Thursday, August 15, 2013

CrossFit Crew + 2 Ladies Night + Summer Legends

Hello LOVES! How y'all doing today? I am in TENNESSEE....don't be jealous...actually be very jealous.  I have to tell you, I have been in a funk lately.  Not my normal outgoing self.  I've been very judgmental towards people I wouldn't normal be judgmental too. I've been a bit of a bitch too. Clearly need to work on that. I'm homesick.  The spring/summer is the hardest for me. Throughout the fall/winter I get to see my family a TON- Tank and Princess's birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Spring/summer I don't really get to get down.  I sat down with a really good friend lately and talked about life....and I think he had a point...I'm starting to get nervous about Jerz.  Jersey is now becoming the 2nd longest place I've ever lived besides Tennessee.  I never thought that I'd be in Jersey more then a year or two.  Here I am going into my fourth year. It will tie Ohio this year.  I never thought anywhere would tie Ohio or Tennessee.  My love for those two places is monumental; however, Jersey is very much so close to my heart.
I think the biggest change to how I feel towards Jersey is my box, CrossFit Aspire. I know, people get sick of hearing CrossFitters talk about how much they love the box, our WODs (workout of the day) and apparently we have all drank Kool-Aid, but seriously, screw that. I LOVE my box. These people have started as complete strangers, and yes, I only know them from the box; however, these people have become some of my best friends. These girls love me regardless of my shenanigans. They know who they are! I'm not sure I can ever thank them for everything they have done for me! There are lots of people at my gym I am friends with, but obviously with how life works, I seem to get closer with certain people.  I had an impromptu ladies night this past Monday and I needed it. I don't think those girls knew how much I needed it - HUGE thanks to AC, Rachel, Nilda, Allie, and Teralyn. Love you ladies! AC - I'm glad we started that plan during out workout! ;)

Had some AWESOME WODs Monday and Tuesday -
Monday - I PRed my snatch - FINALLY hit 95# and think I could have gone up, but I didn't.
Tuesday night I went to the Legends of the Summer Tour.  HOLY SHIT - please excuse the language - but HOLY SHIT. Let's discuss that if you know me, you know my obsession with Jay Z is HIGH! I love him.  He was PHENOMINAL!!! Of course I knew everything he did - and totally made friends with the guy next to me over it haha!
JT - yea, I get all the hype over him by the girls now.  He's HOT.  I went with my cousin Ashley, T and GF. We had an awesome time.  Seriously - it was the perfect end to my Jerz summer break. I need more nights like that!
I definitely paid for it yesterday when attempting to drive the 12.5-13 hours home.  I was exhausted, but I would do it again tomorrow. 
On my way home I stopped in Maryland to see the Boo thing and her girls! Her hubs was at work, so didn't get to see my Danni, but It was a much need little pick me up on the drive. Gummy & Ellie are getting SO big, and I honestly feel like it's been forever since I had seen them.  Boo needs to get to Jersey for another girls weekend.  She came to see me for my birthday and we need another weekend! The drive - seemed to take forever- was a really nice mental break. 
 I forgot how much I love that drive.  It's long, but I get a lot done mentally on that trip.  Windows down the WHOLE way.  I miss that. I miss the mountains and the green. Had the girls too! Scarlet loves the car - and she loves rest right next to me. haha

The Princess and Tank were still up when I got here so that was awesome.  I was scared I wouldn't get to see them. I don't get enough time with them so I try and suck in whatever time I get. 
Everyone is at work and school today - I'm spending my day with KellieShea - going to Fleet Feet Knoxville to get fit for new shoes.  Want to make sure I'm coming back in the right shoes from the broken ankle.  Plus the Dumbo Double Dare is getting UBER close and I am so not ready.  At least I'll have the right shoes for the race.  Then we will putz around - I miss my Knoxville friends - excited for this week!

Happy Thursday Loves!

Are you running DDD? Do you have a costume?



  1. So I'm not a CrossFitter but I totally get why people who do it love their box and the people there. It's the same way I feel about my blog friends. It's like they get me! I say if you love it, keep talking about it! If people really like you they won't mind especially when they start talking about something they really love!

    1. That's exactly how I feel! People should like the fact when others find things they love so much! It's a good thing!

  2. You sounded like me before I went on vacation! I was in desperate need of that mental & work break. You can definitely tell when you start getting bitchy & negative that its time for a break.

    1. That is totally my cue I need a break since I'm not normally like that. I'm way better since I've been back!