Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drop In & Fitness Recap

Hello loves! Happy Sunday! How are y'all doing? I am back in the Dirty Jerz.  Got back on Tuesday night.  Decided to come back Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that I had a day to get situated and settled before I started back to school stuff. I tell you what thought I miss those kiddos major.  I think Scarlet misses Tank's bean bag chair haha.
I did get to have a good last night out with my SIL.  We went to Smokey Mountain Brewery which is local back home in East Tennessee. She had never been so we did the testers and both had a pint after. They make all their own micros so everything is different.  It's pretty good.
Ok so some people asked me about how I always drop into CrossFit boxes whereever I am.  I thought I'd just post what I have found.  The biggest thing you need to do is look into what boxes are around the area you are traveling to.  I know whenever I go home to Tennessee, I ALWAYS drop into CrossFit Knoxville.  There are other options, but those guys are the best in my opinion.  When I go to other place - Philly, Maryland, Cali, Florida, etc. - I like to try different boxes.  I google the area and CrossFit.  I try and pick from there.  I typically reach out via email to the owners and ask about their policy.  Most boxes are totally cool with people from other boxes dropping in.  Some will charge you a fee per visit, some will give you a deal if you're there more frequently or some will just ask you to bring a shirt from you home box. It's super easy and if you're wanting to get your WOD on while you're traveling, you can totally do it. I promise it is fun! Meet new people, get a different style WOD then you're use too and learn something new.  I always do when I drop in places!

Fitness Recap
Monday: CrossFit at CrossFit Knoxville - Deadlifts - then metcon of power cleans and KB swings
Tuesday: Rest Day - Drove 13 hours home to Jerz
Wednesday: CrossFit - Back Squat 2x10 @ 145, touch-and-go Power Snatch 2x3 at 65 then went into OLY class (now Aspire Lifting Club) and I PR'ed everything this week - Power Snatched 1x2 @ 90, Power Clean & Jerk 1x1 @ 120, OHS 1x3 @ 95! It was a great day!
Thursday: Ran - I forgot to start GPS so think about 1.5-2 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: CrossFit - my first Saturday back since ankle to competition class - started with Clean & Jerk getting heavy - hit 115 - then do 80% of that as many as possible in 2 mins.  Then metcon - 3 rounds 400m run + 12 deadlifts (145) + 21 box jumps (first two rounds did 12 step-ups/9 jumps, last round all jumps). Then a partner WOD - I partnered with Jamie - while one person is doing lunges with a 70# axel bar in front rack position the other is AMRAP 10 pistols/10 ring dips.  Each partner did 3 rounds of lunges.  It was an ASStastic day!
Sunday: Run Club - 1 mile + 10...9...8..7..1 burpees/sit-ups + 1 mile.  Felt good.  Then Alycia taught me how to flip a tire....

First the baby tire....

Then the medium tire (we have a bigger one but I can't do it yet haha)...

Overall it has been a great week back! I love Jersey.  I miss my family, but honestly love this place more and more every day.  Def think the new apartment and my amazing CrossFit family helps with that!
How was your weekend??

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  1. First of all, I love your videos at crossfit. I totally want to flip a tire. I'm serious.. One day, I'm going to do it. :)