Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Allie, Me & Boo
Happy Monday Loves! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have to say that mine started out fabulous and got miserable Saturday and is getting better now as I write this. Lets start with Friday - I did not WOD after school. I came home and laid around and got some rest before heading out to meet a bunch of friends for part one of birthday fun!!
Jim, Allie and Me

Tricia, Allie, Me & Ron
My best friend from home, Boo, who actually lives in Germantown, MD now came up to visit! We started with dinner at the Mexican Food Factory. Me, Boo, Allie, Nilda, Jim, Thomas, GF, Jamie, Steve, Cathy, Justin and TaraLyn. It was a good time -- good food and drinks with good friends.  After dinner - we headed to Miller's Ale House for more fun, friends and drinks. Let's see if I can remember everyone - Boo, Allie, Jim, Theresa, GF & Thomas, Nick, Stephanie, Brad, Alex, Shamus, Ron & Brooke, TaraLyn, Cathy, JJ, Tricia, Francine, Marvin, Chris and Damie. I think I got everyone! 

Allie, Me & Tricia - LOVE this pic!
It was a really really good time.  Everyone just sat around, talked and enjoyed themselves. I really am blessed to have such awesome people to workout with who have become good friends and such awesome friends!!

Steph & I and the Lemon Drop Shot haha

Some of the crew!
It was a great evening. Except DA didn't want to talk to me.  We don't have a good history of drunken conversation and it's the end of the month so he's super busy.  I get it -- just sucks sometimes, but soon enough I'll be there for a couple days and eventually probably forever. I made sure to stop drinking and have lots of water and some cheese fries - always good drunk ideas haha.

 Saturday morning I woke up - feeling great, which was NOT expected considering the amount of alcohol consumed Friday evening. However - Boo and I headed off to the box for the morning WOD. Strength - push press 1x4 and I got 100# -- I semi cheated the third one and jerked it. Don't worry - I got some sweet video thanks to my Allie for always opting to take it for me! 

 After - our metcon was AMRAP 10 mins - 10 push press, 10 back squat and 10 hollow rocks.  I did 55#. 5 more then I was suppose to, but easier for me to make the weights.

Now here is where the awesome weekended ended.  We went home and got ready to go to lunch.  Before we left for lunch I felt sick.  Really sick. I went to lunch with T and Boo.  I didn't eat much. I just didn't feel right. I went home and tried to sleep - next thing I knew I was getting sick.  I had to cancel my plans for Dave & Busters.  Allie came over and kept me company.  Made me try and eat some soup and drink some Gatorade.  Sunday I was feeling better, but still not well.  I went to PJs with her to enjoy the sun and watch the game.  Ate half a club and regretted that. Kept it down though.  Least to say ginger ale was my best friend. I'm feeling better thankfully. Not 100% yet, but better. Minus the stomach thing, it was probably one of the best birthdays I have had in a LONG time.  I really am thankful to have such awesome people in my life right now.

Now my quick whine - I have not talked about my races I gave up or my CrossFit competitions. This weekend was the Nike Women's Race - I am majorly upset for missing it. I was doing so good with training and was on pace to do well. I am SUPER pumped for all my friends who raced this weekend or competed.  You know - it was way easier to understand why I was missing things with my boot on.  With being in a shoe now, it throws you for a loop.  It looks like I'm normal because I can walk and such.  However, I limp, still don't have full movement (BIGGEST issue), my achilles and tibial tendon are still super painful and can't stand on one foot. I know I'll get better - heck I know I'm WAY better then this time last week. Still sucks.  I missing training.

How was your weekend?
Did you race or compete this weekend?


Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Back To Business

Hello Loves!! Hope ya'll have had a good week! Things are slowly getting back to normal for my schedule.  Still takes me a little longer to do some things (walking up stairs, walking in general, carrying things places, etc.) but I am getting there.  The ankle (this is the BEST it has looked so this isn't all the time but a REALLY REALLY good day haha) is getting better.  Color is going back to normal and for the most part the swelling isn't to bad.  Obviously it is the worst about 3 in the afternoon. 
A full day of school does wonders to it, but it really doesn't hurt on the ankle side.  I am having issues with the achilles and my posterior tibial tendon (this one is the WORST part). The tibial tendon is brutal.  It hurts almost all the time.  PT has been focusing on range of motion for my ankle and getting the Tibial tendon and achilles better.  I'm doing everything PT Adam has asked me to do.  PS I really like him - he's a runner so he gets it.  I don't just want my movement back - I want to be able to run and lift! The exercise in the picture is the pits. Pick my foot up then out then back in then down. OUCH! He has said I can do standing CrossFit movements - basically squats and deadlifts.  Nothing where my feet may move yet, but I'm hopefully only max 2 weeks out from that.  It's nice being a head of the recovery curve!!

This week has held some awesome CrossFit WODs.

Tuesday - Squats - my box is doing an awesome program right now for squats - I want to play and can't - hopefully soon! My first time trying to squat again. I did 2x6 at 35# and 2x6 at 55#.  I did sets of pistols on just the right leg in between.  Then the box did a metcon with running and movements -- I just did some of the movements - 10 front squat, 15 Push Press, 7 squat, 15 push press. I was exhausted so called it there.

Wednesday - the box did split jerk EMOTM so I did pull ups with the orange band in stead - 5 PU EMOTM for 7 mins.  I was DEAD at the end haha. I barley got the last set out in the minute. Then the Metcon was a 10,9,8...1 with running and movements I couldn't do so I did - 30# (woot woot) DB single arm rows, 20 sec airdyne sprint, air squats and then another 20sec airdyne sprint. I was last done.  Felt good to be moving again. Lets quickly discuss how Tuesday's fun had my poor right leg JACKED up.  It was so knotted up and sore.  I got Nilda to roll me out.  It was awful, but totally needed.


Thursday was BIRTHDAY day so I gave myself my first deadlift back - 3x3 at 155#!! Woot woot! You're welcome self :) Don't worry - I got a video of my last set so ya'll could see --
It was awesome! I wrapped it to give it some more support.  I currently can't wear my nanos due to my swollen foot/ankle not fitting in it so I rocked the socks last night :) We then had two metcons - 1 was 5 rounds 5 deadlifts (100#) and burpees so I subbed situps.  I tried to test a KB swing instead of a burp, but that was a bad idea - it hurt. Metcon 2 was max pull-ups and 10 evil wheels.  I stuck with just the Orange band (2nd to last band) and struggled.  My arms/lats were sore from Tuesday and Wednesday still haha. I got 5,3,5.  I've gotten a lot better at the Evil Wheels.

Also this week - I had ordered the girls from my box a little something to help say thank you for all the help while I was down and out.  They were so fabulous to me.  I gave a couple of them their yesterday. They loved them so I was glad to hook them up.
They thought it was funny that it was my birthday and I was giving stuff out. But always better to give, especially to people that have only known you for less then 8 months yet have become some of your closest crew and like family!! I know I say it all the time - I LOVE my Box.  CrossFit Aspire has seriously changed my life!

I did get spoiled at school yesterday -- thankful to love my job.  Honestly - yesterday overwhelmed me. Lately people have really been making me feel pretty cool - telling me how much of an inspiration I am for my weight loss stuff and CrossFit stuff and still going while injured. I really appreciate it.  If I can help anyone else see the light, I'm all for it.  I LOVE my life right now and wouldn't change a thing.  I am blessed beyond measure with a fabulous family, a job I love with staff that rocks, friends from all over the world to keep up with and a box that has changed my life with people who've become a family. Lucky Lucky girl I am!
How's your week been?
Any fun weekend plans? I'll be enjoying birthday fun with loves!


PS I go to TN in 7 days for Joe & Jacky's wedding and seeing lots of loves and getting my DOGS back!!!
PPS I go see my DA in 28 days!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What A Week - LOTS of Pictures :)

Hello loves! I can't believe I haven't been on here ALL week! It was a crazy week.  I had a bunch of friends in Boston - both running and working the marathon. It was a very surreal day for me.  Thankfully, everyone I know who was running and working are ok. Tuesday the running community took to support our Boston family and wear race shirts - obviously I can't sneak that in to work so I work my Boston colors - not the true blue, but Navy was all I had.  I was actually asked the weekend before to go up and work the expo for a friend, but then with the ankle I couldn't do it. After hearing everything - just makes you stop and appreciate things.  I honestly just wasn't up to posting the rest of the week after all that. Now I just wish I could run and help support our community - my box did hold an awesome event in which we raised over $2000.  Check out the link :)

Socks and SHOES :)

SO - lots of stuff going on - lets do some ankle updates! I am OUT OF THE BOOT!!! Wootwoot! I went Thursday to see the ortho and my ankle is ahead of schedule.  I was cleared to start coming out of the boot, but the boot makes my knee hurt so I just came fully out of it.  She (the Dr.) and the PT said it was fine. Thursday I went to the box, and did the WOD! I PR'ed my shoulder press - got 90# up for two singles!! I was freaking STOKED! I did it standing too! I also did the metcon - 21-15-9 Push Press (more strict for me) 55#, pull-ups O&R bands and sit ups (they did squats).  It kicked my butt, but it felt great!! I have not WOD'ed since then, but looking forward to going back this week -- hopefully more normal schedule too!
I did rock my new WOD Love tank and bracelet for my first WOD back. First -- I LOVE the tank for the saying "Better Than Yesterday" -- I thought that was totally fitting for my first time back.  Because I have a LONG road ahead, but I am better then yesterday.  They material is SO soft and washes great.  I was extremely comfortable too! Getting a lot more of these!

One of the guys from my box put this up last Monday. Hopefully I can still be such an inspiration to people now post boot. I have a lot to work on and get better at, but I'll be back to my old self soon!!

Still crossing my fingers for my 5 CrossFit Goals this year:
1 - 250lb Deadlift, 2 - 200lb Back Squat, 3 - 150lb Front Squat, 4 - 1 strict pull-up and 5 - Climb a rope

Friday was a great day -- school was good without the boot.  Slow and steady, but back at it. After school I can home and changed and got ready for my first Phillies game of the season with Allie. Also the start of my birthday celebrations! One of the guys from the box, Nick, game us his tickets. We had a really good time.  When we were pulling up to park, the car in front of us offered us a parking pass.  It was awesome! We got to park for FREE right next to the stadium so I didn't have to walk far at all.  The Phillies WON! And we had a really good time! After the game we went and meet some of the crew from the box up at Miller's Ale House.

Tricia, me, Erik
Me & Allie
Tricia & me
Me & T

Saturday I started physical therapy.  I am going to Apple Physical Therapy. I've lost a lot of range of motion, but hopefully it comes back quick.  I really liked Adam and am looking forward to working with him.  I go again tomorrow morning before school. After therapy I went to lunch with AC and the boys.  It was fun.  I came home and took a nice nap before Allie and my GF came over.  We did dinner, a movie and Froyo! It was a good night!
Alycia getting set up
Today - the box went rock climbing.  I couldn't climb (haha though I did think about it) but I did belay. I had such a good time. Haven't been since TN days - when Boo and I use to go for Ladies night!

Now that you've had the speed version of the week haha - hope your week went well too!! I tested driving today and going to try and drive myself around tomorrow - PT, work and the box. Slowly getting back to normal. I know Duane is excited I can walk around when I come - even if we don't do anything - just to not have to be in that boot!

I'm looking forward to this week - my BIRTHDAY week - and this upcoming weekend.  My best friend is coming to visit Friday night and going out Saturday night too!

How was your week?
Did you do anything fun this weekend?


Sunday, April 14, 2013

CrossFit Weekend + Fitness Recap

Happy Sunday Evening Loves! I haven't been here since Thursday - it was a FUN busy weekend!! Friday was good at school - I wore pants to work (first time since I broke my ankle). I told ya'll about my ankle last week and how swollen it was so I wanted to make sure that Friday it was up even at school. So, if you see in the picture, that is how I taught the majority of my lesson. Then I got into my rolly chair and rolled to help the students and make sure they knew what they were doing. I did fall twice at school.  It's been over three weeks, and I had not fallen yet; however, Friday I feel once in the cafeteria and once in the hall upstairs. We shall see what happens tomorrow.  It's Spirit Week at school, so I am excited to see all the munchkins in their fun stuff.  Should be a good week!

 After school, Chris took me to the box. I did the workout to the right.  It was a good WOD.  I used 10, 15, 20 and 25# DBs for the arms. I only used the 25# DB for pullovers and 10 of the 15 hammer curls.  I was just trying to push it as hard as I could.  I had to use the 10# DBs for the lateral and front raises.  Not sure why I can't do anymore then it. I am LOVING all the working on the pull-ups. I am getting better at them.
After I got my WOD on, Tara came to the box and picked me up.  She was going to cut my hair for me. She forgot her scissors so she took me back to her work - Hello Gorgeous. Between her and AC hooking me up -- my hair is looking FABULOUS! It's the first time I've cut it since last May when I donated it to Locks of Love.  I am LOVING my hair!  While she was fixing me up - was talked about the competition on Saturday she was competing in (which I was suppose to be competing in).  It was her first one so I was STOKED for her. I did my first comp back in January.  I had a blast, so I just wanted her to have a blast too! After she cut my hair, I went back and got ready.  I went and had a drink with Chris and T. (side note - I stopped my Whole30 already, had a MELT DOWN Thursday night about my ankle and school stress and so forth - more on that tomorrow). It was a good night!
Me & AC
B, Tara, Me & AC
I slept in Saturday, which was fabulous. I spent an hour talking to DA, which is always like an added bonus because we don't get to talk that often. Plus getting to start my day talking to him means it will be a fabulous day! I'm a nerd, I know :) Alycia came, picked me up and took me to the box. I caught a ride with her, Justin and Ryan to Philly for the competition.  AC came for a little bit too!! A couple people competed - Nick, Tara, Brooke, Ron, Jake, Dan and I know I am missing two or three more. It was a good day -- they all did well.  After the competition was done some of us went to Percy Street Barbecue for food and drinks. It was a good time. I love how much we all enjoy cheering each other on. It is so awesome! We have such a fabulous group of folks -- I love it! It was a LONG day for me and I was exhausted by the evening.  Chris drove me home. I laid on my couch and did nothing. AC came over and we had some drinks -- after the Phillies game, Nick and Allie came over too. I was glad to have some company, and not to have to leave the apartment.  My arms were SHOT haha.

Today I went to Open Gym. Guess what I wore - capris!! I got them over my foot :) Woot Woot! I was beyond happy about this.  I had an original plan for my WOD today, but it got changed up some.  I started with a row. I worked on my pull-ups.  I even did some with JUST the orange band. It was awesome.  I still can't believe I did it. Lots of hard work, but I am happy!

Fitness Recap
Monday - CrossFit
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - CrossFit
Thursday - off
Friday - CrossFit
Saturday - off
Sunday - CrossFit

Hope ya'll have had a great weekend!!
Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Any cool new workouts you've done lately?


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to Skull Crushers ;)

We made it ya'll -- it's THURSDAY! Woot Woot! For some reason (I think because I'm getting use to being going all the time on my crutches vs spring break where I didn't really do anything) this week has seemed to go one FOREVER!! Tuesday was the hardest day.  It was MISERABLY hot and my classroom's ac is broke so...yea, my booth was extremely sweaty. It was hot yesterday too, but at least I know my mini-me aka Princess got to go outside and enjoy it! SIL posted this pic. I just love that little girl SO much! Her and my Tank! They are keys to my heart!

I did go and get my WOD on yesterday.  Jamie picked me up after I got home from school - she was actually there when I got there. Have I told you before how much I love the folks from my box? They are just fabulous and so supportive right now! Anyways, the workout to the right is what I did yesterday. I go my first band assisted strict pull-up!! I was SUPER pumped about that! I got 3 of them for each of the first three sets.  I tried to do them on the fourth, but couldn't.  When I was done with the rest, I got 2 more to show the crew I could do them!! It's kind of fun right now - writing my own workouts, with DA's help of course. I mean he knows more about training and how to pair things better then anyone I know.  I say I'm going to do x, y,z and he says ok or no do this instead of x.  It definitely helps! Love that man :) Fun doing stuff like this too -- change of pace from CF so at least I'm not bored :)
Know what else rocks? That everyone at the gym is ok with helping me out, going to get my DBs or setting up my pull-up box or getting me weights or spotting me...I think you get it.  They all are totally on board with helping me get what I need to done! I love that! Do you also see me new sweet #SweatPink tank? I LOVE it! It is SO comfy and I LOVE that I get to ROCK my #SweatPink crew!

If you read my post yesterday, you saw that my ankle was SUPER swollen.  Guess what? Same deal yesterday.  To the point I can't move my toes because they are so swollen. So yesterday - after my pull-ups, I laid on the ground with my foot on the bench.  Then Allie drove me home - she stayed and helped me ice! Nick came over too! We watched the Phillies game and then Duck Dynasty - I love that show! This is how I laid - and watched T.V. upside down haha!

How was your Hump Day?

PS Whole30 Day 3 is in the books -- I sucked at pictures yesterday but still the same mix of stuff from Day 1 & Day 2 -- Breakfast - 1 hard boiled egg, 2 chicken fingers and a banana. Lunch - meatballs and Creamy Kale. Snack - hard boiled egg and apple. Dinner - chicken fingers and cream spaghetti squash.!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Broken Ankle - 3 Weeks

Good morning loves!! Hope you're having a fabulous day! Do you know what today is? Today is the 3 week mark of the broken ankle fun.  Is it weird that I still can't believe it? I feel like it's been a YEAR! ha I never thought I'd break a bone - especially doing pretty much nothing haha. Who would have thought I'd come off a rope wrong and this would be the result?!? NOT ME that's who! ha Anyways - I thought I'd update everyone on it since some people have been asking a lot lately. Here is what I know:

-I go back for the next set of X-rays next Thursday the 18th
-I am not allowed to put weight on it yet
-IF the X-rays look good - I should get cleared to start putting SOME (i.e. very little) weight back onto it and keep the crutches - that's for 3-4 weeks
-The next step would be getting off the crutches and just having the boot - that would be from 3-4 weeks
-FINALLY (in about 2 more months blah) I'll be making my way out of the boot slowly.

 I just hope to have it off by the end of school! That's my time goal! Crazy right? In total, if everything takes those time frames - I'm looking at 3-4 months total of this silly mess. Seriously? A lot of people say that they don't think it will take that long or whatever.  All I know is I want to do it by the book because I don't want to rush it and end up having more problems in the long run.  I can't wait to run, squat, snatch, etc. - hell I can't wait to just say "hey I'm thirsty" and walk to the kitchen and get water haha :) In all honestly - as much as I am dying now - it could be worse. I really am thankful it's only 3-4 months.  I'm glad people thinking I'm being positive about it -- there isn't an ability to change it so I have to keep going and keep my head up!

School yesterday was hard. By the end of the day, my arms are tired. Like I can't get down the hall to the restroom without 4 breaks tired. It makes me feel like a bum I can't lie. haha I think that's why I make it a point to go to the box so much still!

Whole30 is chugging along.  Day 1 was easy! Day 2 was the same breakfast and lunch as Day 1, but I didn't really eat dinner -- I think I was too hot.  Instead of kale + meatballs, I just had 1/2 a chicken finger pack so that I could take my vitamins.  Day 3 -today- started a little different - 2 chicken fingers (the other half from last night's bag), one hard boiled egg and a banana. We shall see how it does. I forget how awesome it can feel eating so clean.  I can't keep this strict up 100% of the time, but I'm thinking maybe every third month or so doing a Whole30 to just stay focused.  Cheats slip in so easy. But with summer coming I know the whole no ice cream won't happen so I have to be realistic. Not to mention - I'm kinda doing a lame Whole30 because it is my birthday month, so I will have a drink for my birthday which is technically breaking the rules.

Push-up challenge is going right along -- 55 last night! Some people asked, so here is the schedule from Just Keep Sweating. It's hard and challenging, but that's why we do it right :)

Have a great Wednesday! If you're doing Whole30, how's your time going?


PS 45 days till I see DA :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Supplements + Started Whole30

Hey Loves! Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday! Sunday was good day. Allie came and picked me up for Open Gym - I went and worked on pull ups (after taking 5 days off then my CF Knoxville day then crutching/wheelchair at airport Friday then my mini WOD Saturday -- arms were FRIED haha).  Allie wanted to try 13.5 again and then do a metcon from the week. After we were done - we decided we wanted to grab a drink on a porch somewhere because it was BEAUTIFUL out. Tricia, LizW and Nick joined us at PJs in Cherry Hill.  It was a good time - we were only outside about an hour and my nose and top of forehead got burnt -- I'm stupid pale haha. After PJs - Tricia and Allie came over to the apartment and hung out.  They took a little cat nap on my little porch while I graded some papers that I had to finish. After they left, I proceeded to lay upside down and try and get my ankle to stop throbbing. T came and picked me up and took me to dinner and drove my car so it could get some attention. I have to say I am beyond blessed with awesome people in my life.  I've said it before, but if you really want to know who is true in your life -- get an injury in which you are dependent on everyone for pretty much everything. SO thankful for my CrossFit Aspire crew and T for all their help!!! Can I also say that I think it's funny people say I'm an inspiration to them? I thought it was funny when people said that to me when I was healthy -- but not with my ankle it really makes me laugh.  I am glad that I can help inspire people to work out more.  I don't plan on sitting out the next three months while my ankle heels --
I have worked TOO hard and more importantly, I LOVE going to the box still. I get set up in a little corner and just hang out there.  For example, last night I went and did bench (sets of 6 - worked up to 95# - got 100#x2), seated shoulder press (sets of 5 - up to 75#) and pull-ups (O&R band - 6x6).  I need help - with weights, spot, etc. - but thankfully everyone at the box doesn't seem to mind.  Last night Erik helped me out on the bar but I made him nervous on pull-ups so LizW came and helped me - I have to get helped being pushed back onto the box in between sets. My arms are tired this morning - I think today I will just work on pull-ups and DB work - aka "meathead" style - my awesome meathead (aka DA) is helping me figure out what to do -- love that man.
Now let me ask you something -- do you take any supplements? And if so - can you PLEASE tell me what? I am trying to figure out what I should be taking and what I could be taking to help.  Currently I was just taking a multivitamin - One A Day Womens.  I started taking the Omega+ from Progenex and thought I was doing well.  DA wanted me to take a calcium too - especially with my ankle, so I picked up these gummy bites to the left to try. They are actually better tasting then I thought they would be. The chiropractor gave me something to take for my ankle to help with ligament repair -- I don't remember what it is off the top of my head.  I need to take it. I feel like this part is the hardest -- figuring out what to take to help your body perform at it's best and recover at it's best too!

BIG news too -- I started a Whole30 challenge yesterday! Day 1 is in the books and today looks like it will have the same set up as Day 1. I already feel better, but I think that's just mental because I know I need this!! Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs and bacon.  Lunch - Chicken fingers and creamy spaghetti squash. Dinner - meatballs and creamy kale.  Only difference for today is I packed fresh applesauce and an apple for today since I'll be staying at school later then normal for after school program.

That's all for today -- have to finish getting ready!

Do you take supplements?
If so, what do you take and when?

Are you doing Whole30? Link up with Kristen at Change of Pace.  She is a week in but you can totally still join - I did :)


PS - my push up challenge is going great - love having stuff to do and stay up with while I heal and recover :)