Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally...Dumbo Double Dare Racecation...Part 1

Hello Loves! Long time, no post.  Sorry for the delay.  Summer went SO fast and I felt like I never posted (too much actually living life and going non-stop) and now school is back in session.  I am LOVING being back at school.  I know I love what I do, but it's great when the very first day you are reminded of it :)

Let's talk California and my favorite stuff - running, WODing and DISNEY!!!

I started my trip on Thursday the 29th.  I flew from Philly to San Diego and Mama Dukes flew in from Nashville. When we got in we headed down to Chula Vista and picked up my God Mom. We grabbed lunch and caught up.  I then headed to CrossFit Invictus. Holy amazing WOD. We started with a fun game of musical medballs - like musical chairs - it was really fun.  I got to hop into their OLY section of the class - some drop snatches which I had not done before.  Got some great tips  and loved every minute.  Then we had a partner WOD - my partner was fabulous - 7 rounds - 7 push press and 7 T2B.  Remember I just really got my T2B so was scared I wouldn't be able to get them.  I got most of them and were close on the others. Then we had to go around the block holding a 25# plate above our head. BRUTAL. Totally needed it! Got Nick, Nilda and I a shirt.

Mama and I stayed at the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Diego. It was an amazing hotel with fabulous view. I definitely grab a quick shot from our room.  I LOVE San Diego - I forget how beautiful it is there.  I definitely want to go back for a vacay to San Diego and crash here again.  The pool look fabulous - and there was a CrossFit L1 seminar that started the day I for missing that! Anyways, I grabbed a quick shower....and my God Sisters Jennifer and Anna came to get me....
We started at The Blind Burro.  We got a craft of Sangria and I filled them in on life.  I haven't seen them since Anna and Nick got married. It was great to catch up and just be around people who aren't necessarily family, but might as well be family. Jenn use to babysit me when we lived out there and I was little.  Mom always says I reminded her of Jenn. After hanging with her, we totally are so much alike...I love it! We had some good food - seriously, it was really good!!

After Blind Burro Anna took us to Altitude. It had amazing views of the city and of Petco Park. We just chatted and hung out.  I had an amazing time and it was JUST what I needed. Part two is coming up tomorrow...lots of running and adventures with Mama and God-mom :)