Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Allie, Me & Boo
Happy Monday Loves! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have to say that mine started out fabulous and got miserable Saturday and is getting better now as I write this. Lets start with Friday - I did not WOD after school. I came home and laid around and got some rest before heading out to meet a bunch of friends for part one of birthday fun!!
Jim, Allie and Me

Tricia, Allie, Me & Ron
My best friend from home, Boo, who actually lives in Germantown, MD now came up to visit! We started with dinner at the Mexican Food Factory. Me, Boo, Allie, Nilda, Jim, Thomas, GF, Jamie, Steve, Cathy, Justin and TaraLyn. It was a good time -- good food and drinks with good friends.  After dinner - we headed to Miller's Ale House for more fun, friends and drinks. Let's see if I can remember everyone - Boo, Allie, Jim, Theresa, GF & Thomas, Nick, Stephanie, Brad, Alex, Shamus, Ron & Brooke, TaraLyn, Cathy, JJ, Tricia, Francine, Marvin, Chris and Damie. I think I got everyone! 

Allie, Me & Tricia - LOVE this pic!
It was a really really good time.  Everyone just sat around, talked and enjoyed themselves. I really am blessed to have such awesome people to workout with who have become good friends and such awesome friends!!

Steph & I and the Lemon Drop Shot haha

Some of the crew!
It was a great evening. Except DA didn't want to talk to me.  We don't have a good history of drunken conversation and it's the end of the month so he's super busy.  I get it -- just sucks sometimes, but soon enough I'll be there for a couple days and eventually probably forever. I made sure to stop drinking and have lots of water and some cheese fries - always good drunk ideas haha.

 Saturday morning I woke up - feeling great, which was NOT expected considering the amount of alcohol consumed Friday evening. However - Boo and I headed off to the box for the morning WOD. Strength - push press 1x4 and I got 100# -- I semi cheated the third one and jerked it. Don't worry - I got some sweet video thanks to my Allie for always opting to take it for me! 

 After - our metcon was AMRAP 10 mins - 10 push press, 10 back squat and 10 hollow rocks.  I did 55#. 5 more then I was suppose to, but easier for me to make the weights.

Now here is where the awesome weekended ended.  We went home and got ready to go to lunch.  Before we left for lunch I felt sick.  Really sick. I went to lunch with T and Boo.  I didn't eat much. I just didn't feel right. I went home and tried to sleep - next thing I knew I was getting sick.  I had to cancel my plans for Dave & Busters.  Allie came over and kept me company.  Made me try and eat some soup and drink some Gatorade.  Sunday I was feeling better, but still not well.  I went to PJs with her to enjoy the sun and watch the game.  Ate half a club and regretted that. Kept it down though.  Least to say ginger ale was my best friend. I'm feeling better thankfully. Not 100% yet, but better. Minus the stomach thing, it was probably one of the best birthdays I have had in a LONG time.  I really am thankful to have such awesome people in my life right now.

Now my quick whine - I have not talked about my races I gave up or my CrossFit competitions. This weekend was the Nike Women's Race - I am majorly upset for missing it. I was doing so good with training and was on pace to do well. I am SUPER pumped for all my friends who raced this weekend or competed.  You know - it was way easier to understand why I was missing things with my boot on.  With being in a shoe now, it throws you for a loop.  It looks like I'm normal because I can walk and such.  However, I limp, still don't have full movement (BIGGEST issue), my achilles and tibial tendon are still super painful and can't stand on one foot. I know I'll get better - heck I know I'm WAY better then this time last week. Still sucks.  I missing training.

How was your weekend?
Did you race or compete this weekend?



  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend up until getting sick:( But we already talked about this...29 is our year!!!

  2. Great pictures!! Glad you had a great time, sorry you got sick later on in the weekend. I totally understand you being upset about the races you had been looking forward to! Good thing is that you will be back to new soon! Don't rush it though!

    1. That's what I'm hoping for!! Trying to stay patient! It's way easier said then done haha :)

  3. Well lady, glad you got to enjoy some of the bday weekend. The pictures show you celebrated and that is good. So sorry that you got ill. I hope you have a better week!

    1. Thanks love -- it def got better!

  4. I totally understand your pain about missing things. You know you are making the best decision, but it still sucks. Sorry.
    Glad you had a fab birthday!

    1. Yes, but I want to come back 100% and not having a nagging issue, ya know?