Friday, October 11, 2013

Hookgrip Classic

Walking Up
Going through my steps haha
Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! This fall is flying by.  I think between school, training and life - I am super busy! I'm loving it! This weekend I competed in my first Olympic Lifting Competition. Liberty Barbell Club (inside CrossFit Center City) held the Hookgrip Classic. It was an amazing experience.  I learned a ton - about how I lift, how to get better and build more speed, tips for wrapping my thumbs to help with my hook grip, etc. We started with snatch....

I opened with 39kg....Hit it no problem...
Second attempt was at 43 kg...I missed the first try so tried again...
No problem! I got really frustrated by this only because I should have locked out my shoulder on the second lift and had it.  I really wanted to get over 100 that day, but it wasn't in the books. Lots to learn from and move on.  The girls in my class were awesome - made my snatches look like nothing.  Def not quite as excited for my 100# snatch anymore haha.  Time to get bigger and stronger! Next up was the Clean and Jerk.  Seriously - I love these two movements so I was happy!

First attempt...I'm not really sure what weight I did haha.  Coach took care of that.  I think maybe 45kg? Not 100% positive on that one though. First one felt great.  No issues and looked decent.

Second attempt...first thing I said to Justin when I got back to the seat was "that felt fast" haha.  I thought I flew, but after looking at it - I really didn't haha. The last attempt...
61 kg.  Not a PR for me, but felt and looked good.  I had JUST PR'ed my C&J two days prior to this, so I am stoked I got this up!!

I've learned a lot from that experience.  I can't WAIT to do more OLY competitions - I loved it.  Major things I took from this: 1. I NEED OLY shoes. Like majorly need them.  They are on my Christmas list, but I may have to splurge and get some earlier if I can swing it.  2. I need to pick up my training.  I need to get more serious and step it up.  3. I HAVE to clean up my nutrition.  I think to myself, what could I really do if I just cleaned it up a little bit more.  I have been doing good - primal Sunday - Friday drinks during the week and so forth.  I did have two drinks this week on Wednesday. But it was birthdays of two of my closest so that was needed.

After the OLY comp, Caitlin got Nilda and I flowers! She's awesome.  She was my first CrossFit Aspire friend and is my main lifting partner outside of Nilda.  Without those two ladies, I'd be lost in the gym.  I also treated myself to a Philadelphia Cupcake after the comp...and I don't regret it.  It was AMAZING! I also had drinks with both my Coaches, Shamus and Nilda in the city...I loved it! I need to do that more!

That night - Teralyn (who is typically more proud of what I do then I am of myself haha) wanted to get drinks to celebrate. We headed out for some drinks and the Ohio State game! Rachel and Holly came up too! It was a great night and a perfect end to a fabulous day!

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  1. You are so awesome, girl!! Never would know that you were recently injured!!