Friday, July 20, 2012

Picture Overload...but you know they are cute :)

Life.  Life seems to never slow for me.  I make changes to my schedule thinking about how great the outcome will be, then either it doesn't turn out like I thought (imagine that) or something else happens and I have to make more changes.  Bringing life up to date.  I had an interesting talk with a un-named friend from HOME (Tennessee that is).  This week she told me that she was right. When by the sound in my voice she must have realized I had absolutely NO idea what she was talking about, she said she was excited that I was eager to get my blog up and going but made at comment at the time that I would never update.  You see - if you know me you already know this - but I am known to jump into things until my plate is almost overflowing.  I jump to the point of being semi-stressed but loving the outcome, which is why I believe I do it time and time again.

Right now that plate is full. I feel as though for once though it may be overflowing, but I don't think it is any fuller then before but that my life priorities have really changed in the last year.  Yes, we all know I've moved and I am coming up on my third summer in the great north east region, aka the Dirty Jerz, and I really do enjoy it.  I do miss the south, the way of life and the people; however, living 20 minutes from such an awesome city and an hour from the mountains or the shore make it great for right now.  My fitness life has changed.  The way I look at fitness, working out and life has really evolved, and more so in the last six months.  Being the first post since before the Shamrock Half...let's give a little run down :)

Shamrock Half was a blast - nice little weekend away with Hoover & Ro! Even though I had definitely not run enough nor was in half shape, I made it with a smile on my face and LOVED it! Sweet swag and got a hoodie which totally made my day! I paid for being under trained in my back; however, the Achilles was back and not to bad!!! I had a blast running for Team Racing for Veterans! Check them out and get involved if you can!! I am looking forward to more races with them & the awesome Megs!

That was really all of my March - April came and had fun -- Got to spend Easter down in DC with my Boo & her family and have Sunday brunch with Mama Dukes -- Boo was still preggos at the time, but as always we had a blast! Gummy has gotten SO big!!
Me, Boo & Gummy
Me & my Gummy
Spent Easter with my SIL and the babies -- much need week of just them!

Austin & my girls (Scarlet Tressel & LD)
Me & Ms. O
Also had the big 2-8 birthday in April! Had a blast with majority of my Jersey loves!!

LC, Ush, Fanning, Me, GF & T

I think April brought the Phillies game for running the Phillies 5K with the Wifey - so her, Bobby & jackass went (yes that is his name for now)!
Me & the Wifey
Me & Bobby
End of April and May were BUSY BUSY!! First we had Dollface's Bridal Shower -- it was a surprise for her and she def had NO idea if was coming!! She is by far one of my most favorite people so I was glad how well the bridal party rocked it - we are one FABULOUS bridal party haha :)

Next big event was the Bachelorette Party - McFaddens! We had a blast! And of course because we are such a fabulous group - we rocked the place!! :)
Me & Dollface
Dollface & her girls!
Me, Kels, Alicia & GF

Next up for my life was NJ ASK testing week which was concluded with Dollface & Cuzzo's wedding!! Mind you she is now officially family, though she has been the whole time! The wedding was great! We had a blast and I was surrounded by majority of my family and Jersey friends!!

Dollface & her bridal party
Me & Dollface - isn't she BEAUTIFUL
Cuzzo & me :)
Me & my bro
Ms. O & me

Now, May also brought into my life CrossFit Aspire which has quickly and honestly become my BEST decision ever!! I have never felt so welcomed by a group as well as pushed past so many boundaries!! The picture below is from our July 4th workout - which was team style and a BLAST!!!

June brought the end of the school year and Kelsey & Todd's wedding! The end of the school year was hard - I am looking forward to being out of 4th grade and back to the middle school next year, but I really loved that bunch of 4th graders! They taught me a lot of patience as well as love! They really were a great group!! I swear that Kelsey & Todd got married on what felt like the hottest day ever! haha no really but I felt bad for them until I saw Kelsey - and she looked cool as a cucumber and her & her girls were BEAUTIFUL!! It was a beautiful evening, and again I was lucky to be surrounded by a vast majority of my Jersey loves!!
Kels & her girls :)

Sorry for all of the pictures but that pretty much brings you current on the major happenings of my life! Of course there are tons of little things that I haven't said - like I'm no longer doing weight watchers and am moving towards a more Paleo diet.  It has become a semi 75-80% Paleo and 20-25% Clean Eating with an occasional cheat and Cherry Vodka and Diet :) I'm down another pant size which is fabulous!! I am helping to coach a Half Marathon program at Fleet Feet Marlton. We have a great group and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone with that fabulous medal around their neck!

I am really hoping to start blogging more about my fitness adventure, cooking and just the fabulous life I am SO blessed to live!

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