Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over

It has been a crazy month! Last post was the 4th of July after Rocky Top and it is now almost the end of the month. I was in thesis hell at the begining of the month and then went to Cape May with the family for a beach vaca! It was def a need week, but after a straight week with my family, I need a break haha. I think sometimes Dad forgets that as much as I know he does for me, I have done a lot for myself and sometimes just need him to get that.
Anyways - above are some photos from Jers. Other then that, July was a good month. Finished my thesis, got an A - made for 2 A's and a B this semester. Been really getting into my bike - go figure. Looking forward to Fall Creek Falls. Really nervous about the run - how sad is that? The original thing that got me started and it's the thing I fear the most. Going to take the bike to the shop today for a clean & tune up :) VERY excited for that!
Duane will be here in Oct and I am SUPER pumped already!! Been so long since I've seen him, can't wait to just have someone just get me and understand everything. All my friends are worried that I still want to be with him, but its not like that. I am just over being single. After a year of this (well in 3 days it will be a year) I am not a fan...and I just havn't had anyone catch my eye that made sense. Grouch is beyond an annoyance to me. Love him to pieces as a friend and wish the situation never got to where it is, but it is here and I hate it. Maybe one day, we will be friends, but I don't see that happening.
Fleet Feet is GREAT! Still absolutly LOVE my job!! I can not believe I start student teaching in 13 days. Isn't that crazy?? This time next year I will have my MASTERS!!!!!
Today starts the food log day - BLAH. I hate trying to keep up with it, but got to figure out what this whole weight not moving issue is. Heart rate training & a food log - yea, my life is amazing:) haha Had dinner with Lisa last night, not sure why we don't do that more! I absolutly LOVE our dinner dates!! Hoping to start helping out at the barn some - could use some horse time!
Anyways - off to make JMumps cakes for tonight and get some stuff done!! Dark hair comes today - whoop whoop! Enjoy the day loves!

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