Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October + Delta Labs Sample Giveaway :)

Hey y'all! Can you believe it's October already? I swear life seems to be FLYING by lately! Let's chat what's going on in life and some goals I need you to help hold me accountable for!

Life! Life is FABULOUS right now! Have I told you that lately? I am seriously the happiest I have been in a very LONG time.  I have made a lot of personal changes since end of May/early June and I am reminded more and more every day how I definitely took the right path for me. School is fabulous - even with all the changes.  It's more work and planning, but I am really loving it.  I have great munchkins, as I always do. I'm a little homesick right now.  It always comes and goes in phases.  This is the first September and October that I'm not making a trip home.  We are doing the Princess's birthday in November this year, so I will be home twice then!

CrossFit. Yo, CrossFit is kicking ass right now.  Pardon the language but seriously...if you don't follow me on twitter or instagram you may not know that I hit a HUGE personal PR...
100# Snatch...did it! Triple Digit baby!! I also hit a new OHS PR....95# for 3 reps.....
Then added 10# and hit 110# baby!!! I still can't believe it!
It's been awesome month of CrossFit stuff for me, but I want to do more and I need help. Here is what I know -- sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I don't know how to figure it all out.  I need mobility help and mobility WOD is one of my goal for October. I want to learn more about it and figure it out and how to better use it.  I also want to incorporate 2-3 Gymnasty WODs in a week. Plus I want to really clean up my nutrition - strict Paleo Sunday - Friday night.  Gives me Friday nights and Saturdays to relax some. So, there is the three main goals:

 1. Adding Mobility work into the week - 4-5xWeek for at least 45mins/1hour.
 2. Adding 2-3 Gymnasty WODs a week - Tuesday and Thursday nights with Nilda and maybe another day!
 3. Food - No going out or alcohol during the week --  strict Primal instead of Paleo as I want some cheese and greek yogurt sometimes.
Last but not least, I'm getting back to running!! I'm starting this week - a track night/speed session with my girl Kelly from the box, plus Aspire Run club on Sunday mornings and one decent run a week! What's your goals for October? I promised some people to talk more about my running/CrossFit schedule...it's coming :)
Last - as you all know I am an ambassador for Delta Labs and I have 5 samples from Delta Labs - the Hair, Skin & Nails -- who wants to try it? I've been taking it for about two weeks and I love it! Leave me a comment below and tell me what are your goals for October! I'll pick 5 random winners :)
Also - Delta Labs is donating 10% of ALL proceeds this month to #BreastCancer -- check out the information in this video from Bex!



  1. Amazing PRs all over for you lately girl!! Awesome goals, too!

    Man I need a mobility goal, too.. I did so much better in September than prior months and feel like it's making some difference.. definitely a bit more flexible when we do our pre-WOD stretching and have had less issues with my pesky left shoulder.. though haven't been maxing anything overhead, so could be coincidence. :)

    I have a goal to run less after my half.. is that fair? ;)

    1. haha Yes, it's a fair goal for you to run less after your half! I know you're not a fan of it! But your times have gotten so much faster! I'm jealous of your endurance classes! I def need more shoulder mobility. This right side is killing me lately...can't even lay on it :(

  2. HOLY BEAST MODE WOMAN!!!! You've been KILLING it obviously. I'm glad to hear that you're happy! I feel so out of touch with my blogger buddies as of late. Now that things have calmed down in my universe (i.e no crazy work schedule, no race every other freaking weekend) I'm doing my best to catch up with everyone. I'm REALLY glad to hear you're getting back into running too. YAY! I'm assuming your foot healed up nicely.
    My goal for October: break 1:30 for a half marathon. Less than 3 weeks till race day. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it.

    1. Holy smokes! I LOVE following your running adventures....I can't even begin to imagine a 1:30 half!! That's amazing! I'm with you -- I need to catch up on everyones blogs and lives haha!