Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So it's been since Christmas Eve since I have blogged anything. Let's catch up some. It is 5 till midnight, WAY to much on my mine to sleep so what do I typically do - write. Today I just happen to feel like updating this blog. I need to get better at doing this, for some people want to keep updated on my totally boring life :)

I am currently in Philly. Well actually, Glendora, NJ. It has been an adventure to say the least living in Jers. You know how different life is here from my life, so it has been an adjustment. I have talked to a guy here, and we will leave it at that. Our backgrounds could not be any farther from each others. Yet I am absolutely crushing hard on him. I would like to say that I thought he was too, but after tonight, I honestly have NO idea. Especially after now.

DA is good. He is really getting his life together in Cali and we are at a point where we can be friends and I LOVE it!!!

School is done - YAY! Passed my comps, graduated with a 4.0 in Grad school and a 3.8 at LMU for all classes. Took a summer job teaching summer school in Philly. I honestly love. I am in love with the kids, the area, etc. Philly is currently on a hiring freeze so I am still looking for a job for the fall. Have a couple interviews coming up, *fingers crosses*.

Ran my first marathon back in May - the Flying Pig in Cinci! It was one of the biggest moments in my life!! Had issues from the high ankle sprain from the trails a couple weeks before, but other then that, it was great!! Tore the achilles about a month or so after so have been out of commission for running and there for ALL of tri season too! Total bummer. Slowly getting back to running, hard to do here and in the heat. Miss having my Fleet Feet crew to call and say I need to run and having someone to run with.

Think this may be enough updates for now! Fingers crossed for the job hunt!! Hopefully east coast calls me!