Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dreaming of The Games

Hello Loves! How goes it? Here I am blogging from Jersey when I should be in California working the games. However, it was not in the cards for this year. I'm living vicariously through friends tweets and Instagrams plus updates from CrossFit and Lisbeth. The good news is I'm at camp and I love this summer job. 
Always a bonus to love what you do. I consider myself ├╝ber lucky too since I love my regular full time job and this bonus summer job is fabulous too!! Our staff is pretty sweet - Katie and I made out with our counselors! They are great!

I went to dinner last night with BNic from school - other middle math teacher. It was good. I adore her and had a blast catching up. We both can't believe how fast this summer is going. Only two more weeks left of camp, then a few days before the JT/JayZ concert with some loves & CrossFit Aspire ladies then TENNESSEE bound for a week!!!
CrossFit is going great this week. 

Tuesday - Push Jerk 1x2 @ 120#. First was sloppy but second felt good. Metcon was brutal - 3 rounds: 10 shoulder-to-overhead, 15KB swings and 30 DU (well attempts for me). I actually did decently well on the DU attempts. Connected 5 in a row with 5 singles, DU, 5 singles, DU, etc. I also did cash out with Tricia and Nilda - 4 400m repeats with ~30s rest, 3x20 Russian twists with 14# medball and finally 3x1:00 min plank holds - I couldn't do the full mins. Need core work! Can't wait to do Kat's August Core Challenge - join me?

Wednesday - back squat 1x8 @ 145#. I tried for 150 and failed on the 7th. I'm ok with it. My number is slowly climbing back up and I love. It really pushed my legs and I needed to feel that. Metcon was 4 rounds: 400m run + 20 wallballs 14#. No cash out because I went straight to PT haha. That's definetly extra work!

Haven't WODed today yet....going after camp tonight. We got Deadlifts and Diane on the books. Plus some bonus cash out - but I will have to tell you later because I can't remember what it is!

I haven't run this week. I need to get out and do it. Well I've run, but only at CrossFit. I need to get some more time out - even if it is just short/speed stuff. Lord knows can't hurt me to try and get faster haha. Dumbo Double Dare is coming SUPER quick!!

How's your week? Good workouts? Are you going to do Kat's core challenge too?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Test Your Metal + New Home

Oh loves, how are y'all? What a crazy, busy but amazing weekend. Once again this weekend I was reminded of how blessed I am with such awesome people in my life. Let's recap -
Friday - Katie ended up letting me go early since we were super light on kids and I had a ton to do to get ready for my move. My cousin Ashley and my Peanut (her daughter) came over and helped me finish up most of the apartment. We tried to get everything but the big stuff done. It was a LONG and HOT day. In between trips from the old to the new, I did stop and get a slice of pizza with them...
Peanut was a fabulous help and we got it all done.  Had a little bit of an issue with my living room furniture and the most I will say is I am SO thankful to be out of that dump!! 
Anyways - I was suppose to go to Philly for Usher's birthday but was exhausted. Some of the box crew was down the street at PJs so I popped out. Thought I'd have a drink then crash. Oh no. Apparently I had a couple drinks and got smashed. Like couldn't function next day smashed. Bad news bears. Thankfully Chris loves me and drove me home. Begin my rough Saturday - Teralyn came to get me to go get my car and I got sick, so instead she took me to go meet the folks helping me move. Everyone helped me as I laid on the floor/grass and back into the car. It was bad. Huge about outs to my crew - Bobby, Ash+TB, Cuzzo+Dollface, Dawn+Allen, Lutfi, Nick, Jamie, Sandy and Teralyn. I think that's everyone. I would have been LOST without y'all, especially since I wasn't really functioning. Teralyn managed my phone and texts haha - best personal assistant ever! It seemed to go fast from what I hear. I spent most of the rest of my day sleeping. Allie came over and made me eat, go get my car and back to bed I went. 
Sunday - today - was a team competition out in Allentown, PA called Test Your Metal. It was a GREAT day!! My team was me, Tara, Erik and our coach, Justin. We scaled and had a ball!!
My babe Allie...
Was on a team with Kelly, Nick F., and Brad and smashed it!! They took home first!!
Our box had 10 teams there! It was a great day! Some photos--

It was a great weekend. I'm moved in but not settled yet. Best news is I can get back to WODing this week AND running!! 

How was your weekend?


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Is Summer Going?

Hello loves!! How is everyone? Can you believe we only have 43 days till Labor Day weekend and I'm Cali bound for Dumbo Double Dare with Mama Dukes :) Also, 44 days till Ohio State Football kicks off! WOOT WOOT! Who's excited?!? I LOVE football season. Seriously. You have no idea!!
I can't believe that we are already that far into summer. I was doing decent getting back to blogging, but this summer is so busy. I'm loving it! I love my summer job at the summer camp. It's at a pool so we spend lots of time playing in the water. Plus KW, who got me the job, is a blast to work with! I'm loving getting to know her better. We work really well together - compliment each other well. And we both like adult beverages after a long day haha :)
Workouts are going great - I'm finally cleared to really start running again. I've been talking to some folks from the box and we are going to start a weekly speed work night! That will be awesome. So between that, run club and running 1-2x a week solo, I should be good. Last week was full of some awesome WODs. This week not so much, but I have a reason....I got my approval and keys to my awesome new apartment!! It fabulous!! I've been moving things during the week and will be moving the big stuff this weekend. It's a FRESH START!! And way nicer then my current apartment. 
I have fabulous friends who help me line my kitchen shelves haha and who carry things, load their cars, unload and so on. I'm lucky and blessed for such fabulous people. 

Off to camp for me. Rope climbs later + OLY class. Ill let you know how it goes, or if I make it. SOOOO much to do!

How's your summer? Will you be at Dumbo Double Dare?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

12 Week Update....Guess What I Did?

Hello Loves! Hope you're having a fabulous week!! After last weekend, I'm still having a great week! Monday night I went to the Phillies game with my girl Allie! We went late that way we could get our WOD on first. I'm glad we decided to WOD first...I needed it.

We started an OLY series we will be doing on Monday - snatch work. 2x2 at 60,65,70,75 & 80% of your 1RM.  I have no idea what mine is so I just worked in with my girl Nilda who was doing it based off 100# 1RM. Seemed to work well. I got all the lifts in and felt good. The video shoes the first two of 75# and the first two at 80#.
We also did some back squat work.  Coach worked in with me since she is recovering and so am I.  I actually got up to 155# for 3, which you can see in the video.  Knees came in and it was HEAVY, but ankle and hip felt pretty good.

I'm slowly getting these numbers back up.  After this our metcon of 5 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 front squats at 65 and 15 WB kicked my butt haha!

I think I was able to get all this done because I came to class from physical therapy. Either way, I'm happy with how I'm coming back.
Tuesday I ended up not working out.  Unplanned rest day, but I'm sure my body was ok with it. I technically did 4 on, 1 off, 3 on 1 off so I am ok with it.  I was too busy running around getting stuff done. I had to take the girls to the groomer, went and put money down for the deposit for my new apartment (which I can't WAIT to move into), got an adjustment at the chiro (bonus of seeing my old CrossFit gymnastic coach and friend Jordanna) and then had to pick the girls up.  I did not get home in time to go WOD, but it's ok.  Sometimes life happens and you just make do.
Katie drinking soup! ha
However I did get to go have dinner with T and Katie (who is the girl I'm working with this summer at the camp). It was fun to just catch up and talk with them.  I am enjoying getting to know Katie better.  She is a blast to work with and we seem to get along really well.  Her and her BF are buying a house so we have both been talking about having a girls night in our new places :)

Yesterday marked my 12 week date since I broke my ankle on the rope. Now little back story - I wasn't doing anything cool. I've never in my life been able to climb a rope nor did I ever think I would. I was standing on a box and holding onto the rope for as long as I could (maybe 5 seconds) and then would step back on to the box, rest and try again.  As I came off the box, I stepped on the tail and broke my ankle. Silly right? Bring on my 12 week date...

It started with a 6:30 am WOD of deadlift - PRed at 185 for three and then a metcon of 4 deadlifts at 120, 8 burpees and 12 wallballs - AMRAP in 12 minutes - I got 5 rounds and into the wallballs of the 6th.  Then I went to PT. After PT I ran some errands then went to the pool for work till 6.  After work I headed back to the box.  I wanted to try and climb the rope.  Guess what I did?!? I climbed the rope!! It was SO cool.  I got nervous half way up and came down, but it's a start and that's more then I've ever been able to do!!! You can see the video and how excited I was. For some folks I know this is a walk in the park, but for me it means more then a lot of people will get.  That is the EXACT rope that 12 weeks ago I couldn't even hold myself up for more then 5 seconds.  That is the EXACT rope I broke my ankle on.  That is the EXACT rope that was a blessing in disguise.  Breaking my ankle was a major blessing.  I got to grow a lot as an athlete and person.  I learned how to ask for help and know that it is ok sometimes to just ask people for help.  I also really got to focus on how weak my upper body and core were.  It has been an amazing journey.
Hope you're week has been good! Anything cool going on for you?
PS anyone working the CrossFit Games? If so, want a roomie? I've been offered a spot but don't have a roomie and can't afford a room solo...whomp whomp :(

Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Weekend + Fitness Recap

Hello my loves!! How are y'all? Doing fabulous here. Had my first four days in a row since my break at CrossFit last week, had two nights out this weekend with loves and my first run club back!! I started the weekend with Physical Therapy. Got some schedule planning done while there. Seems like I can't get on top of my summer schedule yet. Between camp, CrossFit, extra training and trying to get running back up and going.

Life is good. I'm lucky. I'm loving this summer job at Barclay Farms Swim Club. The kids are cute. Big change from middle school and Camden haha.
Fitness Recap
Monday - CrossFit - Lynn was brutal
Tuesday - CrossFit - power snatch work plus metcon of wallballs burpees and power snatch - my arms were dying from Monday and between that and today I was dead after haha
Wednesday - CrossFit + OLY class - hexbar deadlift - PR at 200#s!!! I was SO excited!! Now for a reg deadlift! Then skipped the metcon and went to OLY and did power snatch and power clean + push press.

Thursday - Fourth of July - CrossFit - Hero WOD - we did Lumberjack 20 in honor of the Fort Hood guys 

Me & Caden after Hope WOD
That WOD kicked my butt. It was my first four in a row since the break and it was brutal. After this WOD I laid on my living room floor and slept for 3 hours haha.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - CrossFit - went to 856 with AC and did CrossFit for Hope WOD! It was a good time.
Sunday - My first Run Club back! Was brutal and hard but ankle/hip felt good! First official training run for #DumboDoubleDare - Can't wait! Goal is just to finish!

It was a great week of WODing. Couple PRs and lots of really pushing through. Plus back to OLY class and run club!!

Went out Thursday (after I woke up from y Lumberjack 20 nap haha) to Ry & AC's to grill and hang. I love them. Plus Rachel and Chris were there. After us girls went to Dan & Andrew's and hung out for a little bit!! 
Friday I went out with JJ and her friends to North Shore Beach Club in Phily
Saturday - went to Sandy's house for some relax time then some of the box crew went to Philly for a birthday surprise for my box buddy Erik - his GF put everything together. UFC + Dave&Busters = awesome evening!

What a rare weekend for me -- all that going out! Much needed. Had a blast! I also think I found a place to live! Hopefully will find out more today!! I feel like a lot is going on and at the same time nothing haha.

How was your weekend? Anything fun?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 Week Ankle Update

Hello loves!! Quick little vlog for you to see - sorry its not really quick haha- to update you on things. Key points - still having ankle issues, might have torn hip/groin, job is back, camp is great, CrossFit rocks and running is coming back! Mama Dukes was here this past weekend - was GREAT to have her here. Now that she is back in Tennessee, it seems like everyone is so far. Can't wait till August to go home! Fall equals a ton of trips home - Tank's birthday, Princess's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas!! Also had a CrossFit Aspire party!! Love my box crew!!