yourself.
Not a runner?
It wouldn't be a race without a shirt right?
Long and short sleeved shirts for men and women that will be available until November 30th.
You can purchase them here
All monatary proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.
Here is the info --  Its a friendly fundraiser competition hosted by CrossFit Aspire and Cherry Hill Gymnastics to help raise money for Sandy relief efforts.  The event will begin with multiple heats of a fun, all-levels workout. All area CrossFit athletes and gymnasts are invited to participate. The event will continue onto a 'Best of the Best' workout in which the top CrossFit athletes and gymnasts will go head to head for title of Best Local Athlete.
Registration -

IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE November 16th: Click on the free ticket and go HERE to donate $20 and get a FREE cool T shirt. Be sure to write "Pick up at CF Aspire" in the comment section when you order.
IF YOU REGISTER AFTER November 16th, or if you don't want the T shirt, you can make your donation above.

Spectators (family, friends, athletes) are welcome. No ticket purchase is necessary to spectate, but donations at the door are highly suggested. All donations will go to the Red Cross to aid in their relief efforts.

Let me know if you have any questions or know of any other awesome events!!
Hope to see you at one or both :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Month of Thanks - Day 5 - My girls :)

Day 5 - I am beyond thankful for my girls! Yes, I am one of those - I LOVE my girls.  Scarlet (the all black one) is my baby! Named after Ohio State - Scarlet Tressel. (I want a Pitbull boy named Brutus Meyer too haha). L.D., Little Dog (she's little haha), (my Boston) is my newer one.  They are both rescues.  Scarlet was thrown into a pitbull pit and left for dead, thankfully my friend's Pit is one of the best ever.  L.D. was found wondering down a road back home in TN.  After signs and looking around - nobody claimed her.  My mom's coworker gave her to us.  She has definitely had a hard life.  After lots of surgery and time, she is good.  A very happy dog - super quirky but good! They play very well together and I am thankful for the companionship and love.  Plus, Scarlet is the best running partner ever!! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Month of Thanks - Day 4 - Running& Finding My Groove :)

So, this weekend seemed CRAZY busy to me. I didn't head into it thinking it would be busy at all!  Friday was pretty simple - School & Fleet Feet Sports.  After FF, I headed over to one of the girls from the boxes house for a Girls Night. It was really awesome to hang out with the girls - I got to know them better and we really had a good time.  Lots of wine consumed and tried by all.  Also tried Ali's pomegranate raspberry beer - pretty good stuff! And someone else brought this chocolate shot called "Chocolate Therapy" - that could be dangerous!

Saturday started with our last "In the Dark" Wod as power is officially back at Aspire!! YAY!!! After coming home and getting ready, I headed into Fleet Feet till 2. I can honestly say I LOVE the chance to talk to runners - doesn't matter if they are new, old, 5min milers or run/walkers - I LOVE our community and how much we all just do it for the LOVE of running!

After FF, my mother had driven up and we headed out to the Philadelphia Expo Center (which wasn't in Philly ha) for a craft fair. It was a pretty cool fair - in the picture to the right are my collections (minus some chocolate/mint covered pretzels that I already ate them all haha). The pictures on the left side are taken by a photographer named John Chumack - check out his stuff here! I feel in love with the heart - hello Love is my last name - it is the Heart Nebula Complex! He does all his own work.  He gave me the second piece for my classroom FOR FREE! How awesome is he?!?! It is slightly bent and he said he couldn't sell it, so he let me have it. One the right are some hand scrubs from Pretty Baby Naturals. CrossFit does some beautiful work to my hands - hopefully this helps :)

Once I got home, I let the girls be out for a few and then I headed over to Wifey's family Beef & Beer in honor of her brother who passed away.  They have it every year and the proceeds go to local children for educational scholarships and other awesome charitable events!  In the pic is Wifey, Kels, Dollface & me - we had a good time and it was good to see the girls.  My three blonds and me- after we took it Dollface says "it looks like we photo shopped you in Melis" haha! I didn't stay super long, but I definitely wanted to support my Parisi family!

This morning I woke up and FROZE myself by running the Bridge Run.  I'm not going to lie, I was very excited to do this.  I thought it would be cool to be able to run over and back on the Ben Franklin Bridge, and it was! The view at the top was BEAUTIFUL!!! I wanted to set a PR and I did.  I got 1:15.  My fastest ever (and actually training) was a 1:19 - I was in good running shape then so can't wait to see what happens not that I am cleared to train at 100% again!! To the left is the crew - they have become my NJ running crew, and I love them!! We have a good time!

To the right is my girlfriend Heather.  Her and her fiance were suppose to run - Mike did, but Heather is sick so just came to support.  THANKFULLY she did, because I forgot my shoes - who goes to a 10K and forgets their runners you may ask?!?! THIS GIRL!! I tried not to freak out - but thankfully Heather had on her adrenalines from Brooks so even though they were a size big, they were better then my Kinvara (my speed shoe NOT my distance shoe). Under is a view on the top - way better in person :)

After the run, I stopped by Aspire - I was originally planning on working on some cleans, but my legs were more tired then I thought (I also didn't think I'd make my time) so I worked on some pull ups! Jill was there so we planned to grocery shop after I changed and such - which actually turned into a trip to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Bath & Body Works (check out my awesome new candle below - smells AMAZABALLS) and Vicki's! Jill's hubby is going to love me :) I also had some coffee - still learning - tried heavy cream (Paleo friendly as it gets), stevia and cinnamon via a twitter friend's suggestion -- it was delicious and helped me warm up!!

All of that to bring me to this - day 4 - I am thankful for running and the community I have found in it! Between my Fleet Feet Knoxville and Fleet Feet Marlton crews to the twitter #runchat convos to random twitter friends who also run! I LOVE my running community and how awesome and supportive we are!! I am thankful I have found running, and am slowly getting my running grove back :)

How was your weekend?
How did you #SweatPink this weekend?


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Month of Thanks - Day 3 - My Family!

I am thankful for my family - my mother, father, brother, sister-in-law (aka SIL) and my babies - my Tank & Princess O!! The last year has been a lot for us, but I think we are all better for it!! They are my everything - my biggest fans, my biggest critics and my best friends! I am so thankful for the unwavering support (even if they don't always support my decision) and love!