Friday, June 26, 2009


So - I'm heading to ATL today - first time there - crazy 'eh?? Anyways - Ciara and I have not started our baseball weekend tradition! This will be our second annual time. Pretty much - its an excuse for us to go watch baseball and see each other since our normal lives tend to block us from that.
School is still kicking my butt. My proposal is not finished, but is started and I am feeling more confident about it now then before. I have 8 sources but need about 14 more :( I am ready to be out of school and in a classroom.

So this week, I got called out on a lot of stuff. I was told that I have become a very negative person. That I did not use to be this way and that maybe that is why I was so unhappy. And the person to call me on this - really would know. So I got to thinking that maybe he was right. I use to think the WORLD of Knoxville. And that my life was amazing. I had lost that. I had lost the joy that I had in my own control and life. Least to say - today (and everyday) I am working on seeing the positive in my life. There is so much out there to do and see. So many people to meet. And if you pick a certain group to judge or walk away from - you are only limiting yourself.

Here's to being positive :)

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