Monday, February 9, 2009

Do you ever wonder?

So - wow a lot happened this weekend that really got me thinking. Do we ever really know all the people that we think we know? I have a lot of "friends" but only a select few really know me and my life. But do you ever wonder if you know - I'm talking truly know your friends. Its scary to me to think that you could have all your heart and soul into trusting someone to have it all shattered in the blink of an eye. I have lost a lot of friends recently - lost in a sense of lost touch - lost faith - depending on the person. Fam - he's been super busy - been MIA in almost all parts of my life - actually in all parts of my life - the only reason I have seen him any time recently was because I talked to Tony and went to see him andthey happen to life together.

Was riding in the car with mom the other day - talking about where my life is and where I thought I'd be - when I was 18 I thought by 24 (almost 25) that I'd be married to Eric - teaching full time and just happy. Here I am, a little more then two months shy of my 25th birthday and I'm single, working full time at a daycare, part time a Fleet Feet Sports (which I love and has changed my life for the better) and grad school full time. And yet, as so not where I thought I'd be, I'm glad I'm not married and my life has fallen the way it has. I've been so blessed to have the opportunites that I have had. Europe is still my favorite and will always have me heart. I am, however, ready to settle down and find the one I can give my heart to, to teach full time and focus more on my running.

Fleet Feet Sports has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Justin told me to go there to get shoes - it wasn't until the August after he passed that I finally went and could you belive that Sweet Melissa was playing. I signed up for their No Boundries program - ran my first 5K - now I am working there part time and will be running my first 10K this Saturday. Its been an amazing road, and I am looking forward to more challanges!!

Thats all for today - xx

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