Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brown Bag :)

So last full day off before starting for Camden City!! Again - insert me STILL freaking out here!! So thankful for this opportunity and to move into the next chapter of my life.  Went to the doctor this morning for just a standard physical for Camden - took them an hour and half before then even saw me -- I was starting to get frustrated but then I remembered I should be thankful they got me in! Have to go back Friday to get my TB test read.

After the doctor - just kind of have been trying to get things done while enjoying my day! Went to Panera for lunch - haven't been there since Tennessee, and it was SOOO good.  Didn't log my point till just now when I got home - and note to self - the Sierra Turkey is like 24 points - uh thanks! Glad I only had half!! I am hoping between watching my calories in general with "MyFitnessPal" app on the iPhone and online PLUS the ever amazing Weight Watchers, that I am making a move in the right direction!! Plus, I've got back into my gym routine so that's ALWAYS a plus!!

Also, tomorrow starts my Brown-Bag Challenge! This is through the Food Network - Healthy Eats' -- Brown-bag-challenge --> check it out!!!

Achilles update - finally went to the ortho yesterday - he was MISERABLE and basically told me to suck it up.  Wanted to give me a cortisone shot -- and got frustrated with me when I said no. Yea - once the PT is over, I am def going to a new doctor! But he didn't tell me to stop running or biking - so back we go! I guess I am just going to have to push through the pain for now!

Ok - well fingers crossed for tomorrow! Nervous is an understatement!! That is all for today -- off to pack and work on getting ready to get out of the Apt and into the new one!!!



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