Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August!

Hey loves! I'm sorry. This summer seems to be getting away from me faster every day. The good news is I'm totally loving and enjoying life beyond measure right now. Make sure you follow me on twitter and Instagram if you want daily things! Let's see - obviously let's talk CrossFit and Dumbo Double Dare prep first --
Last Week's WODs & runs (or lack of)
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - CrossFit - PRed my Push Jerk for 2. I got up 120#. It was sloppy on the first one and better on the second. Also did some speed work - 4x200m repeats!
Wednesday - CrossFit - back squatted for 8 - got 145# and then attempted 150 and got 6. My back squat is slowly climbing back up to where it was pre break. Got to lift with some of my favorite girls so that was a MAJOR bonus!!
 Thursday- CrossFit - Deadlift -PRed for 3 at 205#!!!!! Finally joined the 200 club!! I was beyond stoked! PLUS OLY class - worked on my snatch technique and C&J. It was a fun night!
 Friday - CrossFit - I loved this workout - we did 5 rounds Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats) + 15 HEAVY clean & jerks + 5 rounds Cindy. It took my 27 minutes (almost 28) haha. I did my Clean & Jerks at 105# which murdered me, but I felt pretty bad ass!

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - Run Club - sled runs + 10 round of 200m wind sprints. Was brutal, but I felt AMAZING after!! Switched over to open gym and did some snatch work. Working on perfecting my form. Progression not perfection as Jennifer always says :)
I really need to get back to running. I've been so hesitant lately because I'm scared of my ankle. I'm clearly not going to be ready for Dumbo, but I'm ok with it. Ill walk it if I have too! I'm super pumped Mama Dukes will be going as she has never come to a racecation with me. AND her BFF, aka my God mom, will be coming too!! I can't wait! Should be a good weekend of Cali fun. And I might even see an old boyfriend who's turned into a good friend.
Friday we had a BBQ at the box to watch the games coverage - and since I couldn't go work, of course I wanted to watch! I took the girls with me and they were actually fabulous!! Saturday I went and helped out at the Nicholas Parisi 10th Annual Softball Tournament with my Wifey and her family. Got to hold that sweet baby for almost the WHOLE day! I loved it!
That's pretty much it - Work, CrossFit & some random life stuff.  Can't believe it's August 1st?
How's your summer going?


  1. Where do you get your spandex-y pants (like your purple ones in your picture)? Looking good!

    1. Those are actually Fila - they are AWESOME! And thanks love! Hope you're well! <3

  2. Your cross fit workouts look great.
    I am not ready for summer to end!

    1. Girl, me either. Thankfully we start back next week at school but kids don't come till the Monday after Labor Day so I have time still.