Saturday, March 16, 2013

13.2 Recap

Hello LOVES! How was your Friday night?!? Mine was FABULOUS.  As ya'll already know -- I have an obsession (I'd like to think a healthy obsession haha) with CrossFit.  We are in the fun season known as the Open.  Yesterday at my box it was 13.2 day aka the second workout of the 2013 Open :) The work out was received with mixed feelings in the CF community -- some where complaining about the box jumps for risks of injury, some people were complaining about the weight being to light, etc.  I think it's funny so many people complain and critique.  Just do the damn workout to the best of your ability! Now people alos were complaining after their attempts. Give your best and there is nothingnto complain about. Why can't you just be happy and positive about things?  Remember that sometimes saying "I suck because...." is hard because for someone else that may be the best they have EVER done up to this point.  Your best is all that counts, but make sure to remember that everyone starts at different points and progresses at different speeds :)
Ok - rant done ha Sorry -- This is Beth. She is 8 months preggo.  She is a coach at my box and she honestly is my major inspiration.  8 months preggo and ROCKING the 13.2 workout.  I just point this out because I think some people are scared to try CrossFit, but let me say this -- CrossFit is for EVERYONE! That is the beauty of CrossFit.  Everything is able to be scaled to wherever you are in your fitness journey.  You do not have to be in shape to join.  You don't have to be strong -- you can do ANYTHING at the box.  Even with existing injuries you can rock right along with us -- if you have a good coach (insert Justin & Alycia, Beth, Bonnie & Alex) you're good to go.  Now a days I really just have Justin & Alycia and they are super fabulous! They know about my past issues with my achilles and were helpful after my marathon dealing with my hip.

Now...let's chat 13.2 -- I wish we could have a set workout EVERY Friday of the year. Like a big fun competitive one.   I really enjoy spending my Friday evenings at the box.  I love getting to cheer everyone on and blast a really hard WOD.  I love getting to see the folks who train in the mornings and afternoons that I don't get to see at night when I go.  My box CRUSHED it.  Brooke got 2 rounds in the last 2:07 --- at the end after everything she did she got 2 rounds still....AMAZING! Her hubs got a super duper high amount too -- the highest in the box for the boys! Brooke was my judge -- and made sure the minute I got off the box, I was RIGHT BACK ON THE BAR!! It was hard.  My achilles has been rough the past couple days/weeks so I knew the box jumps would be hard.  Since I could still do step up/downs and count -- that is what I did. I hurt a lot. I cried when I was done.  My achilles hasn't hurt like that in a long time, but it is what it is. It was worth it to me. I did WAY better then I thought I would.  I really have a bad gauge at how I will do at WODs.  I underestimated myself on both WODs. I judge my girl Allie again - she did FABULOUS! I seriously LOVE getting to watch everyone go -- gives me SUCH motivation. My girls at my box -- I can't say it enough -- I don't know where I'd be without them.  Allie, Nilda, Jilly, Ali, Brooke, Jordanna, Tricia, Rachel, Tara, Alycia, etc.  Plus the boys, I love them and they are great but my girls are FABULOUS! AND Jilly came to cheer me on yesterday -- that made my day!  Boot and all she was there -- her and Sharon -- they were boot twins haha!

There's a mix of video from without the WOD.  ha I look so happy -- if you watch to the end you can see my curled up on the floor with tears starting.  I wanted my shoe off my achilles and it could come off. Jilly stopped recording to help me get it off. I'm glad it's done and over haha :)

How did you do with 13.2?!? Are you doing it again??



  1. I HATE box jumps. They are my least favorite workout move EVER! I am terrified of them, like shaking wuss scared. I have no balance and fly off all over! It is BAD!
    I am really digging watching everyone do their workouts and post/tweet about them though. Pretty cool.

    1. haha yea Box Jumps are a lot of peoples hated move. When my achilles is feeling good and not bugging me, I actually really like them. But if I have the slightest pain or issues they suck!! I know -- I LOVE getting to see everyone's results and fun. I love it!

  2. Wow, great job! It looks like a fantastic weekend. It's so fun to challenge yourself and see how you do. Congrats!

    1. Its really fun to see how you do compared to other people you know too - like from outside my box! Now if I can get faster running -- I'd be set haha! Thanks love :)