Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next up is....

Yes, I'm still slacking but I am trying. Sitting at my new Fleet Feet rightnow and it's nasty out so we are slow. It is one of those gray rainy days when you should be snuggled up with your favorite person and just enjoying the time and presences of the other. One of those days just lay and listen to the rain. Since I don't have a favorite person (and had to work ha) I am sitting here waiting to serve someone with my amazing show fitting skills :)

Life is good. Stressful but good. Looking like I will be at OMS again next year which is fine except the financial part. But I love what I do an know that there must be a reason HE is keeping me where I am. I just hope one day I figure it out. Been a trying summer between all the applying and interviews. If you know me you know how hard it is for me to do something with out major plans. I am a planner and like schedules and lists. Haha yes maybe it makes me a slight control freak, but I'm ok with that.

Moving is happening - and even though I have moved a TON in my life - I still suck at packing and HATE moving lol. Think I finally found a place and am hoping to go put my money down tomorrow. Looking forward to living by myself again. And the kitchen on this place ROCKS and I am hoping to have lots of dinner parties again like we use to do in the TN place :) That is all for today and I will update you this week on the new place. Snuggle up to the ones you love! Till next time - peace, love and hugs

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