Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Is Summer Going?

Hello loves!! How is everyone? Can you believe we only have 43 days till Labor Day weekend and I'm Cali bound for Dumbo Double Dare with Mama Dukes :) Also, 44 days till Ohio State Football kicks off! WOOT WOOT! Who's excited?!? I LOVE football season. Seriously. You have no idea!!
I can't believe that we are already that far into summer. I was doing decent getting back to blogging, but this summer is so busy. I'm loving it! I love my summer job at the summer camp. It's at a pool so we spend lots of time playing in the water. Plus KW, who got me the job, is a blast to work with! I'm loving getting to know her better. We work really well together - compliment each other well. And we both like adult beverages after a long day haha :)
Workouts are going great - I'm finally cleared to really start running again. I've been talking to some folks from the box and we are going to start a weekly speed work night! That will be awesome. So between that, run club and running 1-2x a week solo, I should be good. Last week was full of some awesome WODs. This week not so much, but I have a reason....I got my approval and keys to my awesome new apartment!! It fabulous!! I've been moving things during the week and will be moving the big stuff this weekend. It's a FRESH START!! And way nicer then my current apartment. 
I have fabulous friends who help me line my kitchen shelves haha and who carry things, load their cars, unload and so on. I'm lucky and blessed for such fabulous people. 

Off to camp for me. Rope climbs later + OLY class. Ill let you know how it goes, or if I make it. SOOOO much to do!

How's your summer? Will you be at Dumbo Double Dare?



  1. I dont know if I am super late but I love the layout of your blog! And its been nice catching back up on you and whats going on in your life!!!

    1. Thanks love! Trying to get it better and easier to manage! I miss you! Hope all is well!