Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fresh Eyes

So as much as I look up to Sam - I'm gonna try her approach. My life has been a crazy ride and I have been lacking on my blogging, but I'm gonna use this to keep you updated on where I am and where I am going.

Its almost TRI season :) I am very excited about that!! The first tri of the season is the 19th!! Kinda nervous since I have been having shin splint issues!!

Doing the DisneyWorld Half Marathon next January - very excited b/c I got Ali to sign up too!!! And thinking about doing the half in Virginia Beach in september too, but we will see over the next month or so if I can get my training up!

Other then that, pushing school back to finish up next May that way I don't have to stress through the summer and fall. And most schools are on hiring freezes anyways, plus that gives me lots of time to interview and figure out if I want to head west or north.

Still at Fleet Feet and LOVING it!! Working at Tennessee School for the Deaf at least twice a week depending on work. My kids are amazing and I am so blessed!

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