Monday, March 25, 2013

Becoming Independent Again :)

Hey loves! Hope everyone is having a good day! I am home from school again today, BUT I got a doctors note so I can go back to school TOMORROW!! YAY!! I miss my kiddos - and its the count down to spring break next week so I really want to be there this week! I forgot to tell ya'll, Friday I spent my evening at the box.  I did one wallball - so at least I have a score :) Allie got her muscle up.  Three of them! She's amazing like that! MAJOR kudos to her - I can't WAIT to be in the MU club.
This weekend Mama Dukes came up.  Cuzzo is graduation from the academy for Correction Officers so we had a family function Saturday night.  I was glad she was here.  Though I bet she probably would have came anyways. Basically our goal was to get my a little more independent around the apartment. Saturday morning when she came over I woke up right next to Scarlet - when I say right next - she was sharing my pillow. There is evidence. She is a mess. Since I hurt myself, she has been RIGHT by my side.  She was before, but more now then ever.
Back to Mama Dukes - the biggest thing I wanted to be able to do was shower. Kinda gross to admit but I hadn't showered since Wednesday night -- I couldn't get into/out of the shower. Well - we got me a chair. You know like the old people use.  It's awesome - you're jealous I know ;) Then we also got a handheld shower head.  I tell you what - that was the best shower EVER! I needed it! It was AWESOME!!!
Me & Peanut
Cooking :)
So, Saturday was spent getting me the shower chair, a stool for the kitchen so I could cook and such. It's nice to start to get some things back.  I know it sounds silly, but I've been independent since I was 18.  Hell I've been driving since I was 15, so to ask for help for EVERYTHING is a little annoying.  Thankfully I have such amazing people in my life - it's been easy.  My CrossFit Aspire crew have been lifesavers.  I'm not sure where I'd be without them. Sunday Mama Dukes and I went to breakfast with my cousin Ashley & Peanut. I LOVE my Peanut. 
After breakfast, I wanted to watch Ohio State play and mom needed to get something from storage for the Princess when we go home next week and cup holder for my crutch.  Peanut and I stayed at the house and played while Mama and Ashley ran about. I ended up falling asleep after they got back and was knocked out.  Mama Dukes and I ended up running to The Loft and grabbing some clothes (side note - I'm semi scared I'm going to gain weight back with my ankle being out...hope not). I came home and did some tabata sit ups -- have to keep myself as active as possible.
Afterwords, I took a shower -- look how bad my ankle looked -- SUPER swollen. Gross. Even my toes -- it's so weird.
Today is T's birthday -- I took her out to lunch -- she's been helping with the dogs at night and taking them out. She also took me to get my note for school today so that I can hopefully go to school tomorrow. *Fingers Crossed*
Now I am snuggling with the girls waiting on Nilda to come get me.  I'm going to go to the box and get some lifting on.  Writing a whole new plan -- need to get DA to approve it.  Speaking of DA -- I'm going to try and find a cheap flight for Memorial Day out to see him. I really need to get out there. Have a fabulous day loves!

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  1. Your foot is so sad looking!! lol

    I'm glad you are able to at least get some workouts in.. eek!

    1. Me to lady! I'm not sure what I would do if I couldn't get any workouts in!! haha and yea - this foot is crazy! :)

  2. Hope you're having a good day at work today! That foot looks like it's going to be a tough one. Peanut is too cute!

    1. It was a LONG day, but SO worth being back to my kiddos!! Yea, it's going to be a long road, but I'm still moving and here so I'm happy :) and thanks - I think she's pretty cute too!