Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Friends Are AWESOME + Fitness Recap

Happy Sunday ya'll! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know I did.  I had a much needed - not so Paleo friendly haha - weekend with some AWESOME folks!! Let's start with Friday -- after school I went to get a massage from Deb.  She is freaking awesome! I had an hour and she worked on my legs and upper back/shoulder. My body really needed it. After that I went home and let the girls out to play for a bit while I got ready. I went and meet up with Ali & Allie from CrossFit.  We had ladies night with the box ladies, but us three started at Chili's for food and drinks! It was awesome!! I really do heart these girls! Allie (grey striped top) is the girl I lift with the most at the box -- her, Krystal & Nilda.  They push me to lots of new PR's this week -- but we'll talk that in a minute.

We left Chili's a little later then we should have, but by the time we got to Pinsetters it was our groups time to bowl. I have to say -- I know some people are sick of it, but I LOVE my box.  I'd be lost without it.  It has changed my life both physically/mentally, but has also introduced me to such amazing people -- Jilly, Ali, Allie, Nilda, Tara, Alycia, Justin, B&Ron, Rachel, Caitlyn, Cathy, Erik, Jen -- I could go ON and ON and ON.   These people are AMAZING! Anyways - we had two hours to bowl.  We had such a good time.  I got 170 the second game! Woot Woot :)

After the two hours was up, some of us just stayed and chatted for a little bit afterwards. Always fun to see everyone outside of the box, in normal clothes and talking about how their life is vs their lifts.  We talked lifts too haha! Tara and I are both doing a comp in April -- Festivus Games.  So we talked about that too!

Saturday morning was little rough getting up, but some of us agreed to WOD at 9am, so up I was.  I headed to the box and had a GREAT session - again, we'll talk later haha. After the WOD - Jilly & I ran to Whole Foods to grab some stuff for our meal prep for the week - mine is chicken salad, sausage & kale, spaghetti squash w/homemade sauce and green smoothies for breakfast. We also grab some  Kombucha - Synergy.  It was awesome post WOD and pre pub crawl. Oh did I not mention that yet?!?

 Yea, I also had a pub crawl yesterday with the Jersey crew -- cuzzo, Dollface, Wifey, Kelsey & Todd, Jill, and my Bobby Peters! It really was a good time. I didn't drive so I had to wait till everyone wanted to go, but I had fun. I was home and in bed by midnight. Slept like a rock.  haha I totally can't hang anymore.  I enjoy my sleep and calm nights! Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE going out sometimes but next time I can't double book a weekend haha =p

Today - I woke up and headed to the box for run club (currently tough mudder training since we have a team for TM) and decided to stay for open gym w/Nilda & Kelly.  They got me another PR -- front squat! Woot woot! So now lets talk fitness :)

Fitness Recap
Monday - CrossFit -- Deadlift - 3x3 - PR'ed at 175#
Tuesday - CrossFit -- Snatch 1RPM - PR'ed at 80# - got under 85 but couldn't get up
Wednesday - CrossFit + run -- Back Squat - 3x6 - PR'ed at 145# -- run was 6x800m w/10 burpees & 20 situps on the odd ones
Thursday - unplanned rest day -- fell asleep after school and slept through OLY :(
Friday - Run easy 2
Saturday - CrossFit -- Push Press x3 - PR'ed at 115#

Sunday - (aka today haha) Run Club + Open Gym -- Front Squat w/Nilda & Kelly - PR'ed at 135# -- this was after run club which was a mile warm up then 8x1min sprint/:30 recover & 3 rounds of 20 lat band pulls, 20 weighted lunges & 20 paralette lateral jumps.

What an awesome week for me at the box! 5 PRs!! That's nuts! Make me stoked to head into the Open!! Not that I can do much at Rx but I am getting better and that is ALL that matters.  Been working on my kipping swing too.  I need to get this shoulder looked at still -- still hurts w/hanging and overhead movements!

Hope your weekend was fabulous too!
Anything fun?
Are you registered for the Open?


PS - look my cow share came! YAY grassfed beef :)


  1. It is so nice to get to have time with friends, part of our mental health. I cannot hang anymore either though and like you am always home in bed by midnight.

    1. Agree - I mentally needed this weekend! But yea, lordy I can not hang at ALL anymore lmao :)

  2. oh my gosh - that video - fierce!!!
    Congrats on the PR's!

    Lots of lovely friend time too!

    1. Thanks lovebug! Glad you're feeling better!! :)