Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I suck

WOW - so I got really good at writing - just not putting any of it up here. Well I am in New Jersey still - got a duplex and am living with my Aunt Tracey. I absolutely LOVE my place. Adjusting to life up here has been hard. Things are really different and people are really different. Plus I finally was at a point in Knoxville where I really had a STRONG support system around me and a group of people who really got me for me.

I've started making friends here - mostly now there are ones I have meet through my cousin Kyle, but they have become some of the best. Amanda (aka Wifey) and Butrica (aka Boo) are the main two people I hang with outside of Kyle & Ashley. Its crazy how I went from being the baby of my group to the oldest by a long shot. Its really hard to flip that roll - and I have annoyed them by saying "you're 22", but they are 22 and it is just such a different point in life. My older friends get what I mean and understand and they don't, but for now, it is what it is!

Family is good - BIG changes. Mom has filed for divorce so we are all trying to figure out how to adjust to that. I think for me, it is a good thing that I am 12.5 hours away. I think if I was sitll living in Knoxville with them that I would be having a harder time because I would be around it. Mom moved out and got an apartment. I currently have her dog (yes we found a dog around Christmas - a little Boston that mom has named Little Dog aka LD). Things are ok - I go home in March and I really think that is when it will finally all hit me. When I go 'home' but can't actually go 'home'.

So the last post - yea - the boy is done. Not really sure why or what happened - he just kind of up and disappeared one day. So clearly it was for the best b/c we all know that I can't do the whole NON communication thing. haha

7th grade is going great - I love my students and my job. I also have started part time at the Fleet Feet here in Marlton. I love it. Nice to be around that environment again. I have been asked to help coach the "Students Run Philly Style" program at school as well as this springs NoBo at FF. I'm excited to be running again, but really need to start running now to get ready for it haha!

Ok - thats all for now!