Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trying Not To Stress

Hello loves! I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've been on here.  I haven't caught up on all my blog roll, I haven't caught up on any social media.  I am feeling SUPER overwhelmed.  Every 4-5 months this happens.  If you know me (or have figured out by reading this bad boy) you know how CRAZY busy I am.  I take on a lot of things at once.  Between teaching, coaching (basketball and softball), girl scouts, after school tutor program, Saturday school for 8 Saturdays, training for my half, CrossFit (including TM training and OLY and gymnastics) and just life -- sometimes I get too busy.  The past 3 weekends have been LOADED with stuff -- and this one is full too. 
Mom's coming up, Alycia (my coach from CF Aspire) birthday party is Saturday evening and Peanut's birthday party is Sunday (at least it's bowling!!). I am currently in a living situation I HATE -- the guys below me are smokers and since it's cold they smoke in their apartment which in turn makes mine smell.  They don't do it all the time, but I don't care if it's once or twice -- they aren't suppose to, it's gross and I don't want to living in an apartment that smells like smoke! Not to mention, my apartment looks like a bomb went off --- I'm in need of a desperate clean...even the carpets, all my laundry needs to be folded and put up, kitchen needs a clean out and so does my closet! AHHHHHHH! I expressed my stress through twitter and these two made some good points -- I have to focus on what I can do NOW -- and do as much as I can, but life will go one if it is not all done by tomorrow! Divya From Eat Teach Blog and John from Fit Knight -- THANK YOU for the reality check -- deep breaths and life will go on :)

I got to WOD on Monday -- is it sad that I have already forgotten what we did?!? So, I checked Wodify -- I made myself forget.  We did EMOTM for 8 -- 3 power snatches and I did them at 75#. I went heavy per Alycia's advice.  I had to reset in between them, but I got all 8 rounds at 75#.  I was about to drop before she told me to try it first. We then had 5 Rounds of 7 power snatches & 10 over the bar burpees. 
It was hard, a lot harder then I thought it was going to be too.  Before our strength we did 3 rounds max pull-ups (banded), pistols L (band), HSPU (FIRST TIME WITH PLATES!!!!!), and pistols R (band).  My pistols are getting better which is nice. I was SUPER stoked about my HSPU too!! First time I tried doing them -- had a 45# &25# under me, but it's a start right?!? After that - my Allie and I did a core WOD (which I actually now feel more in my back/sides then core which I'm still trying to figure out) -- and we ALL know how much I need core work. EMOTM for 20 - 10 windmills (switching sides) and 4 Russian twists.  We use the 25# KB.  It was hard.  After that I had gymnastics and we just did skill work -- tabata bar holds, handstand work, box jumps and headstand work. Least to say I was sore after.  By the time I got home my neck was sore on the right side.  Within an hour it really really hurt -- I took some aleve got ice and went to bed. It was still super sore Tuesday when I got to school so I took 3 aleve and it worked.  No issues thankfully since then :)

I did not get my #5bythe5th in this month -- I don't think I even realized that I didn't schedule time for it.  Just like I forgot to sign up for Foodie Penpals this month. BLAH -- seriously, lacking time.  I have stayed up on my #NoGirlyPushUps and #AbsbyApril fun -- so that's a bonus! haha :) My push ups are really improving and I love it! They are getting easier and easier! Today is the start of the OPEN!! I don't think I've ever been SO excited for something - especially something I mean absolutely nothing too.

How's your week going?
If you do CrossFit are you signed up for the Open?

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