Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last Week Via Pictures (Sorry I've been MIA)

Hello Loves! Hope you're doing well -- I've been major MIA I know. The end of the year can do that to a person. Add that to waiting to see if I got my job back + figuring out if I'm moving (either home to Tennessee or just to a new apartment)+ getting stuff done for the summer job = an insane schedule. Some pictures to update you on last week..
Peanut & I - celebrating her Preschool graduation!
Me, one of the 8th graders and Brit at the 8th grade prom last week!
Me & my Boo, Jenn!
Alycia (coach), me and Jenn - box BBQ last Friday, I only caught the tail end
Some of the Jersey originals - PJs for Dan's birthday!
Jenn came with me to PJs too & Rob came up.
I went to my first Power Yoga class with Sandy at Anjali Power Yoga. It was awesome! My ankle and hip did great and I needed it!
I trained my first person - this is going to be fun. Helping my GF get ready for the wedding! :)
Yesterday was our Students vs. Staff basketball game. Both staff teams won!
Now for the awesome news -- yesterday, I was hand delivered a letter and I GOT MY JOB BACK!!!! Now to find a nicer place to live and get ready for a fabulous summer and upcoming year!! I am so lucky to have such an awesome little community of folks I'm building up here. I'm blessed to love my job, my friends and my family!!

How has your week been?

PS I'll do my SweatyBand giveaway winner TOMORROW :)

~xoxo M


  1. You look super cute in that dress girl. Congrats on keeping your job!!!

    1. Thanks lady! I need to get caught up with you!! :)