Thursday, February 9, 2012

9th Day of Valentine's

Life is good!!! I know I suck at getting on here and blogging. Here is the new me -- I love the progress of my Weight Watchers and gym flow! Finally back to running and it seems to be going great. The Shamrock Half Marathon is only about 6 weeks out! Can't wait to RUN!!!

School is going great! I LOVE my new job and school.  I miss my OMS family and we aren't as close at HB, but I have made a couple pretty sweet friends. More guys then girls, but since when is that new haha :)

I miss Fleet Feet Knoxville - and my training crew. Sometimes it is hard to push yourself to run or bike farther when nobody is with you. FF Marlton is good though - I love my boys from there.  We don't do training programs like we did at FFK, but we are doing one for the ING Philly Half so looking forward to that.

I'm sure I've have a load to do, but that's all for now! xx

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