Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Day

Packed car :)
Hello Loves! Hope ya'll are having a good day! I am in Tennessee with the family for the week.  Know what is no fun - sitting around and watching people do things and you can't help at all. So - Mama Dukes moved back to TN this weekend too SO Friday Broski flew into BWI and then they drove up to get me.  We had dinner with Cuzzo, Dollface, Ash, John and Peanut. Then got on the road.  In Mama Dukes car was me, her, Broski and the girls. Saturday morning we had to finish packing up the last little bit from her apartment.
 Now when I say we, I really mean my Broski and Mama Dukes.  I sat in the car.  BORED. Once we got on the road, the girls calmed down pretty well.  I love them - so stinking cute! It was a good trip.  I will never travel again for a long period of time with a broken ankle.  I was exhausted, but couldn't get comfortable with my ankle. We made good time and we were happy.  We stopped by Mama's new place -- it was nice.  I'm excited for her and this next chapter.  I hope she'll be happier back in Tennessee since she'll be closer to the babes, Broski and SIL. I can say that I am happier being here for a week.  Even though I am of NO help to my SIL or Broski this week, it is great to be home and see everyone. I crashed HARD Saturday night -- funny thing since I did NOTHING all day but ride in a car.  I did get to wake up Easter morning to this sweet bunny. She seems to not have forgot me at all - she is ALL about her Aunite M and I LOVE it! She is my mini me! Seriously, this kid has all my spunk and attitude! I LOVE it! She does her own thing.  Easter was spent with my kiddos in the morning and then watching movies with Mama Dukes all afternoon/evening.  I also got my mini workout on -- Tank and I did tabata sit-ups and push-ups.  He's a good sport.  Been VERY helpful for me!  Today we went to see my best friend, aka Boo, and her family. 
We is me and Tank.  Boo has a little boy, P, who is a year older then Austin and they get along fabulously.
We went to lunch at Boo's favorite (also Danni and I's favorite too) place in Maryville. Elliebug LOVED the rice and beans!
They boys played Wii for about 2 hours before lunch and played the iPad the whole way back to Broski and SIL's.  It was good to see them. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day and I love heading out to Boo's mom's house. It is beautiful out there, and you get to see the mountains. I miss that the most about Tennessee.  New Jersey is just SO crowded and full of....stuff...Tennessee is open and beautiful and just peaceful sometimes.  Not all of it obviously, but out in the sticks or where I use to live.  My dad's house has a sweet view of the mountains from the front steps.  Never enjoyed it as much as I should have. Since it was so nice out I sat outside on Broski and SIL's deck with the babes, my girls, Mama and SIL.  It was nice.  Princess is funny around the girls.  She likes them till they get close then she gets a little nervous. More around Scarlet, I think because she is bigger. She had fun with LD once she laid down and was calm.  Now, we are getting ready for dinner and relax time.  Mama got me a shower stool for here.  We tried to use like a step stool - ha disaster! Hope you've had a good day too!

Anything good this weekend for you?



  1. Sounds like a beautiful Easter for you with the kiddos! Continue to enjoy the Fam this week. I love me some Tabata!

    1. Thanks! They are taking good care of me. And I love tabata stuff too!! Everything can be tabata style :)

  2. It sounds like you had a really good weekend! (And busy, lol.)

    I need to do more tabata!

    1. I LOVE tabatas -- especially now more then ever :)