Sunday, June 9, 2013

Awesome Weekend & Fitness Recap

Hello Loves! Happy Sunday Evening (or Monday if you're reading it then). Game of Thrones is about to start -- the LAST one for the season....after last week I'm not sure what else could happen. I never read the books so I honestly don't know what happens, but I do know I want to read the books now. My friend Rach is going to lend me her copies so I can read.
 How was your week? Mine was decent. I have SO much going on between losing my job (and hopefully getting it back - fingers crossed), ankle issues, DA and I deciding we are done and trying to figure out my life (moving if I lose my job or moving to a new apartment if I stay).

I made some amazing food this week. Garlic & herb drumsticks, shredded sweet potatos, homemade salsa, grilled chicken salad, grassfed beef w/peppers and onions. Shredded sweet potatos - my new obsessions! Cooked in butter and make them crunchy. I love them. I'm doing very well on the food challenge and I love it. Seeing results already! I forget how awesome it feels to eat so clean all the time. Going to try and keep it up after the challenge is over this time. We shall see how it goes.

I've started back at CrossFit this week. Not till Wednesday. Ended up taking more then the said week off. I think I really needed it. At PT this week I had a new doc (as mine had twins and was out). She was asking me how long it had been since I broke my ankle. I told her it had been about 12-13 weeks. My PTa corrected me - it has only been 7 weeks! This Wednesday it will be 8 weeks. Isn't that crazy?!? Not even two full months yet!! CRAZY! Makes me happy at the progress I have made and that I am doing well at my recovery.
So back to starting back at CrossFit...

Fitness Recap

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Ran 1 mile & CrossFit - Strength: PushPress - Metcon: 3 Rounds 400m row, 21 KB swings, 12 PushPresses
Thursday - CrossFit - worked on Power Snatch and Squats and rowed
Friday - CrossFit - Strength: Hexbar Deadlifts x3 - got 195# - Metcon: 21-15-9 Deadlifts 100#, Pull-ups
Saturday - CrossFit - Strength: Split Jerk EMOTM for 7 - 2 SJ - 105# - Metcon: 3 Rds - 7 SJ, 14 step ups, 400m row
Sunday - CrossFit - 200,400,600,400,200 run & row ladder - then back squat for sets of 8 - 45,65,75,85,95, 100 - felt good to squat!!!!

 Saturday after the WOD I went dress shopping with the GF for her wedding dress - Dan, Amanda (GF's sister) and I.  Then we went to Zinburger for lunch.  As the girls and I were finishing up, Nick came.  I sat with him and chatted while he ate, then we ran some errands.. Love that guy! I also made him go to Open Gym and Run Club with me today :)
I got some SweatyBands this week! AND they hooked me up with one to give away -- keep your eyes open! It's coming this week.



  1. The new Sweaty Bands are really cute!

  2. Hey lady, sorry to hear about the job but hopeful things will workout for you! You are a great teacher and have a lot to offer whether it be continuing to teach or pursuing another avenue. Thinking of you during this time and hope we can catch up soon over some cocktails xoxo

    1. We do -- I'm on my food challenge till the 29th so come July - drinks are a MUST! miss you! xx

  3. Wow girl, you've had a lot going on!! I'm sorry to hear about your job. Fingers crossed that you get it back or at least find another one quick! I know what it's like because I was laid off about 3 or so years ago and I was a new home owner! Talk about scary. Stay strong girl! And I'm happy to see that your back at crossfit!

    1. That is scary - I'm glad I just rent. I am LOVING being back at CrossFit - now if I can just get cleared to start running a little more. But one day a week right now works for me! :)