Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fitness Recap + SweatyBands winner :)

Hey Loves! Happy Sunday! Can't believe it's already Sunday. Also, can't believe the school year is almost over.  I know I've said it a million times, but I am truly beyond blessed to love what I do so much! Gonna miss my kiddos this summer. Hopefully I'll see some of them - at least my basketball girls and get them doing some stuff through the summer. Some of my munchkins from OMS years and my first year in Camden I know I'll see this summer. Good teachers don't really get summers off - between summer school, planning for next year or getting yourself better - no break.  Tomorrow is our last day to report and I start at the summer camp Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the camp.  I also will be working with my Math Coach, Ms. Mollet, and Brit to get ready for next year.  We want to hit the ground running!

Last week WOD wise was great! Finally getting back to the way I want to. At least for the most part.

Fitness Recap -
Monday: CrossFit - Death by Power Clean - had some issues with ankle
Tuesday: CrossFit - Hang Snatch PR at 75#x2 - got 85#x1 but couldn't get under the bar -- the video is 65,75,85 failed twice. We also did a metcon with DB snatches and pull-ups - felt good!
Wednesday: CrossFit - Thruster x3 @100 - felt good -- metcon was 5 rounds - 6 Thrusters + 12 bar hop burpees (I just step over since now hoping with ankle yet)
Thursday: No run with my running buddy - ankle was struggling - came home ice/heat for 20 then went to CrossFit - Deadlift x3 185 - I got 195x2 - SUPER pumped almost to 200! Metcon was Christine.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: CrossFit - Back Squat - getting it back slowly 125#x5.  Felt decent.  I did Friday's metcon - 21-15-9 Push press at 75# and pull-ups.  KICKED MY BUTT!
Sunday: I'm heading to open gym for skill work!

All in all, I am super happy with this week. Still having a lot of issues with my ankle and pain...trying to be smart about it. It's really just the tendons and not the actual bone so that is def a plus! Gets frustrating though.  Hip is still having a lot of issues too - can't really even lay on that side, so I think I will be going to a hip doctor this week or next.

Last night had a date! Can you tell in the pic how excited I was?!? haha It seemed to go well.  We may go to a movie or bowling today.  Not sure, but he was nice, so we shall see what happens.  I had two last weekend - not nuts on either.  Thought one was going to be cool, but turned out not so much haha. Trying to date other people is hard.  DA is still a huge chunk of me, but at this point we aren't what's best for each other. BLAH. I just want to have a fun summer and enjoy getting better at CrossFit haha :)

HUGE congrats to Layne for winning the SweatyBands."


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  1. you look pretty! but not so enthused :) Glad your date went well. Be careful with that ankle!