Thursday, July 21, 2011

...SummaSummaSummer Time...

Ahhh...what a summer it has been. Yes, I know I said I would get better and I haven't, but at the same time I am not sure anyone even reads this now-a-days :)

School got out mid June and I headed south. Did Knoxville for a week to see the friends and share in Paul & Sarah's special day. The wedding was great and it was really nice to see everyone. Much needed. Funny how people from everywhere else just seem to get me, yet here in Jersey I feel like a freak. But that's for another day ;) After Knoxville, Mom, Jon, Michele (LittleBit in tow), Austin and I headed down to Tybee Island & Savannah for some much needed family time. I can honestly say, at the risk of hurting my mom's feelings, that I did miss my Dad at times BUT I understand that this is one of my two families now and the other is when it's Dad and all of us. Austin was way more fun this go around at the beach - he LOVED the water and even got his first boogie board! Jon and I got to talk alot, especially on our amazing bike ride since someone forgot his wallet :) Michele and I got a lot of SIL time in too - she is honestly the best and I really don't know what I'd do without her advice and input on things!

We just found out that the LilBit is a GIRL!!! I can't wait to have a niece, but don't think anyone will ever steal my Tank's love - he's my BABY!

Jersey is going great - more drama then I am use to, but I've decided to kind of look at it as a learning experience. They are truly amazing friends! Been looking for new jobs, still have my one from OSU offered, but obviously if you know what's going on, it is not really the best option for me. I have sent out a ton of resumes and applications, so we shall see what comes of it!

Running is going great as well as the weight loss! Started a new program - BCx. I will have to make a post later will all the numbers and stuff from that. Should be cool to see the changes. SUPER intense, but I am loving it and the way I feel on it. Down 2#s more this week, so clearly something is working for me!

That is all for now! Enjoy the day :)