Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of LIFE

Hello loves! How y'all doing? Fabulous here! Still home in Tennessee and loving it. Seriously, I love coming home.  I know I don't want to live here right now, maybe one day; however, I LOVE coming to visit! That little Princess right there and  that handsome Tank make life so awesome! I am blessed to be able to come home and share moments like Tank's 9th birthday with him and the family.
Plus its always nice to catch up with old friends.  For instance - on the right is my KellieShea.  Her and I talk pretty frequently while I'm in Jersey, not every day but enough. I go to her for everything! On the left is my Travis - I don't talk to him at all when I'm gone, but when we catch up, it's like nothing even skips a beat.  I love it. It seems no matter where I have been in my life, I am also extremely blessed to have such amazing friends around me!
Tank's birthday was awesome.  He seemed to really enjoy himself. He's huge into WWE, so that was the theme.  It was just family. He's doing the movies with friends another weekend.  We played place the patch on Cena's wrist - Tank said it was his Uncle and my future hubby - YES, PLEASE ;) I wish I could date Cena or The Rock haha! Broski, Tank and I went to Splash Country Saturday just us three - it was awesome!
Last night I went out with some HS friends and DJ Nyce One. Christa is on the right in the green - her and I have been friends for about 15 years.  We have had some ups and downs and I wouldn't trade it! She is currently expecting a sweet little baby and I can't wait! In the yellow is my BiaBia - her and I have had MANY adventures and I love we still keep up. We are going on about 7 years.
Courtney is in the dress on the left - she is actually Christa's little sister - and my pseudo little sister haha. I love her! On the right is my Nyce One.  He's the best! I actually (FINALLY) saw Iron Man 3 today with him.  Holy AMAZING!!!
Today consisted of playing with my babies this morning - Princess is falling more in love with my girls! Today she actually sat with LD and pet her and Scarlet.  It was super cute! I also went by Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville and got fit for some new shoes.  My ankle is doing great and I am ready to get back to it. I got to see my Whooty and it was fabulous.  We both got new shoes and to catch up!
Workout wise I've been semi slacking with the week.  I did my first ever WOD with rope climbs this week at CrossFit Knoxville. It was awesome. I couldn't believe I did it. Have a huge bruise on my leg, but it makes me feel pretty bad ass!

Fitness Recap
  - WODed with Jenn in Philly
Monday - CrossFit - Got my 95# Snatch I told y'all about - plus some hang clean & jerk work
Tuesday - CrossFit - squatted and just focused on form. 
Wednesday -  Drove all day
Thursday - rest
Friday - CrossFit - dropped into CrossFit Knoxville and did the rope WOD
Saturday - active rest - played and walked all over Splash Country with the boys
Sunday -  RUN in my new shoes :)
Looking forward to tonight and my last day here tomorrow.  Back to semi normal training schedule and school this next week, then off to CALIFORNIA for the DumboDoubleDare next week!! I'm super stoked because Mama is coming too. She has NEVER been to any of my races or CrossFit things so this is a big to me.  Too bad I'm not really running - more just trying to survive. haha
How was your weekend?

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  1. I love your pics! Looks like you had a blast and I hope you're having a blast now in Cali!