Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve Loves!

Can't believe I am sitting here - the healthiest I have been since probably high school. Had you told me this time last year that I would be CrossFitting (and becoming more obsessed with it every day) or down to my goal weight (with a new goal now that I know it's possible) or the size that I am or getting faster and back to my running.  2012 was a CRAZY year! I love it. People have been telling me lately that I inspire them... I INSPIRE THEM...that is a crazy concept to me. I have found lots of awesome people who inspire me in my life (Mama Dukes, Broski, SIL, Shahin, Leah, BFFAW, Ali, Megs, Joe, etc.), and a lot this year at Aspire -- Justin & Alycia, Jill, Francine, Ali, Leah, etc. It's amazing what CrossFit can do for your life - not just your fitness!

So of course - what better way to start the last day of the year then with a kick butt WOD!!
Between my awesome outfit and the 15# PR for my jerk (110# baby -- WOOTWOOT). Don't lie - you love my super bright colors. Check the video - this was my second round at 110#.  Super stoked - thanks to Leah for pushing me to it! And thanks to Ali for fixing my shirt haha! My legs look super thick - eek - good thing that really doesn't bother me :) 

My form needs some work.  According to Andrew I need to be more "violent...hips/elbows/jerk has to be fast and violent." Oh ps - he's coming to WOD with me next week! WOOT WOOT! PUMPED!

After the WOD, I did sushi with Dollface - fabulous as always!! Then changed out my Christmas nails for some fun - kick 2013 butt - nails!

Anyways - I really just wanted to write this - to thank those that read, those who I stalk and read your tweets/blogs, and those who helped me this year - I've had a BIG year with a lot of changes and I would not have done it without ya'll! I am looking forward to 2013 - no resolutions, but more just focusing on my bucket list and some goals! Including #13in2013 (post tomorrow) :)

Have a safe and happy New Year! Big plans? Heading to Dollface & cuzzo's for a local party :)

How are you going to set your goals or do you have resolutions?
Any new plans for Sweating Pink? :)


PS I miss this face and my Tank! Can't wait to see them again! Not sure when but hopefully sooner then later!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Running Recap

Megan from Run Like A Grl wrote a post called “Running My Way Through 2012: Recap.” This was the first year I was coming back to running in a year off so I thought it would be a fun idea to do....

Best Race Experience – This is tough because in my eyes all of my races were awesome because I was back to running and racing.  I think the Shamrock Half was my favorite race - after this, I knew I was back!! Plus I ran in the place I was born -- that was kind of cool!
During Shamrock Half
Best Run – My best run was probably when I ran with Tara from CrossFit.  We just talked and chatted the whole time.  It was only three miles, but was nice to get to know her better and run and chat! Plus all my runs getting ready for the Philly Half with Lauren & Jen -- miss running with them!

Best New Piece of Gear – can I say something I just got haha, because I can't WAIT to use my Garmin -- probably my favorite thing this year was my super cute outfit from Saucony - I'll have to add a picture later...
Best Piece of Running Advice – It's not the speed or the time -- it's getting up and getting out there!! Since the Philly Half, I have had a hard time getting back into my running.  I have two weeks till the Disney Marathon, and I'm not prepared at all.  The most I can do at this point is just get some time in on my legs and push through it.  I am hoping that 2013 and new fun stuff will help kick my back into gear!

Most Inspirational Runner – There is no one person who has been the most inspirational for me, but a collection of my friends, other runners, twitter loves and people whose blogs I've fallen in love of reading!! I am so looking forward to 2013 and getting back out there more!!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? – Challenging, fun, life-changing.

Answer any of the questions above!

What words would you use to describe your year?
 How is 2013 going to be different for you and how you #SweatPink?


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rocky Top Time

So, this has been a very interesting trip home.  I think I've finally hit the grown up spot!  It is Thursday evening, and I haven't been out with any of my friends with the exception of my KellieShea. For the first time I actually think I'm ok with it.  I've spent a ton of time with my family.  Yesterday and today I've gotten to spend the whole day with my niece and nephew because my Broski and SIL are working.  Now this is fabulous for lots of reason, first being that I live thirteen hour away from them and I never see them and second, the Princess is getting MUCH bigger and she actually remembers and interacts with me now! It's like she actually knows me now. The picture to the right is from last night -- isn't her hat sooo cute?!?

The rest are from today. She loves that bowl and putting it on her head! Today her onsie says "Princess in Training"! SIL and I decided it should say Diva in training or Auntie M in training haha!

So I took the time off from running & CrossFit as told to do for my hip. Yesterday I meant to go to CrossFit Knoxville, but I read the website wrong and went at 7:30 but the last class was 7.  Thankfully they let me come in and get some stuff done - I did 2 rounds of tabata of rowing, push-ups and sit ups.  I was

feeling it in my shoulders today.  This morning I got up and went before SIL had to go to work - we worked up to a 1-RM of shoulder press - I got up to 75#s.  Then we had a metcon of 30 shoulder to overhead (anyway possible, I did push press) at 55#, 600m run then 20 wall balls at 12#s -- 5:42. Steve told us we had to break six minutes, I didn't think I would but I got it!  Tomorrow morning, Paul will be meeting me and going for his first class! I am really excited! I like CrossFit Knoxville - they have a good program and I love dropping in there when I am home. Looking forward to tomorrows WOD.

Ok - that's all for today - I've been working on my 2013 goals -- including #13in2013 -- look for that post this weekend :)


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Baby

"For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

So yesterday's post was a little negative at the start, and I am sorry.  After my post, I went to dinner with just Mama Dukes - was nice to chat and she made a good point...this is our "new normal".  I am not ready for that "new normal" yet, and that it is ok. One day...maybe, but today not ready.

When we got back to the house, Broski, SIL and Tank were decorating gingerbread cookies.  I helped decorate some cookies.  After Tank went to bed, I helped SIL and Mama Dukes finish wrapping their presents.  You can see Mama and SIL wrapping at the top -- the bottom are my two gifts to my SIL and Broski in their personal paper haha. Here is the tree with just Mama Dukes gifts to everyone under it...she loves Christmas and making the kids day.

At 6:02 - Tank woke me up - he wanted to know what time it was. I told him it was to early and he had to go back to bed.  He told me he was going to the restroom, but he really went and woke Michele up to ask if he could go downstairs haha.  She told him he could open his stuff from Santa but nothing else.  Santa got him a notebook full of wrestler cards - Santa totally knows him :) He is slightly obsessed with WWE and wrestling. He came back to bed and started asking every minute or so what time is it.  I told him to play on my phone till the Princess got up. Well she did - and she found her Mickey Mouse chair and she LOVES it!! Santa rocked this year! :)
Broski got a Manchester United jersey - and his Christmas was made!! He got a lot of stuff for work and he liked my UT golf polos, but this jersey from Mama Dukes completely made his day!! SIL - as always - loved everything she got! She hasn't said what was her favorite yet. Mama Dukes loved her iPod - I'm glad it was my splurge this year.  She def deserves it!! Tank says "EVERYTHING" is his favorite haha - but really it's probably true.  He got so much WWE stuff and lord knows how much he LOVES WWE! haha

This year was very different for me - the last year has been full of a lot of personal changes for me - more running plans, started CrossFit, started Paleo and now trying to make all of this things full time changes for the rest of my life. Yes, of course CrossFit had to come up at least once right?!? haha I didn't get much for CrossFit, so don't worry it won't be a lot - but I got some sweet new capris. If you know me at all, or go to my box, you know I LOVE crazy colors. Aren't they fabulous?!? I also asked for an overnight bag - Broski & SIL got me a super awesome one from Lands End -- they even had it embroidered with my initials. Cute, right? I needed a bag for just long weekends.  LOVE it!! I also got a Gamin 410 finally -- I've been wanting one of these for a long time so I am SUPER pumped for that.  In all my time at Fleet Feet, I never had one, but now I have one!! I can't wait to get to running - maybe this will help me get going again? Not enough for my marathon in 3 weeks , but for 2013 and my #13in2013 plans (post coming this week)!

I also mentioned in another post that I got a new set of stainless steel pots from Mama Dukes about three weeks ago as an early Christmas present.  Well I had also asked for a new knife set.  I've been needing a new set since mine are extremely old (from beginning of college) and I never took good care of them. Mama Dukes hooked me up with a SWEET set!! She also surprised me with new pyrex.  With as much as I am cooking these days, I totally need it! I also got TWO paleo cookbooks!! 2013 will be my year - I swear! And with my awesome company coming in a couple weeks - we will tear it up!!

 Nothing says Christmas without having some Ohio State gear! The best part is Mama Dukes put it in a box marked SIL - so here she goes opening up and pulls out a OSU shirt - instantaneously I say "why does she get OSU gear and I don't" haha they were mine! YAY!! Makes my day! I can NEVER have enough Ohio State shirts! And yes, I'm a brat I know! haha
After doing presents and fun, we had breakfast. Tank talked me into a game of life -- got dealt my actual life -- school loans, teacher for career and only $5,000 in my bank! After Life - we started food - I played with the Princess for a bit. Then SIL, Broski, Mama Dukes and I played HedBanz. Holy fun game.  We had a good time.  Dinner was amazing! I stayed pretty Paleo today - splurged with a waffle this morning which helped me stay focused tonight.  The night is now wrapping up.  We are watching G.I. Joe with Tank and Broski - well Tank is playing with his wrestling figures.  Princess let me put her to bed...we watched some Mickey Mouse on the iPad as we fell asleep! 

I am thankful for these moments with my family and especially with the Princess and the Tank. I don't get enough time with them.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to WOD and run.  We shall see.  I am staying in TN till Saturday to help watch the Princess and Tank since SIL and Broski work. Looking forward to the extra time!

What was your favorite gift?


Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Way of Christmas - Merry Christmas Eve :)

I am home for the holidays.  Everyone knows I always get so excited to come home, see my family and friends and enjoy the holidays.  This year it just doesn't feel normal. It doesn't seem like Christmas to me, it's rainy and gross out. Here it is Christmas Eve, and I've been alone for the whole afternoon. Granted, this is the first year my parents are divorced officially. My father is still with the lady - his GF now - and is clearly delusional for thinking I don't know. This is my first Christmas without my girls as I wasn't allowed to bring them home - they can't stay at Broski & SIL's house and my father told me he didn't want to be "tied down" to them being there. Really he just doesn't want to tell me B moved into his house and doesn't want me around her. I don't talk about my parents divorce or my relationship with anyone really. But, here is what I've learned - at 26, and because you're an adult, everyone wants you to instantaneously be "OK" with that is going on.  When you find out your father has a GF and your folks are going to split, you're just suppose to be mad/angry for a minute or two then play like everything is ok; however, I am not ok with it.  There is a lot more to it, but what I'm figuring out is it's really hard to go from thinking your father hung the moon to not really wanting to even deal with him as you feel like a "after thought". And although I have a whole lot more I could say, I'll spare you and instead share the highlight of my trip here so far. :) Positive thoughts, right?

I got in Saturday early afternoon. I was greeted by these two babes - my Tank & my Princess. These kids mean the world to me and no matter anything else going on, they will always be my main priority.

After spending some quick hugs and loves - I had to get ready to do something really hard.

This past week, my best friend, Boo, father passed away unexpectedly. He was a great man. He was a god loving man and you saw that in his marriage and in his life. I really enjoyed my time with him and am heart broken for my boo and her family, but they are some of the strongest and most faith blessed people I know, and I know they will be fine!

Sunday started with a fabulous brunch at Tomato Head with KS then we ran errands. I finished my Christmas shopping and picked up some eye make-up remover and a sweet navy blue blazer for uniform Mondays at school.  My awesome day ended with me having an awesome dinner date at Red Robin with my handsome nephew - just us - and a Skype chat with one of my favorite people, Andrew :)

That brings me to today - no box here was open for a WOD, which is probably better as my hip is still really acting up and WDW MARATHON WEEKEND  is coming soon - 20 days!! I snuggled with the Princess for a bit this morning and that's really it. I've been wrapping the last few of my presents that needed it, and my Broski's presents. They are at SIL's parents house then meeting with my father. It's time to learn a New Way of Christmas in the family, and I'm just not on board with it, and life will go on!

Now here is what I do know--I'm ready to re-focus my life on things that benefit me and my life - CrossFit, running, biking, TRI season and my life in general. Time to set new goals and figure out my plans for 2013 :)

Merry Christmas Eve :)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hung for the Holidays!

Who's excited for Christmas?!? I AM!! I am excited to head home, be with my awesome family and friends! SUPER excited to see the Princess and Tank!!  This week was a hard one - which I will address later.  I am thankful for this time of year and so much time with family and friends.  I am more thankful for being so BLESSED and having so many amazing people in my life - from near to far, US & beyond - I am a very lucky girl!!  To the right you can see the girls - we were at T's house and trying to get them to cooperate.  Clearly Scarlet is more concerned with T then me.  LD was being SO good! Gosh, I love my girls!!

Ok - on to the fun stuff!! Carlyn over at Just Keep Sweating put together a fun ornament swap.  I got Phyllis over at -- check out her post on what I sent!  I received the super cute snowman & Santa from Danielle at Rexburg Runner! I did not get a tree this year so they are hanging off my shelfs! I LOVE them - my Peanut does too - asking if she could take them home to babysit them for me haha!! I can't wait to put them on my tree next year - is it sad that I'm looking forward to it this far in advance! :)

If you missed out this year, you should totally consider joining in next year! :)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 Months of CrossFit

I'm constantly asked how long I've been CrossFitting *yes, I believe that is a word now haha* and I am officially part of the 6 month club!! A lot has happened in 6 months in my life - some good and some bad. CrossFit was something I wasn't sure I was going to continue at the beginning, but I am glad I did. I can do more now then I ever thought possible. I am looking forward to the next 6 months of CrossFit. A BIG CrossFit event in the next two months - Garage Games - and hopefully more PRs! Monday was my official 6 months - it was nice because I hit a Push Press PR - 5 @ 100#! Also stoked because last night was a Clean *Squat Clean* 20# PR - got 115# for 3!! CrossFit Aspire has been the best thing I have EVER done for myself. I know some people in my life get sick of hearing about it, but I will NEVER get sick of talking about. I have made some pretty awesome friends and acquaintances through my box. I am thankful for finding out about CrossFit and taking the plunge into it. Got to talking to a friend about setting goals, so that is the next step. What weights, rows, movements I want to hit and how I am practicing to get there.

Also, I am thankful for the bloggy friends and twitter crew I have made and can talk about my CrossFit adventures with! I love the community of this sport and look forward to what is to come :)

Do you CrossFit? If so, what box?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Dream Race & Squat Progress :)

I GOT IN!!! I am super stoked that I got into the Nike Women's Inaugural Half Marathon in DC.  I have applied to the San Fran lottery a couple times and never got in (not to mention I probably wouldn't be able to afford it).  Ro, Cheryl & myself got into this one and I am PUMPED! It was hard on Twitter last night as a lot of people were really upset they did not get into the lottery, but that is part of the lottery.  Would I have been bummed? Of course, but the good news is there are LOADS of races that time of year. I hope to really push this half and make it a awesome birthday weekend (can't believe I'll be 29) and maybe a new PR?!? I am more excited as this race means a lot to me this year especially!

I hated to run.  Everything about it. I started running after my friend, Justin, passed away in Dec 2007.  Justin always tried to get me to run and I never did.  It took me some time but in August 2008 I walked into Fleet Feet Knoxville, where Justin kept telling me to go before he passed, and "Sweet Melissa" was playing - the same song that Justin use to sing to me. At the time - I didn't know she'd turn into my BFFAW, but Eleanore fit me for my first pair of trainers - 2110 from Asics with blue Superfeet.  I kept those until recently b/c of how much they meant to me. BFFAW and I started talking and she told me about the No Boundaries program they had. I started No Boundaries (a beginners 5K program) at Fleet Feet Knoxville.  Ran my first 5K in fall of 2008. This year marked 5 years since he's gone.  This race falls right after my birthday and right before his.  I am looking forward to running this race and being thankful for the 4 year journey running has turned into. Even though he is gone, I am SO stoked to run something to mark this journey and celebrate my birthday!!

**PS - BFFAW is who is doing the August Half-Ironman that I want to join her & Leah and do in 2013!**

Look at that awesome new zip up hoodie!! You can't tell from the picture but it is BRIGHT pink!! I LOVE it!!! My box ordered new hoodies and I couldn't resist. YAY! I love repping Aspire!
My hip is still giving me a lot of pain - I am really hoping it is just my sciatica joint - which sucks bc you can't do too much for it! Last night we worked on squats again - if you remember, two weeks ago I got 135 for 3x6 and last week I got 145 for 6 then 4.  Our goal is to add 5#s every week and wait till you can get 3x6 with fabulous form before going up.  Well I've really been working on my form and last night I got 145 for 3x6!!!! I am STOKED! I am not looking at trying 150 next week, but we just keep going up :)

How'd you get your #SweatPink on yesterday?
Anyone else get into the Nike half?!?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Can Santa Fund Races?

So - here it is...heading into the second week of Decemeber.  I have big hopes for next year and minimal finances to support those hopes haha!! I'm trying to refocus my lift and budget to get things paid off and me in a good place.  I would really like to be able to do the Half Ironman in Augusta with friends, but I currently don't know if I will be able to.  I desperately need a new road bike, and more importantly I need a group to train with! I also have a couple races (halfs, TRIs, 5Ks) I want to do.  I need to set a race fund into my budget. Or just get Santa to fund some races haha :)

I've also been invited to join my buddy Paul and head to Guatemala for 2 weeks in July to work at schools and with educators down there for the first week and travel the second week.  Again...have to see if I can work out the money.  I just keep telling myself it will all workout the way it is suppose to in HIS plan.
Last night's WOD kicked my tail - there was not strength then metcon - it was just 10 sets of 3x3 Power clean to front squat to push jerk and get heavy! I got up to 100# - 55, 65, 75, 85, 90, 90, 90, 95, 95, 100! Cait and I stayed at 90 and worked on our form and again at 95.  Our last we were just going to do 95, but wanted to see if we could get 100.  I try to focus on not caring about the weight, I want the form first.
I am going to take off from CrossFit only for the main reason as I have WAY to much to do. At least as of right now I am.  I have basketball till 5. I could squeeze in the 5:30 or 6:30 class...maybe...I have to get to the post office and mail my ornament for the #hungfortheholiday swap - I wrote the date down wrong.  Thought it was the 19th to mail by, but it was last week - EEK!

Anyone else feel like they have a MILLION things to do and not enough time?!?
How is Christmas only 14 days away?!?!?
How'd you #SweatPink yesterday?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just Know You're Not Alone

Happy happy Sunday! It's been a crazy week, but I made it through and through a great weekend full of CrossFit, a full day at my best friend's house with her and her amazing family and a check in with early Christmas presents from Mama Dukes! Before I update you on the weekend -- I got to see Dollface for sushi last Tuesday and Ro last Wednesday -- and let's back up and talk about #SweatPink deals for this past week...take note at NO runs...I really need to get refocused...marathon in 6 weeks...

MONDAY - Deadlift PR at 135 for set of 5! PR!!

TUESDAY - Off day!

WEDNESDAY - Front squat - not a happy day for me - sucked at FS - got 115 3 sets of 3 - tried to get 125 and couldn't :( Metcon kicked my butt too!!

THURSDAY - We did power snatch + Overhead squat -- 1 EMOTM for 12 minutes -- check the video...ignore the horrible sloppy OHS but that's 70#-- YEAH BUDDY!! PR time :)

FRIDAY we worked on back squat - which I PR'ed last Thursday at 3 sets of 6 at 135 - I got 145 up for 1 set of 6 and 1 set of 4.  Hope to get all sets of 6 next week. We had a 10-1 metcon of pull-ups & HSPUs. 

SATURDAY we had split jerks - 2 EMOTM for 7 - and I got 95#!! Another PR!The metcon was 5 split jerks (65#), 7 box jumps and 9 sit ups. Felt great to get it in before getting on the road to MD.

Now for the rest of Saturday - headed down to MD to spend the weekend with my best friend and her family.  I find it awesome that in the last year not only did my mom move to MD and is so much closer to me, but so did my best friend and her family.  They live about a mile apart from each other - talk about perfect! What I love most about going to see Boo is we can sit around and do NOTHING and we still have a great time. 
Which is pretty much what we did.  However, we did go to Fleet Feet Gaithersburg down there - it was a BEAUTIFUL store.  I love going to all the difference ones and checking them out. After that we went to Buca di Beppo.  SCRUMPTIOUS!! I had not been there in forever. Saturday night we watched Arthur is the trailor - it was SUPER cute! Check it out if you haven't seen it :)
Stopped by Mama Dukes on my way home - got two early Christmas presents -- new pots and pans and new luggage!!! YAY!!! Just in time for my trips - home for the holidays and Orlando for my attempt at a marathon haha :)

Now, I am working on food and workout plans for the week for my #Elf4Health challenge.  I have a lot to do - lesson plans, laundry, pick up the apartment and clean. BUSY week coming up - my girls have their second game tomorrow, Bengals vs Eagles game with my T on Thursday, school holiday party and CrossFit Aspire holiday party on Friday and group lil gathering here on Saturday! PLUS I should hear if I got into the Nike Women's Half in DC this upcoming April.  *fingers crossed please*

How'd you #SweatPink this week?
Any fun plans coming up?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking It Back Old School, When I Was So Cool - Playlist Thursday

Jumping on the Pavement Runner's fun....I've never joined before today, but I LOVE music and always enjoy it so thought I would join especially since it is HS fun :)

Something Old: a song that was at least 5 years old WHILE YOU WERE IN HS that you listened to
Something Current: a song that was your jam at some point WHILE YOU WERE IN HS
Something to Consider: a song that you enjoyed and came out WHILE YOU WERE IN HS

Something Old (picking 2 - LOVE these songs!)
Artist: Lost Boyz
Title: Renee
Side Note -- My brother use to play this song ALL the time in his old car driving me around...

Quotable: "A tough leather jacket,with some jeans and a chain that her moms gave her"

Artist: Ace of Base
Title: The Sign

Quotable: “No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong..."

Something Current
Artist: Jagged Edge ft. Run DMC
Title: Let's Get Married - Remix
Side note: This is seriously one of my ALL time favorite songs :)

Quotable: “Meet me at the altar in your white dress...We ain't gettin' no younger we might as well do it”

Something to Consider
Artist: Shania Twain
Title: Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Side Note: This song makes me laugh still :)

Quotable: “The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun”

This was HARD! I LOVE music - always have!  Clearly I need to make a playlist for my runs! Trying to learn to run to music!

Did this take you back?
What's your playlist?


Monday, December 3, 2012

No Reason To Stay Is A Good Reason To Go :)

Holy smokes -- last week = total meltdown.  I felt like I just couldn't get on top of things and that I was constantly falling behind in places I was already behind.  I only worked out 3x last  week - the plus side was all 3 days I PR'ed.  Monday's WOD killed me - I literally had tears in my eye from my shoulders being ON FIRE!! haha! Thrusters - 100# (2x105#), Back Squat sets of 6 - 135#, and push press sets of 5 - 95# (1x100#).  I need to start setting goals for the movements and working on a schedule for skill work. My arms are getting tighter and I have little bump.  I'm looking forward to starting Olympic Lifting Class this week + back to my 5-6 days a week and gymnastics!!

For this weekends #Elf4Health fun -- I cleaned out my closet, my shoes collection and my Christmas decorations as well!! I also found an ornament I had forgotten about -- look how cute he is!!! I cleaned out 2 trash bags worth of clothes, scarfs, hoodies and shoes.  Felt good to de-clutter my closet! Working on doing that in my whole life! Started to set up some of my Christmas decorations as well....trying to decide if I want a tree or not....still haven't made up my mind!

Sunday - some of the girls from the upper grades and I went to Hammonton to celebrate K's wife's baby shower! I had such a good time, and I really am blessed to work with some awesome people at my school!!  Speaking of work...the BIG news for the day is after 6 years, I no longer work for Fleet Feet Sports.  I have such love for the company and I look forward to the day I can work for another store. At this time - I had no reason to stay working for a place I wasn't happy with and need more time to focus on my career and life!

How was your weekend?
How'd you choose to Sweat Pink?


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Row Row Row Your Rower?

Helloooooo :) Happy Tuesday friends! I have to tell you -- I am trying not to stress my to-do list, but it is INSANE right now.  For some reason I just can't seem to get stuff done.  Anywho -- onto more important things like CrossFit, my Paleo Challenge, marathon training and 100K row challenge!
First up - CrossFit - ya'll have already seen my post from Sunday on our Showdown to Save the Shore! What a fun time - Monday I woke up a little sore but not to bad. I didn't get to CrossFit before school so I planned on going after.  We had a half day then parent-teacher conferences.  They went well - I am super thankful to love what I do so much!! After conferences I headed for CrossFit - thrusters for strength and then a metcon of 10-1 thrusters and burpees.  I went in thinking it wouldn't be that bad - built up to 100# for thrusters (sets of 3).  I tried for 105# but could only get 2 times (and did that twice damn third one). Rx for the metcon was 50% of your max or 65# -- well 50% would have been 50# but I went with 55.  HOLY SHOULDERS ON FIRE!!!! After 6, I was literally in tears my shoulders were so sore! I was getting nervous I wouldn't be able to finish the metcon, but thanks to my awesome crew and their encouragement, I did.  Then I sat on the floor then moved myself to a chair for a good 10-15 minutes haha. Just trying to raise my hands to wipe my face hurt. Right after class was the gymnastics class.  I LOVE gymnastics class, even though I can't do most of it yet, I have so much fun just trying things.  Jordana last night gave us a a core metcon so we all know that is what I need the most!
Paleo Challenge - well we are officially 30 days away from Christmas.  Some of the crew from CrossFit Aspire and I got to talking and we are embarking on a 30 day Paleo Challenge before the holiday. Gives us a little time to clean things up after Thanksgiving and just life in general. However, I think most of us are not going SUPER strict and giving up alcohol.  It is the holiday season with lots of Cider and holiday parties to be had :)
Update on my Marathon training -- it's not being going so well; however, I have decided that with 7 weeks out - I will run 12, 14, 16, 18. 20. 12. then RACE DAY :) So hopefully I should be good to go!! I'm thinking this may be my LAST marathon and I'll just stick to halfs after this!
Last - my friend  Karli -- who blogs here...shes awesome - check her out -- anyways she kept tweeting about this 100K holiday challenge.  So I asked her what it was all about -- here is her post about it -- the jist is I have till Christmas Eve to get 100K -- currently I am at 2,500 LONG ways to go :)
What are you holiday challenges?
Bonus -- I'm being an Elf for Health challenge through The Lean Green Been -- check it out and join me!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Showdown To Save The Shore

It's here!! Showdown to Save the Shore was today!! My box put on this event and I am SUPER stoked how much of a turn out they have. I had SUCH a good time with my Aspire friends! I really do love my box and all the people I have met from there. Above are some shots as people were getting there and getting signed in. Our WOD was 8 minutes -- 300m sprint row followed by AMRAP 5 pull-ups, 5 ring dips and 10 burpees.  I got to stay on my grey bands and a red band for the ring dips.

After we finished our WOD, we had skill stations to work -- clearly I still have a TON of skill stuff to work on -- 5 stations - as many wallballs in 3 minutes BUT they had to be unbroken and you had to hit the mark (we have stickers on our wall), L-sit on the rings, as many rope climbs in 3 minutes, as many unbroken muscle ups as possible and handstand holds! I got a minute on the handstand hold.  I could have held longer, but for every minute you did you have to do a handstand push-up and I don't have those yet. haha! Leah (in the black) got her first kick up handstand and held for 30 seconds. Jordana (who is also my gymnastics coach and the reason I could hold it for a minute) held it for I think somewhere around 5 minutes.  She's awesome!!

Also, Leah got her L-sit on the rings.  She kept saying that she couldn't do it.  But she totally did.  I have it on video too! Somehow I will figure how to get it up here!
In total, this event raised $2,000 for the Red Cross for Sandy Relief! AWESOME!!