Sunday, July 21, 2013

Test Your Metal + New Home

Oh loves, how are y'all? What a crazy, busy but amazing weekend. Once again this weekend I was reminded of how blessed I am with such awesome people in my life. Let's recap -
Friday - Katie ended up letting me go early since we were super light on kids and I had a ton to do to get ready for my move. My cousin Ashley and my Peanut (her daughter) came over and helped me finish up most of the apartment. We tried to get everything but the big stuff done. It was a LONG and HOT day. In between trips from the old to the new, I did stop and get a slice of pizza with them...
Peanut was a fabulous help and we got it all done.  Had a little bit of an issue with my living room furniture and the most I will say is I am SO thankful to be out of that dump!! 
Anyways - I was suppose to go to Philly for Usher's birthday but was exhausted. Some of the box crew was down the street at PJs so I popped out. Thought I'd have a drink then crash. Oh no. Apparently I had a couple drinks and got smashed. Like couldn't function next day smashed. Bad news bears. Thankfully Chris loves me and drove me home. Begin my rough Saturday - Teralyn came to get me to go get my car and I got sick, so instead she took me to go meet the folks helping me move. Everyone helped me as I laid on the floor/grass and back into the car. It was bad. Huge about outs to my crew - Bobby, Ash+TB, Cuzzo+Dollface, Dawn+Allen, Lutfi, Nick, Jamie, Sandy and Teralyn. I think that's everyone. I would have been LOST without y'all, especially since I wasn't really functioning. Teralyn managed my phone and texts haha - best personal assistant ever! It seemed to go fast from what I hear. I spent most of the rest of my day sleeping. Allie came over and made me eat, go get my car and back to bed I went. 
Sunday - today - was a team competition out in Allentown, PA called Test Your Metal. It was a GREAT day!! My team was me, Tara, Erik and our coach, Justin. We scaled and had a ball!!
My babe Allie...
Was on a team with Kelly, Nick F., and Brad and smashed it!! They took home first!!
Our box had 10 teams there! It was a great day! Some photos--

It was a great weekend. I'm moved in but not settled yet. Best news is I can get back to WODing this week AND running!! 

How was your weekend?



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    1. Nice! Would have been cool to link up :)

  2. So glad you can get back to your WODs and your runs this week. WOOHOO!

    1. Me too!! Now if my ankle would fully cooperate :)