Monday, August 29, 2011


So here we are...Last week was officially my first year in Jersey!! First but def not last!! I am getting more and more adjusted to Jersey as it goes.  Very different from Tennessee, but nowhere will every top Knoxville. In two weeks I will be moving into my NEW apartment - SOLO! I am VERY excited to be back living on my own.  Mom and I were concerned with how I (more we actually since there was noway I was going to pay for it) was going to be able to afford an apartment solo.  However as of Friday, I accepted a position with Camden (insert me FREAKING out here)!! I am SOOO excited to be taking on a position in my dream district!

Getting back into my gym and WW routine!! I have 25 pounds go! I am joining the Brown-Bag Challenge from Food Network's Healthy Eats blog! SO excited!

Also, Ashley has turned me onto an AMAZING blog -! Check it out!! It is one of my FAVORITE blogs!

All for today! Toodles <3

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