Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Weekend + Fitness Recap

Hello my loves!! How are y'all? Doing fabulous here. Had my first four days in a row since my break at CrossFit last week, had two nights out this weekend with loves and my first run club back!! I started the weekend with Physical Therapy. Got some schedule planning done while there. Seems like I can't get on top of my summer schedule yet. Between camp, CrossFit, extra training and trying to get running back up and going.

Life is good. I'm lucky. I'm loving this summer job at Barclay Farms Swim Club. The kids are cute. Big change from middle school and Camden haha.
Fitness Recap
Monday - CrossFit - Lynn was brutal
Tuesday - CrossFit - power snatch work plus metcon of wallballs burpees and power snatch - my arms were dying from Monday and between that and today I was dead after haha
Wednesday - CrossFit + OLY class - hexbar deadlift - PR at 200#s!!! I was SO excited!! Now for a reg deadlift! Then skipped the metcon and went to OLY and did power snatch and power clean + push press.

Thursday - Fourth of July - CrossFit - Hero WOD - we did Lumberjack 20 in honor of the Fort Hood guys 

Me & Caden after Hope WOD
That WOD kicked my butt. It was my first four in a row since the break and it was brutal. After this WOD I laid on my living room floor and slept for 3 hours haha.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - CrossFit - went to 856 with AC and did CrossFit for Hope WOD! It was a good time.
Sunday - My first Run Club back! Was brutal and hard but ankle/hip felt good! First official training run for #DumboDoubleDare - Can't wait! Goal is just to finish!

It was a great week of WODing. Couple PRs and lots of really pushing through. Plus back to OLY class and run club!!

Went out Thursday (after I woke up from y Lumberjack 20 nap haha) to Ry & AC's to grill and hang. I love them. Plus Rachel and Chris were there. After us girls went to Dan & Andrew's and hung out for a little bit!! 
Friday I went out with JJ and her friends to North Shore Beach Club in Phily
Saturday - went to Sandy's house for some relax time then some of the box crew went to Philly for a birthday surprise for my box buddy Erik - his GF put everything together. UFC + Dave&Busters = awesome evening!

What a rare weekend for me -- all that going out! Much needed. Had a blast! I also think I found a place to live! Hopefully will find out more today!! I feel like a lot is going on and at the same time nothing haha.

How was your weekend? Anything fun?


  1. I'm still so curious about CrossFit but haven't been able to bring myself to try it. Eeeek.

    1. Do it! If you lived close, I totally tell you to come WOD with me!! You'll love it!

  2. Replies
    1. haha I'm trying to keep up with you! Gotta get my running up so I don't embarass you at DumboDoubleDare :)

  3. Wow. You are coming back with a vengeance. Amazing work.