Monday, October 21, 2013

Festivus Games at CrossFit Aspire

Hello Loves! How goes it y'all? Man I swear - I am loving life right now, but it sure feels like I am in warp speed some days haha! This weekend my box ( CrossFit Aspire) hosted the Festivus Games.  I aggravated my groin Thursday (thought it was a pull, but had a friend stretch it and seems a TON better) so was limping around Friday, but still made it to the gym to help get set up. I wasn't a ton of help - but I could do the math for the bars quickly and help get the weight on the bars.  Picking it up was out of the question though haha. After we got the box ready, I headed over to Sandy's with Holly and we helped make signs for Saturday's event.  By we - I really mean them haha. I just colored stuff in and traced letters :) I think they came out awesome! Everyone seemed to like them, and that's all that really matters. Plus I had a lot of fun with Sandy and Holly. 
Sandy made her sangria and let me eat her grub. I'm not even sure what I really ate...chicken lettuce wrap things.  They were really good.  She also sent me home with advil for my groin because at that point I couldn't get up and down haha. Her boys helped out on stuff too.

After we were done we found the littlest one passed out.  How cute is he?
Tara KILLING the thruster ladder!

Aspire Crew on the Thurster ladder!
Saturday was AMAZING.  Like seriously.  Justin and Alycia had that shit running like a well oiled machine.  It was AWESOME! Our box crew totally stepped up and were great judges and volunteers. I know I've said it before, but box is the BEST!

Nick making Thrusters look EASY!
me & Tricia
I am still amazed at how well it ran.  My girl Diva from Diva Richards Fitness was a fabulous MC.  She had everyone going and kept things running smoothly!
AC and me!
Jillian and me
Diva & me
It was cool to see how many people came out to compete.  Lots of local boxes were well represented! I got to meet one of my twitter buddies - Jillian. She is awesome. She works for HellaLife. 
Pat & me
Caitlin & me
After everything was cleaned up we all headed to PJs.  It was a great time - lots of fun as always with me crew! Some of the crew came over after PJs to watch some Orange is the New Black, play cards and eat cookies haha!
me & Marvin

Me & Tee Jone
me & my Allie
Seriously - it was a fabulous weekend.  I was suppose to go to Ohio for homecoming weekend, but all in all it worked out.  I am glad I got to stay and see my friends compete and help my box out.

Michelle and me
Nick and me
CrossFit Aspire has changed my life. I think it's funny that Alycia couldn't believe how many people would stay and offer to give up their Saturday to help.  Hello - I can only speak for me, but that place has changed my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their box. Yay CrossFit! I was talking to a random guy this weekend and he said - CrossFit is a FAMILY thing. I couldn't agree more!

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