Sunday, October 6, 2013

MS City To Shore Bike Ride & Allie's Birthday

Hey Loves! Know what I just realized?!? I didn't fill you in about my awesome weekend.  Last weekend I participated in the MS City To Shore Bike Ride.  I rode my bike 80 miles (couldn't do the 100 this year).  The picture to the left is the main part of my team minus Paul and his daughter Emily.  I meet the guy on the far left - Mr. Sieber - on the first mile of the same ride four years ago.  The girl on the right of me (in the white jersey) is his daughter, Ro.  I ended up becoming great friends with her since then, and I've rode with them every year since.  The year I meet them, I was biking with a team from South Jersey, but I really didn't know anyone.  I have been living here about 2 months.  I was suppose to crash down the shore and stay with the team, but I ended up after the ride that year back at the Sieber's house.  They fed me and welcomed me like family.  They've been stuck with me ever since!
I honestly look forward to the ride and getting to see them.  Ro's schedule has finally changed and hopefully we are planning on doing monthly happy hours. Anyways, it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ride. 

The weather was perfect and I had a great ride. I've already signed up for next year and am looking forward to it.  Justin & Alycia said we can design some CrossFit Aspire jersey. I can't WAIT! I love my box, so rocking them while riding will be a great idea! Ro has MS so she gets a special jersey.
Me & AC

Me & Allie - Birthday Girl
Tricia and me
Sunday was spent with my CrossFit loves for my girl Allie's birthday.  They cooked out and we all brought some food/drinks/sweets. It was a fun afternoon with some of my favorites.  Much needed relaxing day after the bike ride Saturday!

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