Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drop In & Fitness Recap

Hello loves! Happy Sunday! How are y'all doing? I am back in the Dirty Jerz.  Got back on Tuesday night.  Decided to come back Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that I had a day to get situated and settled before I started back to school stuff. I tell you what thought I miss those kiddos major.  I think Scarlet misses Tank's bean bag chair haha.
I did get to have a good last night out with my SIL.  We went to Smokey Mountain Brewery which is local back home in East Tennessee. She had never been so we did the testers and both had a pint after. They make all their own micros so everything is different.  It's pretty good.
Ok so some people asked me about how I always drop into CrossFit boxes whereever I am.  I thought I'd just post what I have found.  The biggest thing you need to do is look into what boxes are around the area you are traveling to.  I know whenever I go home to Tennessee, I ALWAYS drop into CrossFit Knoxville.  There are other options, but those guys are the best in my opinion.  When I go to other place - Philly, Maryland, Cali, Florida, etc. - I like to try different boxes.  I google the area and CrossFit.  I try and pick from there.  I typically reach out via email to the owners and ask about their policy.  Most boxes are totally cool with people from other boxes dropping in.  Some will charge you a fee per visit, some will give you a deal if you're there more frequently or some will just ask you to bring a shirt from you home box. It's super easy and if you're wanting to get your WOD on while you're traveling, you can totally do it. I promise it is fun! Meet new people, get a different style WOD then you're use too and learn something new.  I always do when I drop in places!

Fitness Recap
Monday: CrossFit at CrossFit Knoxville - Deadlifts - then metcon of power cleans and KB swings
Tuesday: Rest Day - Drove 13 hours home to Jerz
Wednesday: CrossFit - Back Squat 2x10 @ 145, touch-and-go Power Snatch 2x3 at 65 then went into OLY class (now Aspire Lifting Club) and I PR'ed everything this week - Power Snatched 1x2 @ 90, Power Clean & Jerk 1x1 @ 120, OHS 1x3 @ 95! It was a great day!
Thursday: Ran - I forgot to start GPS so think about 1.5-2 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: CrossFit - my first Saturday back since ankle to competition class - started with Clean & Jerk getting heavy - hit 115 - then do 80% of that as many as possible in 2 mins.  Then metcon - 3 rounds 400m run + 12 deadlifts (145) + 21 box jumps (first two rounds did 12 step-ups/9 jumps, last round all jumps). Then a partner WOD - I partnered with Jamie - while one person is doing lunges with a 70# axel bar in front rack position the other is AMRAP 10 pistols/10 ring dips.  Each partner did 3 rounds of lunges.  It was an ASStastic day!
Sunday: Run Club - 1 mile + 10...9...8..7..1 burpees/sit-ups + 1 mile.  Felt good.  Then Alycia taught me how to flip a tire....

First the baby tire....

Then the medium tire (we have a bigger one but I can't do it yet haha)...

Overall it has been a great week back! I love Jersey.  I miss my family, but honestly love this place more and more every day.  Def think the new apartment and my amazing CrossFit family helps with that!
How was your weekend??

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of LIFE

Hello loves! How y'all doing? Fabulous here! Still home in Tennessee and loving it. Seriously, I love coming home.  I know I don't want to live here right now, maybe one day; however, I LOVE coming to visit! That little Princess right there and  that handsome Tank make life so awesome! I am blessed to be able to come home and share moments like Tank's 9th birthday with him and the family.
Plus its always nice to catch up with old friends.  For instance - on the right is my KellieShea.  Her and I talk pretty frequently while I'm in Jersey, not every day but enough. I go to her for everything! On the left is my Travis - I don't talk to him at all when I'm gone, but when we catch up, it's like nothing even skips a beat.  I love it. It seems no matter where I have been in my life, I am also extremely blessed to have such amazing friends around me!
Tank's birthday was awesome.  He seemed to really enjoy himself. He's huge into WWE, so that was the theme.  It was just family. He's doing the movies with friends another weekend.  We played place the patch on Cena's wrist - Tank said it was his Uncle and my future hubby - YES, PLEASE ;) I wish I could date Cena or The Rock haha! Broski, Tank and I went to Splash Country Saturday just us three - it was awesome!
Last night I went out with some HS friends and DJ Nyce One. Christa is on the right in the green - her and I have been friends for about 15 years.  We have had some ups and downs and I wouldn't trade it! She is currently expecting a sweet little baby and I can't wait! In the yellow is my BiaBia - her and I have had MANY adventures and I love we still keep up. We are going on about 7 years.
Courtney is in the dress on the left - she is actually Christa's little sister - and my pseudo little sister haha. I love her! On the right is my Nyce One.  He's the best! I actually (FINALLY) saw Iron Man 3 today with him.  Holy AMAZING!!!
Today consisted of playing with my babies this morning - Princess is falling more in love with my girls! Today she actually sat with LD and pet her and Scarlet.  It was super cute! I also went by Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville and got fit for some new shoes.  My ankle is doing great and I am ready to get back to it. I got to see my Whooty and it was fabulous.  We both got new shoes and to catch up!
Workout wise I've been semi slacking with the week.  I did my first ever WOD with rope climbs this week at CrossFit Knoxville. It was awesome. I couldn't believe I did it. Have a huge bruise on my leg, but it makes me feel pretty bad ass!

Fitness Recap
  - WODed with Jenn in Philly
Monday - CrossFit - Got my 95# Snatch I told y'all about - plus some hang clean & jerk work
Tuesday - CrossFit - squatted and just focused on form. 
Wednesday -  Drove all day
Thursday - rest
Friday - CrossFit - dropped into CrossFit Knoxville and did the rope WOD
Saturday - active rest - played and walked all over Splash Country with the boys
Sunday -  RUN in my new shoes :)
Looking forward to tonight and my last day here tomorrow.  Back to semi normal training schedule and school this next week, then off to CALIFORNIA for the DumboDoubleDare next week!! I'm super stoked because Mama is coming too. She has NEVER been to any of my races or CrossFit things so this is a big to me.  Too bad I'm not really running - more just trying to survive. haha
How was your weekend?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

CrossFit Crew + 2 Ladies Night + Summer Legends

Hello LOVES! How y'all doing today? I am in TENNESSEE....don't be jealous...actually be very jealous.  I have to tell you, I have been in a funk lately.  Not my normal outgoing self.  I've been very judgmental towards people I wouldn't normal be judgmental too. I've been a bit of a bitch too. Clearly need to work on that. I'm homesick.  The spring/summer is the hardest for me. Throughout the fall/winter I get to see my family a TON- Tank and Princess's birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Spring/summer I don't really get to get down.  I sat down with a really good friend lately and talked about life....and I think he had a point...I'm starting to get nervous about Jerz.  Jersey is now becoming the 2nd longest place I've ever lived besides Tennessee.  I never thought that I'd be in Jersey more then a year or two.  Here I am going into my fourth year. It will tie Ohio this year.  I never thought anywhere would tie Ohio or Tennessee.  My love for those two places is monumental; however, Jersey is very much so close to my heart.
I think the biggest change to how I feel towards Jersey is my box, CrossFit Aspire. I know, people get sick of hearing CrossFitters talk about how much they love the box, our WODs (workout of the day) and apparently we have all drank Kool-Aid, but seriously, screw that. I LOVE my box. These people have started as complete strangers, and yes, I only know them from the box; however, these people have become some of my best friends. These girls love me regardless of my shenanigans. They know who they are! I'm not sure I can ever thank them for everything they have done for me! There are lots of people at my gym I am friends with, but obviously with how life works, I seem to get closer with certain people.  I had an impromptu ladies night this past Monday and I needed it. I don't think those girls knew how much I needed it - HUGE thanks to AC, Rachel, Nilda, Allie, and Teralyn. Love you ladies! AC - I'm glad we started that plan during out workout! ;)

Had some AWESOME WODs Monday and Tuesday -
Monday - I PRed my snatch - FINALLY hit 95# and think I could have gone up, but I didn't.
Tuesday night I went to the Legends of the Summer Tour.  HOLY SHIT - please excuse the language - but HOLY SHIT. Let's discuss that if you know me, you know my obsession with Jay Z is HIGH! I love him.  He was PHENOMINAL!!! Of course I knew everything he did - and totally made friends with the guy next to me over it haha!
JT - yea, I get all the hype over him by the girls now.  He's HOT.  I went with my cousin Ashley, T and GF. We had an awesome time.  Seriously - it was the perfect end to my Jerz summer break. I need more nights like that!
I definitely paid for it yesterday when attempting to drive the 12.5-13 hours home.  I was exhausted, but I would do it again tomorrow. 
On my way home I stopped in Maryland to see the Boo thing and her girls! Her hubs was at work, so didn't get to see my Danni, but It was a much need little pick me up on the drive. Gummy & Ellie are getting SO big, and I honestly feel like it's been forever since I had seen them.  Boo needs to get to Jersey for another girls weekend.  She came to see me for my birthday and we need another weekend! The drive - seemed to take forever- was a really nice mental break. 
 I forgot how much I love that drive.  It's long, but I get a lot done mentally on that trip.  Windows down the WHOLE way.  I miss that. I miss the mountains and the green. Had the girls too! Scarlet loves the car - and she loves rest right next to me. haha

The Princess and Tank were still up when I got here so that was awesome.  I was scared I wouldn't get to see them. I don't get enough time with them so I try and suck in whatever time I get. 
Everyone is at work and school today - I'm spending my day with KellieShea - going to Fleet Feet Knoxville to get fit for new shoes.  Want to make sure I'm coming back in the right shoes from the broken ankle.  Plus the Dumbo Double Dare is getting UBER close and I am so not ready.  At least I'll have the right shoes for the race.  Then we will putz around - I miss my Knoxville friends - excited for this week!

Happy Thursday Loves!

Are you running DDD? Do you have a costume?


Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Update

Hello Loves!! How ya'll doing? Things here are good.  Today I am enjoying my first day off since school ended.  Camp ended last Friday and I'm super excited. The last week of camp was awesome.
Pie eating contest, walk the plank, lots of fun snacks the kid make (rice crispie bars, ice cream sundae bar, peanut butter balls, etc.) and lots more.  It was great.  I'm going to miss my camp kiddos.  KW and I had a great summer. We had a great summer and we have been asked back for next summer already. KW and I are already thinking of what we want to do different next summer and crafts/games we want to do.  It was very different from my school like, so it was a nice change of pace.  I'm lucky to have two jobs that I really love. Check out working on my handstands with the kids...
Speaking of school - today is the first day of school back home in Tennessee.  My Tank started 4th grade today and he is SO handsome! So proud of this boy - he's amazing! So smart, kind and sweet! Love being his Aunt. I head down there this Wednesday and his BIRTHDAY is this Friday! I'm taking him to Splash Country this weekend to celebrate! Just a day for me, him and Broski! We don't ever get to hang out us three so I'm super stoked.  Wish my SIL didn't have to work so she could come too!! I can't wait to see them.  The spring/summer is the hardest time because I go so long without them.  I get spoiled in the fall/winter because I go home every month from now till January. Skype is a HUGE savor for me.
What new apartment is AMAZING! I am honestly SO thankful for my Mama who is helping me get things together. The type of people in my new complex are awesome! I love the pool and gym.  Peanut spent the night with me this past Friday.  I love that little girl! She is growing up SO fast, but we have so much fun.  I told my cousin Ashley, Peanut's mom, they should do date night once a month so I can keep her. haha Selfish I know!

Fun weekend of hanging out with friends.  Today is my work buddy, lunch date, other middle math brain Nicolella. It was a good night.  I stopped and saw some of the Jerz Originals and ended up taking Dan & Ush with me to Philly with me. It was a great night and much needed!

Lets talk Fitness Recap: no major PRs except my snatch

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: CrossFit - push press - was bugging my leg so only did strength.

Wednesday: CrossFit - we worked on my back squat position.  Keeping my knees back and out.  I go down to fast and kind of bounce at the bottom and rock forward.  Alycia lifted with me and I did 2x5 @145# slow and steady down.  I'm going to try and add that into my workouts weekly - heavy slow sets and just focus on form. We also did a complex Power Snatch+OHS+Snatch and I got 90#

Thursday: I went to visit Jordanna at CrossFit 1Force - that box is AMAZING! It was great to see her and get to workout with her.  She is my old CrossFit gymnastics coach.  I wish I could train with her once every week.  Lots of T2B work (and I got to show her in person I could do it) and Muscle Up progressions - even for me!

Friday: Rest day - last day of camp so took the day off

Saturday: Peanut was still knocked out so took another rest day!

Sunday: I went to Philly with my girl Jenn to her dude's box and WODed.  BRUTAL workout.  I'm really enjoying seeing other people's programming.  10 rounds: 10thrusters 65#/10 hand release pushups.  then 3x8 weighted good mornings/3x20 GHDs and last 3x500m row 1:1 rest. We are going to try and do that monthly or so - drop in on Sundays there.  We needed that.  Plus it was super cute to see her & Donnie together.  We stayed after and he worked with her on butterfly pullups.  I want that...I want someone I can WOD with.  Not so much have to WOD together, but gets it or can help me with stuff.  Super cute!

K - that's all for today! Fun annoucement tomorrow!

Off to WOD then work on the apartment some more!

Happy Monday loves!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August!

Hey loves! I'm sorry. This summer seems to be getting away from me faster every day. The good news is I'm totally loving and enjoying life beyond measure right now. Make sure you follow me on twitter and Instagram if you want daily things! Let's see - obviously let's talk CrossFit and Dumbo Double Dare prep first --
Last Week's WODs & runs (or lack of)
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - CrossFit - PRed my Push Jerk for 2. I got up 120#. It was sloppy on the first one and better on the second. Also did some speed work - 4x200m repeats!
Wednesday - CrossFit - back squatted for 8 - got 145# and then attempted 150 and got 6. My back squat is slowly climbing back up to where it was pre break. Got to lift with some of my favorite girls so that was a MAJOR bonus!!
 Thursday- CrossFit - Deadlift -PRed for 3 at 205#!!!!! Finally joined the 200 club!! I was beyond stoked! PLUS OLY class - worked on my snatch technique and C&J. It was a fun night!
 Friday - CrossFit - I loved this workout - we did 5 rounds Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats) + 15 HEAVY clean & jerks + 5 rounds Cindy. It took my 27 minutes (almost 28) haha. I did my Clean & Jerks at 105# which murdered me, but I felt pretty bad ass!

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - Run Club - sled runs + 10 round of 200m wind sprints. Was brutal, but I felt AMAZING after!! Switched over to open gym and did some snatch work. Working on perfecting my form. Progression not perfection as Jennifer always says :)
I really need to get back to running. I've been so hesitant lately because I'm scared of my ankle. I'm clearly not going to be ready for Dumbo, but I'm ok with it. Ill walk it if I have too! I'm super pumped Mama Dukes will be going as she has never come to a racecation with me. AND her BFF, aka my God mom, will be coming too!! I can't wait! Should be a good weekend of Cali fun. And I might even see an old boyfriend who's turned into a good friend.
Friday we had a BBQ at the box to watch the games coverage - and since I couldn't go work, of course I wanted to watch! I took the girls with me and they were actually fabulous!! Saturday I went and helped out at the Nicholas Parisi 10th Annual Softball Tournament with my Wifey and her family. Got to hold that sweet baby for almost the WHOLE day! I loved it!
That's pretty much it - Work, CrossFit & some random life stuff.  Can't believe it's August 1st?
How's your summer going?