Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Social Life Right Now

Hello Loves! How are y'all?!? Life is great right now. Busy and I know I've been MIA.  Let's catch you up on things! Socially - Two of my favorite ladies birthdays - AC and Rachel! We got together at PJs last week for the birthdays and Game of Thrones. We had an amazing time. Friday I went to happy hour with two of my girls from work at On The Border.  BEST happy hour deals - seriously, the best ever.
Last week was rough for me.  Not really sure why.  I'm stressed, overwhelemd, had a rough week at school and CrossFit. Saturday I went to the city with Nilda & Jenn.  We did yoga in the park then headed to Mercer Cafe. It was my FIRST time doing breakfast in Philly, and the food was AMAZING! I needed it.  Jenn also talked us into going to work out with Donnie (her fiance) at his place - 19125 Fitness! It was a BRUTAL workout - love getting my ass kicked!
After we died, I went home showered and let the girls out.  I headed back over and we headed to Three Monkeys Cafe.  First - they have a FABULOUS drink called "Grape Soda" and it was amazing!
It was a great end to a fabulous night with my girls! Lots of talking, laughs and spending time with my loves! Much needed time. Also got to hang out with my Rachel that night. I needed the day with just girl friends.  No major thinking. No stress.  Good friends.  Good time.  And a really good drink haha

Food wise - my staying on track is going great! I've been cooking up some mean dishes lately! I've been trying a lot of new things - like the top rack in the picture.  Breakfast sausage, onions, garlic, cauliflower rice and tomato sauce.  Holy came out awesome! I was kinda of stoked! And yes, the bottom of it is Paleo Chocolate Cookies -- I've like perfected my recipie finally.  I'm pumped! I need to share them with y'all one day.

How's things been? Y'all good?

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